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Protest FAIL

So, those internet protests?  SORT OF AN EPIC FAIL.  Very poor turnout.  A facebook group for Brisbane alone with three thousand members, and a turnout somewhere around only 100 strong at a generous estimate?

Hopefully Sydney and Melbourne made up for Brisbane's slack!  D:

Actually, given the heat on that particular day it's probably already pretty amazing that you had anybody braving the sun for more than fifteen minutes to hold up signs or hand out flyers, much less the scheduled four hours.  I only managed about one myself before the combination of depression and heat stroke forced me back into air conditioned safety.  It was also terribly, terribly un-organised.  But it was still very interesting.  Sort of like seeing a forum spill into real life, trolls and all.  They should have disguised it as a convention.  We could have roped in thousands easily.

Also, I think that maybe protesting next to a big-ass Christmas tree might have taken some of the bite out of the message.

Most of the signage?  Composed of clever internet memes.  I thought they were awesome, but I think your average weekend mall rat was just confused.  Although the paperclip one was win.  (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.)

This guy here - he was a true hero for the cause.  He was slowly cooking in his foil suit.  Presumably he was sacrificing himself for the post-protest barbeque.

I find it sad that these same geeks in Brisbane are capable of organising a couple of hundred people into doing an annual zombie walk, but couldn't even manage PROPER SIGNS.

Anyhow, I've had my share of politicising for the year now.  Back to writing smutty fics that the feeble internet filter will never be able to stop. ;) 



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Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:06 am (UTC)
Nice photos 8D Are you in any of them? <3

and awww ;w; I hope you do get better internet <3
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