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Matchmaking Appliance Drabbles

Written for roseofthine after extensively discussing appliances shipping TezRyo.  Four drabbles of absolutely no purpose have thus now been created.  The air conditioning one has actually been finished for a while, but I wanted to write some others to accompany it before posting.  You may recognise three of them from WIP meme.  Yay, three down, only twenty-four left to go!  XP

Rating: M
Follow the cuts to the drabbles below.

Air Conditioning

It was cold. Far too cold.
They were in Hokkaido, specially invited for a sort of exhibition tournament, given that they were the National Champions. They were staying in a hotel, two to a room – though Momo, not currently a regular, had to stay behind, which was why Ryoma found himself sharing a room with their reticent captain instead of his usual roommate. That was fine. The captain had been a pretty good roommate so far, even if he did go to bed a little earlier than he would have liked. And he’d been drifting off to sleep fairly well, until sometime around midnight, he’d woken up, shivering. The air conditioning had made the room practically freezing. Amazingly enough, for once they were, in fact, actually staying somewhere nice enough to have air-conditioning.
He got up, searched out the remote, and turned up the temperature. There was a slight shift in the other bed – the hotel had taken double bed frames and put two single mattresses on them, obviously usually hosting mostly couples or single businessmen as guests and having to improvise for their requirements – but there was no sign that he’d woken his roommate. He settled back down, burrowing under the covers.
Five minutes later, numb fingers were fumbling for the remote again. Why was it getting colder? Was it broken? He tried to turn it off, but the steady hum of air was insistent. He increased the temperature again. No difference. Growing frustrated, he abandoned the warmth of the covers and padded over to the box itself, peering at it. There didn’t seem to be any switches or buttons on it. He scowled. Perhaps they were staying somewhere nice enough to have air-conditioning for a change, but not somewhere nice enough to have working air-conditioning.
It was too cold to remain staring at it any longer. Ryoma hurried back to bed. The blankets weren’t enough though. How irritating. They had matches to play tomorrow - he couldn’t lie awake shivering the whole night!
Speculatively, he cast a glance over at the captain’s bed. He wouldn’t go so far as to actually steal the captain’s blankets – though if it had been Momo, there would have been no question about it - but surely buchou wouldn’t mind if he just borrowed the edges of them? That way he could overlap his blankets with Tezuka’s, and maybe it would be enough.
Tezuka stirred from his peaceful slumber a little while after midnight, not entirely certain what had awoken him. Something seemed a bit different. His left side was unusually warm, for starters.
Turning his head to the side, he spied an unnatural lump in the blankets. Raising them, through blurry vision he recognised the lump to be Echizen curled up against his side, apparently fast asleep. 
Not properly awake, it took the junior high tennis captain several moments to figure out what was going on. His right arm felt unusually chilled. Ah, the air conditioning must be malfunctioning. Ryoma had obviously become cold, and had dragged over his blankets to share them. He’d probably then gravitated towards him looking for more warmth in his sleep.
He was tempted to get up and try messing with the controls himself, but he was drowsy, and didn’t want to disturb the freshman who seemed comfortable. Besides, they had a full day of tennis tomorrow, and needed all the rest they could get. Tezuka sleepily threw an arm over the form snuggled against his side, and slowly drifted back into unconsciousness.
In the next room, Kaido had removed his shirt and was fanning himself with Inui’s notebook, hissing softly while the data-gatherer fiddled with the remote in confusion. 
“Fshhuu, it’s hot. Haven’t you figured out how to fix it yet?”
“I don’t understand,” Inui muttered. “I’ve put it to the lowest setting possible.  The remote is working – why won’t the air conditioner respond?”



Ryoma didn’t go to any effort to hide his lack of attention to whatever Oishi was prattling on about as he led the freshman down the hallway, most of his mind devoted to figuring out what exactly Kikumaru had been doing with all that flour during that brief glimpse he’d been afforded of the kitchen. Wimbledon or not, he was starting to regret coming to this little team gathering. 
The vice-captain’s living was room was large enough to house all of the regulars comfortably, so he’d volunteered the place to watch the tournament final on the family’s new big screen television. Ryoma could have just as easily watched it at home, but their TV was small and his father would be irritating him the whole time, so he’d tagged along with only minimal prodding from his team mates. 
“Just make yourself comfortable on one of the couches,” Oishi offered, escorting him to the living room, constantly glancing behind him looking worried at the racket his doubles partner was making in the kitchen. He hastily showed the freshman in before abandoning him, off to perform damage control.
Ryoma glanced around the room with a bored expression. Momoshiro was fighting with Kaido over who got the beanbag and who got the recliner, and as such hadn’t even noticed him arrive. Inui had already staked out one of the smaller couches for himself, and Fuji and Kawamura were sharing one of the larger ones – all three gave him a brief greeting. Nodding automatically in recognition, his eyes settled on the only unclaimed couch – a slightly fluffy blue double-seater. 
Disinterestedly, he made to sit down. “Uwaaa!” What he hadn’t expected was for the couch to practically eat him.
“You alright there, Echizen?” Fuji asked in an amused tone.
Sadistic tensai. “M’fine,” he replied, struggling back up into a proper sitting position, which was harder than it appeared, as the deceptively soft couch had a viscosity approaching quicksand. Who on earth would willingly sit on furniture that tried to smother them? Trying to push himself back up properly with his hands felt like he was risking burying one of his arms.
He was vaguely aware of Momo laughing at him from the bean bag, having apparently lost the battle for the recliner. Scowling, he managed to balance himself by spreading his weight as evenly as possible so that he didn’t sink – a similar technique to floating on water. It would have been easier if his feet could reach the floor, but the depth of the chair made that sort of difficult. Two glasses of milk a day hadn’t made any difference at all! He cast a glare at the data-gatherer, who momentarily ceased in his notebook scribbling to look confused at what had earned him such an expression out of the blue.
Ryoma had almost made peace with his seating arrangement when the vice-captain returned to the living room with Tezuka and Kikumaru in tow. The acrobatic player was carrying a plate of cookies and had flour in his hair – the captain had obviously just arrived. “Hoi! Ochibi’s here too! That’s everyone!”
“Make yourself at home, Tezuka. I’ll just set up the TV. Everyone, help yourselves to any of the snacks or drinks on the table.”
Ryoma eyed the softdrink the vice-captain had just laid out, but didn’t want to risk moving lest the couch try to swallow him again. As the others dove with various degrees of eagerness for refreshments, Tezuka made his way to the only unclaimed seat left in the room – the space on the couch next to him. 
The realisation of what was going to happen hit only a second before it actually did. He opened his mouth in warning, but when the captain – slightly heavier than him – sat down on the couch, Ryoma found his equilibrium disrupted and was half-catapulted into the senior’s lap, sprawling across his legs. Tezuka looked down at him questioningly.
“Sorry,” he muttered, struggling to push himself back to his side. It was substantially harder now that the couch was treating Tezuka somewhat like a black hole. Ryoma wondered if this was what a tennis ball trapped in the Tezuka zone felt like.
Oishi noticed their predicament, and chuckled. “Oh, sorry, I should have warned you. None of us usually sit on that couch, so I forget how soft it is.”
“It’s trying to kill me,” Ryoma complained, voice partially muffled in his struggle to get upright again. He eventually found a steady point of purchase for leverage and pushed himself up. That was when he realised his support was, in fact, Tezuka’s thigh. Blushing and snatching his hand away turned out to be a mistake, though, as that just returned him to his previous predicament. 
There was a quiet, slightly annoyed sighed, before a pair of strong hands slid under his armpits and pulled him upright, sliding him onto the captain’s lap. “Buchou?” he asked, a little confused.
Tezuka settled his chin on top of his head. “Quiet; the match is starting.”
In the end, Ryoma wound up staying on Tezuka’s lap rather than wrestle with the couch again. Besides, the captain was rather comfortable, and the hands on his hips and chin on his head keeping him in place felt sort of natural.
The other regulars smirked at them or gave them odd glances, but one stern glare from the captain, and nobody dared comment. Privately, Ryoma started rooting for the underdog. Maybe the match would go into a tie-break.



“And that’s the last,” Tezuka concluded, handing over the notebook to his successor. Echizen’s expression was reluctant when he took it, but he dutifully leafed through it all the same. The senior glanced around the bedroom, still surprised at how neat it was and looking for evidence of hidden mess. The woman who’d greeted him at the door must have had a hand in tidying it up, as Echizen had always seemed like the messy type.
“Had no idea being captain was so much work…,” the freshman mumbled.
Tezuka didn’t comment. He’d had some doubts about choosing their talented rookie as his successor, given his inherently lazy nature, but Echizen had come a long way. With enough preparation, he knew Seigaku would be fine in his hands. 
“I leave you to it, then,” he said, having finished all he’d come there to do. He didn’t feel entirely comfortable inhabiting his team mate’s personal space, even after being invited.
“Thanks for coming over to help with all of it,” Echizen muttered, so quietly that the captain wasn’t entirely certain he’d heard right.
Grimacing and glancing away, the freshman replied, “I said that I’m going to go over all this again. Do you think you can let yourself out? The stupid old man’s not home, so he shouldn’t bug you on the way out.”
It was rather a shame – Tezuka had always been curious to meet Nanjiroh Echizen, one of his childhood heroes, but it looked like that would have to wait for another day. “Very well. I’ll see you at practice on Monday.”
He made his way to the door, twisted and pulled on the knob… but the door didn’t come with it.
“Buchou?” Echizen asked, voice curious when the senior still hadn’t left the room.
Tezuka turned back around, still clutching the doorknob in his hands, mildly confused by the odd turn of events. Doorknobs didn’t usually detach themselves from doors, right?
“Che, I’ve been telling the old man to fix that for weeks!” Echizen complained when he saw the handle resting in Tezuka’s hands.
“I’m sorry,” Tezuka apologised, offering the detached handle. The freshman grabbed it and marched towards the door wearing a scowl. 
“Not your fault. It’s been coming loose for ages.” He jammed it roughly back into place, fiddling with it for a moment, then paused. Then fiddled with it some more. Then paused. Tezuka heard him swear under his breath, and wondered not for the first time if reprimanding freshmen for bad language fell under his duties as captain.
A pair of golden eyes turned to him, looking unusually solemn. “Is there a problem?” he asked.
“…I can’t get the door open.”
Frowning, Tezuka held out his hand for the door knob. Echizen relinquished it wordlessly, and he repeated the process, albeit a little less violently than the freshman had. It was true. While he could replace the door handle in such a way that it ought to work, it wouldn’t turn properly. Something had become jammed – probably as a result of it coming off mid-turn. He pulled at the hole in the door with his fingers, seeing if perhaps it was actually open, but it didn’t budge. Giving up, he turned back to his fellow prisoner. They exchanged a long, silent stare.
“Perhaps you can call your cousin for help?” he suggested finally.
Frowning, Echizen banged on the door several times, the violence of the motion startling the captain. “Nanako!” he called out. Tezuka flinched, surprised by the noise. It was rare for the freshman to raise his voice in any circumstance, so it had caught him off guard. “Nanako!” Repeating this several times didn’t seem to make a difference. Eventually, the youth gave up and folded his arms, turning back to look at the captain. “I think we’re stuck. She’s either gone out or can’t hear.”
They were trapped? “When your parents return home, surely…”
Echizen shrugged, looking peeved. “It’ll be a while before they get back.” Then he blinked. “Oh… you’ve got your phone, don’t you?”
“I forgot it and left it at home today,” he apologised.
The young tennis player just nodded, apparently thinking to himself. “There’s still mine.” He went rifling through his tennis bag propped up against the bed. When he pulled it out of the bag and made to turn it on, though, he stilled. 
The freshman carelessly dumped the phone back into his bag, and tonelessly explained, “Out of battery.”
Tezuka glanced around. There was no shortage of power points in the room. “But-”
“The charger is downstairs.”
Truly, it was not their day.
Tezuka sat down on the chair again, Echizen sprawling across the bed. It appeared that they were going to have to wait it out after all, so they might as well get comfortable. 
Several minutes ticked by in silence. His protégé leafed through the notes he’d given him more slowly, occasionally asking questions which Tezuka would answer, until that avenue had been exhausted and they fell back into silence again. The captain amused himself with a book he’d had in his bag, but it was one that was usually meant for the bus, and he soon finished it. By mid-afternoon, after some three hours of imprisonment and four separate attempts to summon Nanako to free them as well as another two goes at repairing the door handle, they had returned to staring at each other in awkward silence.
It was a novel experience. The captain and the rookie had never really been alone that long before without tennis rackets in hand. There wasn’t much call for them socialize outside of team events.
Echizen was staring at him contemplatively with half-lidded eyes. Tezuka swallowed and looked away, though his gaze inevitably drifted back – there wasn’t much else to look at, after all. Suddenly the whole situation seemed so… intimate, he supposed. 
“Hey buchou,” the freshman suddenly piped up, “Do you want to kiss?”
Tezuka choked on air, and his eyes bugged out slightly. After taking a brief second to compose himself after the unexpected question, he managed to ask, “What?” without squeaking.
The younger player shrugged. “What else are two people trapped in a room supposed to do?”
“But why kissing?” the senior asked in a daze.
Another shrug. “Kikumaru-senpai and Momo-senpai were talking about it at practice last week. Kikumaru-senpai was bragging that he practiced with fukubuchou and got really good at it.”
Since when was kissing competitive? Or more importantly, did this perhaps answer some of the questions he’d been having about the Golden Pair lately? Echizen’s blasé attitude didn’t quite mesh with the rather incriminating pieces of information he was carelessly throwing about. “And you want to practice?” he clarified.
“Yeah. It’s like tennis, right? If you don’t practice, you’re not going to get any good.” The tone of voice implied that Echizen didn’t much like the idea of his seniors being better at something than him. 
“I’m not so certain I’m the best person to be practicing with,” Tezuka said carefully. 
“Why not?”
He didn’t have a good answer for that, given that apparently Oishi and Kikumaru had already established a precedent there. “Wouldn’t you rather your first kiss to be with somebody else?”
The freshman waved a dismissive hand. “Doesn’t that go for you too?” Tezuka should have been offended that Echizen had just assumed he was in the same situation, but since it was true, he really couldn’t be. 
It might have the strangeness of the situation that robbed him of his common sense; or possibly it was just the knowledge that Echizen could be stubborn and would likely get his way in the end anyhow. “Very well then.”
The freshman seemed oddly startled that he’d accepted, despite the fact that he’d been wheedling him not a moment before. Regardless, he shifted his position on the bed, folding his legs beneath him. Taking the unspoken invitation, Tezuka left the safety of his chair and awkwardly settled himself on the mattress next to the freshman, body half-turned so that they were facing each other. After a moment’s hesitation, he removed his glasses so that they wouldn’t be in the way.
“What?” he asked, seeing the freshman’s odd expression.
“…Nothing. You just look… Never seen you without your glasses,” the young tennis prodigy murmured, cheeks dusted the faintest shade of pink.
They sat there in silence for a long moment, at which point Echizen apparently decided that since it was his idea, it was up to him to take the initiative. Leaning forward and tilting his head up, he tentatively closed the distance between their faces. Tezuka held his breath. What was he thinking? This was a terrible idea. Sharing something as intimate as a kiss – even for something as impersonal as practice – with his kouhai couldn’t result in anything other than the most awkward of situations. He really should-
That thought was cut off when a warm mouth smothered his. 
Tezuka wasn’t exactly a touchy-feely sort of individual, so in the few instances whenever there was some tactility with another person his brain had the unfortunate habit of freezing up. Now was such an instance. After a moment, Ryoma drew back, face flushing. They stared at each other again for a long moment. Then Tezuka moved, hand reaching out and tilting Echizen’s chin up and face slightly to the side, and their lips met again, eyes fluttering closed at the contact.
Their first few kisses were chaste enough, but by unspoken agreement, very soon they were angling into better positions and exploring each other’s mouths with fervour. It was all warmth and moisture and what tasted like the sweet aftertaste of grape Ponta. Tezuka idly wondered if he himself tasted at all like the green tea he’d drunk earlier that day, but couldn’t spare the matter more than half a second thought when all his head was filled with was Echizen and a dizzying sensation.
At some point, his hands had gained a mind of their own, one sliding up under the fabric of his kouhai’s shirt, drifting across pale skin. He was secretly delighted when Echizen shivered, pressing closer and trying to bring their bodies nearer together to maximise their contact. Fumbling a little, unwilling to cease his exploration of the younger boy’s mouth for more than a couple of seconds, the senior accommodated him, dragging him onto his lap. A pair of arms hooked around his neck, pulling him back in for another drawn-out kiss.
His body felt warm, and with no small amount of horror the senior realised that he was, in fact, becoming rather aroused. This situation was not helped any when, in their increasingly desperate and drawn-out ‘practice’, the freshman wound up straddling his hips, legs locked around his waist and pressing their groins together. Echizen whined through their kiss at the friction, squirming in place, and the senior felt his hips buck involuntarily. 
That was probably when Tezuka realised that this wasn’t just practice anymore.
Panicking, the senior at last broke away, though by now he was panting to gain his breath back. “I think that’s enough practice,” he finally managed in a slightly strangled voice. If they kept going, he couldn’t be entirely certain what he might do next. Locked in a room like this, free of immediate consequences, he was having a harder time than usual restraining his impulses.
Echizen screwed his face up in a sulky expression, but relented and gave the captain his personal space back. Or some of it. Somewhat reluctantly.
They sat there in silence for several minutes - the freshman clinging on to his arm and pressed up against his side - just getting their breath back and registering everything that had just happened. Tezuka, for his part, was desperately willing more than just his face to cool down. After a few minutes, though, Echizen murmured, “Kissing is fun, buchou.”
Tezuka, for his part, couldn’t bring himself to disagree. “…Yes.”
More silence. He was aware of a pair of bright golden eyes on him, and met the gaze evenly after a moment – that moment being spent gathering his self-control so that he didn’t get more impulses when they made eye contact. “How do you think we did?”
“I honestly don’t know,” Tezuka answered truthfully.
“…Do you think we need more practice?” The question was asked in an innocent enough tone, but by now the captain knew better.
“That’s probably enough for today.” Echizen crossed his arms in a half-sulk, though smirked at the opening the senior had left for possibility of ‘practice’ in the future. Desperate for a distraction, he suggested, “Maybe we should try the door again?”
In all honestly, for a time he’d briefly forgotten that they were trapped in the room. At the reminder, the freshman finally left his side and ambled back over to the door, though he was much less enthusiastic in his attempts to fix the stubborn door handle this time. 
The feeling was shared. Tezuka found himself oddly disappointed when, by what appeared to be a fluke twist of the wrist, the door came loose and silently swung open. Echizen was glaring at the half-attached handle as though it had personally betrayed him.
Clearing his throat, the captain said, “Oh. That was… lucky. ….I should get going.”
“Hn.” The freshman agreed, as they walked down the stairs, then… “It’s already so late though. I guess I should ask if you want to stay for dinner.” The words were spoken gruffly, and though they sounded reluctant, the expression on Echizen’s face looked almost hopeful to the trained eye.
Tezuka very nearly took him up on it, before recalling that he was still a little aroused and his discomfort certainly wasn’t going to go away if he was still staring at golden eyes and swollen lips. “Thank you for the invitation, but I really mustn’t.”
Echizen shrugged and looked away as they reached the front door. Impulsively, Tezuka grasped his chin and turned his head back towards him, planting one last kiss – the culmination of an afternoon’s practice - on his lips. When they broke apart, the freshman was flushed again and had a glazed look in his eyes. 
“About practice,” he ordered sternly. “Don’t do it with anyone else.”
“Okay,” the freshman agreed dazedly.
As he left the house, Tezuka made a mental note that kissing seemed to make Echizen much more obedient. This was sure to be useful in the future.


Kitchen Sink

Tezuka held the door open as Echizen and Inui brought in the last of the boxes. “That’s everything, Tezuka. Do you need any help unpacking?”
“No.  Thank you for your assistance, though, Inui. You too, Echizen.” The high school student just grunted and looked away. Tezuka would never know for sure who on earth convinced the perpetually lazy tennis prodigy to help his graduated senpai move into his own apartment, but had the inkling that Fuji probably had something to do with it, since it was originally Fuji and Inui who had offered their aid. “Would either of you like a drink?”
“I should be on my way. We’re still meeting up on the weekend?” Tezuka nodded his assent. “In that case, I’ll see you then. Later, Echizen,” Inui acknowledged them both with a nod, adjusting his glasses and picking up his bag. He bade his friend farewell, and turned back to his remaining help. Obviously the quiet youth wasn’t ready to leave just yet, looking rather keen at the suggestion of a drink. 
Tezuka turned to the fridge, which had been one of the first things brought over, and extracted a slightly warm bottle of Ponta from within, fishing out a cup from one of the half-open boxes on the kitchen floor. He’d bought it in advance to thank Echizen for his assistance, but hadn’t considered that the fridge would be unplugged for most of the day, so the drink hadn’t had time to cool. The teen eagerly took the offered cup from his hand with a murmured ‘thanks’ and drank it anyway. Tezuka didn’t have that many possessions to move, but his new apartment was on the second floor, and carrying even just the essentials up and down stairs all day had been tiring.
While Echizen was thoroughly occupied with his beverage, Tezuka started unpacking, moving the relevant boxes to their rooms to make the unpacking process a little easier. Halfway through transferring his clothes to his closet, however, he heard a panicked voice from the kitchen. “Buchou!”
Abandoning his folding and growing concerned about the high pitched hiss and gurgling coming from the kitchen, he hurried into the hallway, and upon entering the kitchen nearly slipped on the wet tiles. Wait, wet tiles?
A quick glance around the kitchen summarised the situation for him. It was apparent that Echizen had finished his drink, and gone to rinse the cup. Obviously something had gone wrong, and the tap was now busted and spouting high-pressure water. Echizen was, rather ineffectually, trying to contain the leak – if that fountain could still be classified as such. 
“Buchou, help!” came the strangled cry as the youth tried to pin down the source of the leak with his hands, but only succeeded in changing the direction of the miniature geyser, first to spraying himself in the face, then to a spurting arc that drenched Tezuka’s shoulders. 
He hurried over, being careful to mind his step on the slippery floor, and reached over where Echizen was hunkered over the taps, trying both of them in turn, but it looked like they weren’t working. Abandoning that tactic, he dropped to ground, poking the teen in the knee so that he could open the cupboard door that led to the area underneath the sink. The positioning was awkward as he slid past Echizen’s bare legs, straining to reach the valve at the wall. 
Finally, his fingers grasped it and pulled. A moment later, the hissing and gurgling ceased, and the legs brushing his shoulder moved away to give him room to move. 
Crawling back out from under the sink, he took stock of the situation. At last the fountain had ceased. He’d have to call a plumber later – until then, making do with the bathroom taps would have to do. The floor was now sporting several new puddles, and one of his boxes – fortunately just containing kitchenware – had a spray of water across it, but all of that would dry naturally without much fuss. He turned his attention to Echizen next, and felt his lips threatening to quirk into a smile. He looked like a drowned cat, hair plastered against his skull, wet shirt clinging to his body and water dripping from his chin. 
Which reminded him that his own shirt was somewhat sodden too. “I’ll find the towels.”
It took several minutes to find the promised towels, as they’d been used as packing for more delicate materials rather than having a box of their own. When he finally returned with one each, Echizen had taken his shirt off and was wringing it dry over the sink.
Tezuka found himself staring at Echizen’s exposed shoulder blades for some reason, and even when he realised this and tore his gaze away, it seemed to drift back of its own volition. The pale skin, stretched over sinewy muscle, was glistening with the remnants of moisture, and Tezuka wasn’t sure whether to be thankful when the teen turned around, or horrified at being caught staring.
“Buchou?” he asked, cocking his head questioningly. 
The former captain threw a towel at his ex-teammate, who caught it deftly, and began the process of drying himself. It was weird to suddenly see Echizen in that light - at least, outside of the tennis court. Tezuka had always thought him beautiful and captivating on it, but this was the first time he’d realised that the same was true when off it, too.
“You don’t have to keep calling me that, you know.”
“I know.” A lost cause. Echizen had called him captain even during those two years where they hadn’t attended the same school. Then again, perhaps it wasn’t so strange. Tezuka himself had still referred to captain Yamato with the honorific when they’d met by chance some two years ago. It sort of bothered him that Echizen still did it, though. They ought to be equals by now, surely. The teen had just helped him move into his new apartment, after all, even if it was probably at the behest of Fuji.
He rubbed the towel through his hair, which was mostly dry anyway, and replaced his glasses. It didn’t really matter. Inui would no doubt have some insight into the logic behind it, but the data-gatherer had already left, and besides, it wasn’t as though Echizen ever conformed to data anyway. He cast a dubious glance at his companion at the thought, mildly amused to see how little progress the teen had made in getting properly dry.
Tezuka hadn’t really thought about doing it. He’d just seen that Echizen’s hair was still dripping wet and going ignored, and it had bothered him so he’d stepped closer, reached out with his own towel and started drying that green-black hair with it.
The teen stilled, and remained quietly so as his former captain gently teased the droplets of water out of his hair, the soft cotton buffeting the side of his head with each careful rub. They stood like that for a couple of minutes, Tezuka massaging the shorter boy’s head with his white towel, idly catching a stray droplet that went sliding down the back of the pale neck with the edge of the fabric. Eventually satisfied, he withdrew, and Echizen raised his now-dry head again to stare at him. The former captain met the sharp gaze steadily, watching the almost invisible changes of expression as the stare shifted from confused, to embarrassed, to contemplative.
Honestly, he didn’t quite know what to make of it either.
“I’ll go call a plumber,” he announced, and strode from the room, leaving a quiet, pensive, shirtless Echizen Ryoma behind.


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Feb. 2nd, 2008 11:40 am (UTC)
I kind of laughed in a deranged way when you mentioned Momoshiro had to stay behind because he is not a regular. *_*

Tezuka sleepily threw an arm over the form snuggled against his side This sentence kills me a lot. Because he threw his arm over Ryoma all casually and RYOMA IS CURLED INTO HIS SIDE LIKE A LITTLE KITTY. *_*

AHAHAHAHA. They're stealing all of Kaidoh and Inui's cool air. THAT IS AWESOME. So much better to be cold and be able to cuddle up rather than extremely hot and unable to sleep. JUST. WONDERFUL FLUFFY HAPPY.

That chair. *_* I love that chair. Ryoma must be so adorably disgruntled while trying to pull himself up properly. Though disturbingly, it reminded me of that Japanese horror story where a chair-maker built one that allowed him to live inside it. Uh. I adore even more how Inui is just so confused with the animosity.



Tezuka heard him swear under his breath, and wondered not for the first time if reprimanding freshmen for bad language fell under his duties as captain. *_* *_* *_*

I love how casual Ryoma is with Tezuka around. Yelling for Nanako, swearing, sprawling across his bed. I love even more how Tezuka refers to him as his protege.

The question was asked in an innocent enough tone, but by now the captain knew better. *flails around* And then. Then the. And that. Ngh. Ryoma becoming more obeeeedient. Once Ryoma gets used to it, and more comfortable, it'll be Tezuka who is more obedient. AJhfjsghdfhadh YES.

Ryoma, I am so in love with him and his laziness and djksgkafdh. And then Tezuka seeing them as equals. And. They are so domestic it just. They are so gorgeous, in any situation. Drying his haaaair so tenderly. ♥ Eeeeeh. I'm gonna probably. Just, sit here and flail my arms around. Yeah. That. Um. ♥♥♥
Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:03 pm (UTC)
I must know more about this Japanese horror.

Hee - do these terms such as 'thigh drapage' actually exist, or DO YOU MAKE THEM UP ON THE SPOT? *laughs*

Poor Inui, so befuddled. :) I have to write more Inui. He is so fun!
Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:17 pm (UTC)
It was quite. Um. Horrifying. :o Basically, he makes a specially designed armchair for a hotel order, makes room inside so he can sit in it, and there's food and um. I'm not sure about toilet. He might sneak out at night for that, can't recall. Basically he stays in there, and describes how it feels when people sit on him. In graphic detail. Um. :|

THEY EXIST. :| Well, since the drabblememe. *________*

Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:24 pm (UTC)
AWESOME. I'll never ever read it.

Heee, how subtle. ^__^

SCI-FI Battousai!Ryoma. Now we're getting into uncharted AU crossover territory. :P
Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:29 pm (UTC)
You make me tempted to comb my way through the school library and find it just so I can tell you the title and make you read it. :D

It is seriously just, the best. *_* After actual whole-body drapage, that is. Now that.

Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:35 pm (UTC)
EXCEEDINGLY INTRIGUING. Curse your projectile plot bunnies! Just when I manage to cross a couple more off the WIP list, you manage to add more!
Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:46 pm (UTC)
But I wouldn't want you to reach the end of the list and have nothing on it! That would be heartbreaking. You'll have this hollow, empty feeling inside. I am saving you from that. :>

Feb. 2nd, 2008 04:49 pm (UTC)
I reached the end and wanted to cry! I vote for a continuation asap ^_^ So cute
Feb. 2nd, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
These. Were just lovely. The pacing was perfect--even though I knew Tezuka was going to sit next to Echizen on the couch, it happened as fast as it would in real life--no chance to call out a warning.

The resolution of the AC story caught me completely off-guard--I loved it! There's a possible set-up for Inui tragedy there, though--the notebook Kaoru's fanning himself with might be a super-special-secret kohai-notebook that accidentally made its way into Inui's luggage.... Inui's an innocent victim in the couch story, too!

Hmm, is towel-sharing the same as an indirect kiss?

The reference to Oishi "prattling" at first grated--but then I realized that from Ryoma's perspective, that's probably what it is.

The snowballing events of the doorknob one are great--and I imagined that Ryoma's shouting so loudly for Nanako reveals some of his inner panic. OMG stuck alone with buchou! Karupin wasn't there to play gooseberry either, huh?

I love the details of still-warm Ponta and the spritz of water on the cardboard box; the line "Ryoma wondered if this was what a tennis ball trapped in the Tezuka zone felt like"; and "Since when was kissing competitive? Or more importantly, did this perhaps answer some of the questions he’d been having about the Golden Pair lately?" which startled two laughs out of me in succession. :D

Great work, and each one feels complete by itself--but if some of these are WIP I look forward to reading the full stories!
Feb. 3rd, 2008 01:50 am (UTC)
Oh no, these are all finished drabbles - I was just referring to the fact that snippets from three of them could be found in the WIP meme from a couple of weeks ago (wherein you were supposed to take a small sample of any work in progress and post it. I summoned a frightening collection of them.)

'Play gooseberry' is an idiom I have not heard in ages. *_____* 'Third wheel' sadly seems to have replaced it. There need to be more opportunities to use it in daily conversation! I am going to make a point of using this phrase more often now, I'll have you know. :P

*Towel sharing as an indirect kiss* <- dies laughing.

Glad you enjoyed it. *____*
Feb. 2nd, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
Feb. 2nd, 2008 07:51 pm (UTC)

Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC)

I wake up and this is what I find. Oh these are all so wonderfully lovely ficlets~ @____@ I am in awe. And yegads, Tezuka and Ryoma are just pure, fluffy, happy, fat little bundles of LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. @______@ I swear, you will be on my To-Stalk list from now on.

*inevitably reduced to a babbling messy puddle of incoherence*

Feb. 3rd, 2008 04:52 am (UTC)
I laughed SO hard at the chair insident, and then the fluffiness behind it was just tto much, and the A/C was too funny, poor kaido and Inui XD!!!!!!!!!!! And the doorknob was funny and hot at the same time XD!!!! Ryoma glaring at when it opened XD!!!!!! And the towel was just too fluffy XD!!!!!!!! I love it, they were all amazing XD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb. 3rd, 2008 06:49 am (UTC)


Feb. 3rd, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
Feb. 3rd, 2008 07:18 am (UTC)
It's always a pleasure, reading your work. I think I've read the first one before... could be my imagination or a similar plot. But. It's still good to read. :)
Feb. 5th, 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
Adorable, all! I especially like the competitive kissing. Just. *kissing*. guh.
Feb. 6th, 2008 04:34 pm (UTC)
The doorknob one is amazing, every single moment of it. And Ryoma wondered if this was what a tennis ball trapped in the Tezuka zone felt like is love. It's not the couch, not really. It's the Tezuka Zone. =D

Oh, Sin, why are you so brilliant?
Feb. 16th, 2008 04:02 am (UTC)
Dear Sin, I'm really sorry for replying so late. I just saw your amazing dabbles. Why oh why didn't I check your pages earlier? Since I've been real busy, I haven't went to my livejournal for many months now.
Each dabbles were wonderful and I just can't get the sweetness out of any of them. Your writing, as usual, is just perfect. You really know how to go into Tezuka's head, ne? And Ryoma is so cute and sly too.
Thank you again for sharing this. ^^
Feb. 19th, 2008 01:10 pm (UTC)
I was finally able to read those!
And now I can't pick a favorite... the first two had some lines that truly melted my insides, like Tezuka carelessly throwing an arm over bundle!Ryoma in the first... and Tezuka pulling Ryoma in his lap and putting his chin on his head *___*
Are you trying to kill me, woman?!?

The third one was so hot... *drool*
And so was the last one, shirtless!older!Ryoma is hot on his own, add water and hair-toweling... *sigh*
Mar. 24th, 2008 09:28 pm (UTC)
I do not regret being referred here by Kaori in the least. SO GOOD. How did you come up with such good stuff centering around "appliances"? :| I am jealous of your skillz.

(Although I have seen couches/lovesacks/chairs swallow people before D: I imagine Tezuka's weight causing the couch to consume Ryoma...)

I'll have to come back and read more, definitely, so hope you don't mind me dropping by :D
Mar. 25th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
Ooo, you have dug up an old post but you are quite welcome to drop by whenever! :P Nice to meet you.

Surprisingly, when pillar pair is involved it's ridiculously easy to come up with scenarios for them around ANY prompt. Our mutual acquaintance has trained me in it. :| Kaori can see TezRyo IN EVERYTHING. I'm sort of jealous. :)
Mar. 26th, 2008 02:57 am (UTC)
Old post because I had bookmarked it awhile back, but didn't have the chance to check in until now. Nice to meet you too :)

I'm jealous of both of you. I sit around for days trying to think of even a plot point. :0
Apr. 16th, 2011 02:00 am (UTC)
I just started getting into the PoT fandom, and I stumbled across your Appliance drabbles, and I enjoyed them so much. Especially the couch episode. Because I have been on couches like that, but I never had a sexy Tezuka-buchou to help me out. lol.
Apr. 17th, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
XD If only we all had a sexy Tezuka-buchou on hand to help us out!
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