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It's only, what September?  But even I must admit, that completing the PP catalog... and getting all the ultimate weapons... and levelling up all but four characters up to Level 100, might be time to stop and play something else.  :|

It's been interesting, though!  I think Yuna might be my new favourite character to play with, bumping out Onion Knight and Cloud.  She just has crazy coverage/speed ratio.  Followed closely by Prishe, and Jecht, and probably Feral Chaos.  (Because Feral Chaos, punishing though his AP allocations may be, is disgustingly badass.  And has the coolest Ex Mode ever.)

Ahaha, I have also been going through the theatre and checking out everybody's character lines, and the hilarity contained within.  Here are the best ones:

Lightning VS Warrior of Light:  "Great, now I'm fighting fairy tales"  Lightning is so delightfully sarcastic.
Lightning VS Onion Knight: "Need someone to toughen you up?"  This made me think she treats Onion Knight a bit like she treated Hope. <3
Lightning VS Squall: "Time for your lesson, schoolboy."  Burn
Lightning VS ExDeath: "Go find your stupid void and stay there.”
 Lightning VS Prishe:  "Aren't you a little short for a soldier?"  (Stormtrooper?)
Vaan VS Vaan: “Hey, I'm the leading man!”  LOL.  You really aren’t, Vaan.  Not even slightly.
Vaan VS Cloud of Darkness: “You wanna borrow a shirt or something?” He’s just a hypocrite.
Vaan VS Kefka: “Wow! The circus is in town?” *FACEPALM*
He asks Prishe, Shantotto, and Ultimecia all how old they are.  The boy does not learn.
Vaan VS Gabranth: "You!  I will defeat you!"  It was kind of surprisingly to hear the raw anger in this one.  It almost made up for the lack of cutscenes or story with this match up.
Vaan VS Feral Chaos: “Cooool!  I'll take this guy out!"  Vaan, when confronted with the hardest most terrifying boss in the game, has the gall to sound impressed.
(Vaan also has the secret line: “I’m Basch!”)
Everyone keeps picking on Vaan for being naive, but how naive can an orphan surviving in Lowtow picking pockets to survive be?
Laguna VS Onion Knight: "Time to play with Uncle Laguna!"  Just... no, Laguna. No.  IT SOUNDS SO WRONG.
Laguna VS Cecil: 'Attack me however you want"  He also manages to make this completely ordinary line sound like a come-on.
Laguna VS Garland: "I'd rather interview you than fight you."  Wait, what?  Dissidia, the talk show?
Laguna VS Cloud of Darkness: “Oh no, not good, focus Laguna.”  XD He is weak to a scantily clad lady.

Yuna VS Tidus: "To have to fight, against you..." This one broke my heart.  ;__;
 Yuna VS Prishe:  "Youre so upbeat, I should emulate you!” And now we know where FFX-2 really came from.
Kain VS Zidane: "I carry nothing I wouldn't miss.”  So take that, you thief.
Kain’s voice is like dark melted chocolate, but he doesn’t actually say anything that doesn’t reek of tortured solitude.
Tifa VS Bartz:  "Hey, could you try giving HIM some of your pep?"  Tifa, Tifa, still trying to change your man.  (I guess she could be talking about either Kain OR Cloud here.)
Tifa VS Zidane: "What are you looking at? Focus!"  *coughs*
Tifa VS Cloud of Darkness: "I don't need two cloudy skies."  I didn’t realise they actually made this pun in-game.
Tifa VS Kuja: "I'm... not interested... in your music."  This just gives me visions of Kuja waxing poetic at Tifa, and she totally takes it the wrong way.

Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light VS Bartz: "I shall protect your light!"  Awww, it’s kind of sweet.  (Wait, why say this when they're about to fight?)
A ridiculous number of his encounter lines involve the word 'light'.  It gets more interesting if you start to pretend he's talking about Lightning.
"Do not let the power of Light fade", "You must not shun the Light", "You aim to defeat me with that(,) Light?”, "You cannot subdue the Light",  "The future remains with a shining Light", "No one can extinguish the Light", "This time I will slay you with my Light!"  XD
Garland didn’t really have anything too stellar, he’s wonderfully generic villain.
Firion VS Zidane: "You can't go stealing hearts."  ….Did he steal yours, Firion?  Did he? XD

Emperor is just a condescending bastard. 
Onion Knight
Onion Knight VS Onion Knight: “Did I have a twin brother?”  This is meant to funny but just kind of made me all ;___; for poor little orphan Luneth.
 Onion Knight VS Kain:  “Can you catch birds with that jump?”  Somebody fanart this, stat.
 Onion Knight VS Tifa:  ‘Are you gonna fight in that?”  ...Her outfit's actually kind of practical?  Although, lack of armour...
 Onion Knight VS Squall:  “Will you teach me some tricks if I win?” This is kind of earnest and adorable.
 Onion Knight VS Yuna:  “I thought summoners had horns” Bring on the class jokes.
Onion Knight VS Kuja: “You call yourself a Bard?”
Cloud of Darkness
Cloud of Darkness is very royal 'We'.
Cloud of Darkness VS Yuna: “Try and summon us!”
 Cloud of Darkness VS Jecht:  “You will never be able to catch a Cloud”  Yeah, either one, so stopped making googly eyes at Cloud, Jecht.

Cecil VS Bartz: “I wish you’d show me YOUR moves”  This... really.... so easily misconstrued.
 Cecil VS Gilgamesh:  “Malice?  No, this feeling is…”  Isn't this a cliffhanger?  What?  What is it, Cecil!
Golbez is just like the wise old man of the game.
Bartz VS Warrior of Light: “You’re not the only warrior of light here”  Umm, I thought Bartz was the Warrior of Wind.  ….Unless we’re talking about Lightning again.  NEW LOVE TRIANGLE?
 Bartz VS Bartz:  “Howzabout we have a staring contest”  Howzabout it?
 Bartz VS Cloud:  “Not interested… or whatever.”  Mocking Cloud and Squall at the same time?
 Bartz VS Cloud of Darkness:  “So… do you feed those snakes?!”  This is actually a really good question.  CoD:  'Yes.  Souls of impertinent brats.'
 Bartz VS Kuja:  “Maybe I should take up dancing too.”  TROLOLOLOLOL I want Bartz Dancer Class alternate outfit.

void void void void void void void void void

Terra VS Yuna: “It feels as though… we’ve met before.”  Interesting!  Could Yuna summon Terra?  Or has a FFVI reference just totally flown over my head?
 Terra VS Jecht:  “You’re like a big teddy bear”  And just like that, Jecht has been emasculated.

Kefka VS Cecil: “I hate half-baked cookies like you.”
 Kefka VS Squall:  “You sure are talkative! …In your head.”
 Kefka VS Zidane:  “Gimme back my heart, pleeeeease?!”
 Kefka VS Garland:  “Retire already if you’re so tired.”
 Kefka VS Golbez:  “The older one’s half-baked too!”

Cloud VS Tifa: “To see the day, when we must fight…”  :(
 Cloud VS Shantotto:  “You’re a… small target.”

Sephiroth VS Emperor: “I am the ruler of the planet.”  No, I am!  I am!
 Sephiroth VS Cloud of Darkness:  “A Cloud with no will bores me.”  Ohohoho.
 Sephiroth VS Sephiroth:  “A clone?  Or are you…”
 Sephiroth VS Feral Chaos:  “Is that all?  You can do better than that.”

Squall VS Onion Knight: “What an annoying brat.”  You’re the annoying brat, Squall.  >:|
Squall VS Cloud: “Talk is pointless for the both of us” – This line is even better if you imagine Squall saying it in his head.
 Squall VS Laguna:  “This guy’s like a bad dream.”
 Squall VS Golbez:  “Ah jeez another lecture?”
 Squall VS Kefka:  “This guy’s insane.”  Gift for the obvious?
 Squall VS Chaos:  “There’s no need to have a fit.”
Here’s an experiment – mentally swap  Onion Knight’s voice actor with Squall’s and see which one of them sounds more mature.

Ultimecia VS Onion Knight: “Why don’t you go home?”  Ummm, we can’t.  That’s the point.
 Ultimecia VS Terra:  “It’s ok to cry.”  She sounded kind of… motherly, here.  O_O
 Ultimecia VS Tifa:  “What an awful tomboy.”  Ultimecia appears to take femininity very seriously.
Zidane VS Firion: “Can’t steal their hearts if you don’t take the initative.
 Zidane VS Tifa:  “Headstrong and skimpy! I like it.”  Tifa: DOLPHIN PUNCH.
 Zidane VS Cloud of Darkness:  “You sure are impressive, in more ways than one.”
 Zidane VS Golbez:  “I think you’re a good brother, old man.”  Zidane’s experiences here are perhaps not a great benchmark.
 Zidane VS Shantotto:  “Think I’ll pass on the test subject offer.”  ;__;
 Zidane VS Chaos:  “*Sighs*  This is gonna take forever.” – And he was right. D:

Kuja VS Garland: “There is nothing to discuss with you!”  I really wanted to see more interaction between these two on the Chaos side, given their history!
Kuja VS Jecht: “I can’t stand hot and sweaty people!”  (Jecht wins by default.)
Tidus VS Onion Knight: “It’s not good to go rushing into things.”  Hypocrite, much?
 Tidus VS Zidane:  “I am so grabbing your tail.”
Tidus VS Kuja: “Aren’t you cold in that getup?”  Salient point.
 Tidus VS Prishe:  “Hot-blooded, just them way I like ‘em.”  Wait, how does Yuna fit into that type?
Jecht's voice actor manages to make it sound like he’s hitting on everyone.
Jecht VS Warrior of Light: “Kinda like straight-laced types.”
 Jecht VS Firion:  “So, what weapon do you prefer?”
Jecht VS Kain: “Heh. I’ll make you blast off!”
Jecht VS Terra: “You better not cry, you’ll make me uncomfortable.”
 Jecht VS Squall:  “Hey kid, relax!”
Jecht VS Tidus: “Not in a million years.”  (Nice to know Jecht draws the line somewhere).
 Jecht VS Yuna:  “I… can’t hold back, ya know?”
 Jecht VS Shanttoto:  “Oops, thought you was a ball.”

Shantotto VS Firion: “Jack of all weapons, master of none?”  Ouch!
 Shantotto VS Onion Knight:  “I think I’ll take my onions fried.”
Aside from his tortured one-liners, Gabranth seemed to especially hate Cecil and Golbez.  :/  Brother issues?
 Gabranth VS Cecil:  “Gazing upon you sickens me to my core.”
 Gabranth VS Golbez:  “You shall be purged by my blade!”
I mean, compared to his delivery on everything else, they were kind of extreme.
Prishe VS Onion Knight: “I know better than to judge by looks!”  Prishe is officially the smartest character in the game?
 Prishe VS Cloud of Darkness:  “Will my fist go right through you?”  …A surprisingly valid question.
 Prishe VS Sephiroth:  “I’m gonna wrap you around my little finger!”  Big brother?  They both have white hair...
   Prishe VS Kuja:     “Wow… you’re kinda unstable, huh?’  Understatement of the century.
OMG, and when Prishe hits level 100 and is in near-death state, suddenly all of her battle statements change to things like ‘FEED ME!’ and ‘I WANNA EAT SIRLOIN STEAK!’ XD
Gilgamesh VS Firion: “Oooohhh, you have a lot of weapons.”
Gilgamesh VS Bartz:  “Bartz!  I’ve finally found you!”  \o/
 Gilgamesh VS Tifa:   *sultry* “There is no name to call me by, miss.”
Gilgamesh VS Squall: “Wow, a gunblade!  You’re a connoisseur!”
 Gilgamesh VS Yuna:   “Hmm.  I wouldn’t mind being summoned by you.”
 Gilgamesh VS Lightning:  “Stop staring, or I’m gonna fall for you.”
 Gilgamesh VS Kefka:  “Kefka Pap… it’s too long!”
 Gilgamesh VS Sephiroth:  “I want it!  Gimme that sword!”  Good luck.
 Gilgamesh VS Prishe:  “Ladies must act elegantly.”
 Gilgamesh VS Chaos:  “Heh heh.  Oh look, I have more arms than you.”

Chaos VS Ultimecia: “Do you truly understand… eternal solitude?”  Man, here I am feeling sorry for Chaos again.  :(
Dissidia, why do you make everything so cracky/tragic?

Ah hell, only four more characters to get to Level 100, right?


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Sep. 7th, 2011 07:12 am (UTC)
Geez, I really should get off my butt and play this game.
Sep. 7th, 2011 07:26 am (UTC)
Sep. 7th, 2011 11:44 am (UTC)
Hahahaha, excellent.

By the way, if you've been hankering for some cool dissidia fic, check this out: http://sunnepho.livejournal.com/1120.html#cutid1

There's already a second chapter up as well.
Sep. 8th, 2011 02:24 am (UTC)
Oh em eff gee. This is priceless! Must... save to comp...
Sep. 7th, 2011 04:52 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry. The one line I can't get out of my head after you said it is Kefka...
Sep. 8th, 2011 12:59 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, Kefka's the only guy other than Cloud who can equip the Allure of Honey armour set, too. MAYBE THEY'RE TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING.
Sep. 8th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Nyahahahah. I've probably already gone through all of the encounter quotes, too, and I end up shrieking with laughter each time. They are just that awesome. Squeenix: the official trolls.

Oh, yeah, and I had noticed that Warrior of Light thing. Nice of Bartz to remind us. I kind of spend stupid amounts of time imagining scenarios in which all the Warriors of Light are stuck in one room with a crystal trying to address them.

"It means you."
"No, obviously it's talking to you. I'm retired."
"Hey, what about us?"
"Shut up, kid, and go home to your mother."
"... I don't have a mother..." T-T
Sep. 8th, 2011 01:01 pm (UTC)
XD (Can one really 'retire' from being a Warrior of Light?)

I... I sort of want to read fic of that. Although you've sort of already boiled it down to its shortest, purest possible state already.
Sep. 8th, 2011 04:18 am (UTC)
...Does Onion Knight have any good oneliners? ;;
Sep. 8th, 2011 01:04 pm (UTC)
He has lots! I only harvested the character vs character lines for this. There are an insane number of lines for everyone.

Do not worry, I will furnish you with Onion Knight awesome. And treasure boxes for you to hunting for, only to deny that your curiosity is based on anything other than practical merits. ;)
Sep. 8th, 2011 05:55 am (UTC)
XDDDDD I love the Sephiroth VS Cloud line and the Squall VS Cloud one, haha. It's so awesome that these little comments help flesh out the characters more...I wonder if they're different in the Jap version?
Sep. 8th, 2011 01:05 pm (UTC)
I've been curious about that! Particularly the Cloud of Darkness puns, since she's 'Kumo' in Japanese where Cloud is literally 'Cloud' in katana. Does the pun still translate? Damn, these are really good translations though.
Sep. 11th, 2011 07:09 am (UTC)
I really need to get this game.

Poor Tifa with her original outfit she really is inviting it. I generally explain the top by saying it's just a sports bra and she tends to get hot easily. As for the bottom, there isn't much I can say to make that seem any better. Initially I thought she was wearing shorts.

And the dialogue when they fight... ;_; I most certainly think they're family, whether romantically involved or not.

I have yet to FFX, but the first Dissidia made me want to and this makes me all the more interested.

They let you play Gilgamesh? Awesome! My feelings towards FFV are pretty lukewarm, but he made it completely worth it. Maybe they'll let us play Ultros in another game as well.
Sep. 11th, 2011 09:18 am (UTC)
You really do.

Tifa's original outfit is bad enough, but one of her alt costumes is the cowgirl getup.

FFX got a bad rap with a lot of fans for some reason, but it really did have an absolutely stunning setting and a beautiful story. Highly recommended.

They do! He's one of the 'secret' characters (which was a completely awesome surprise for me since I avoided press releases like the plague after a while.) He has the BEST CUTSCENES too, I will not say more lest it be spoiled even more for you.
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