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Dissidia: Second String, Round 2

Title: Dissidia: Second String

Rating: PG, mostly for violence.

Summary: What if the heroes of Dissidia and Duodecim were replaced with their supporting cast instead?

Author’s Note:  This set seems to mostly focus on Team Faris!  Hope you enjoy it.

Previous Round


Arc drew in the dirt with the tip of his staff, lost in thought.  In the distance, he could just barely hear Faris and Rinoa arguing over the campfire.  Cosmos’s mission, while initially filling them with purpose, had quickly set tempers fraying, particularly between the pirate and the young sorceress.

He leaned back against the tree trunk and closed his eyes.  When he opened them again, a pure white glow filled the clearing, and the visage of a goddess with long, golden tresses and flowing white robes stood before him.

Somehow, he wasn’t that surprised.  She was a Goddess, after all.

“You are troubled,” Cosmos observed with a solemn expression.

Arc bit his lip, and looked at the ground. 

“What it is that bothers you?” Cosmos asked. 

“I… I’m not sure if I even can find my crystal,” he admitted.

She regarded him at length, gaze wide and open and yet completely inscrutable.  “…And why is that?”

He didn’t want to say.  He’d sound whiny, and pathetic, but neither did he think he could keep a secret from the goddess.  She’d surely see straight through him, and it seemed wrong to even try to lie to any sort of deity.

He spent a moment marshalling his thoughts, before finally asking, “Why choose me?  To come to this world, I mean.”

Why was he here?  He was nothing really.  A bookworm.  He picked things up quickly, certainly, and had a knack for magic, but it hardly equipped him for fighting a war.  Hazy snatches of memories of Ingus and Luneth and Refia assured him that any of them would have been a better choice by Cosmos.

“The same potential lived in all of you,” was Cosmos’s lilting reply.  “But in you, I found heart, and a great capacity for kindness.”  She put a hand to her breast.  “There is not enough of such things in this world.”

Because this world would destroy it, given time.

Arc ducked his head again.  “I just… everyone is much stronger than me,” he muttered.  “I don’t want to hold anyone back.”

“You must find your own worth,” Cosmos chided him gently, but then smiled.  It was a small, subtle thing, but it lit up the clearing like the sun.  “I have faith that when the time comes, you will prove yourself admirably.”

Arc managed a weak smile back, mostly to be polite.  In his heart, he didn’t feel it at all.


Who am I?

The question tormented the nameless black mage as he navigated the gateway alone.  He had parted from his two travelling companions not long after they’d left Sanctuary, instinct and intuition driving him in a different direction.

He knew only one thing for certain – that he had a duty to Cosmos.  While the more intellectual part of his mind questioned it – the part teeming with spells and magical theory he didn’t remember learning – his resolve did not waver in the least.  It was duty

It was the one sure facet of this dreamlike existence.

He paused in the middle of the crumbling stone ruins.  This was a place thick with magic, the air as heavy with energy as it was with dust.  The edge of his robes brushed a faded red carpet.  Once upon a time, this place might have been a throne room.

Most importantly though, he was not alone.  “Reveal yourself.”

For a long moment, his answer was only silence.  Then…

You.”  Garland’s voice dripped with derision nearly as thick as his disbelief.  His armour clanked with every movement as he lumbered into view.  “I might have expected.”

“Garland,” Black Mage greeted impassively.  It seemed clear to him that Garland was unique among Chaos’s forces.  He could sense history there, but as precious as that forgotten history might be to him, the mage was practical.  They were enemies. 

“You should have been ours,” Garland remarked, drawing his massive cleaver.  “Your magic, born from chaos, from the fabric of discord.  Why do you cling to your precious light and harmony so?”

“Because it is the right choice,” Black Mage replied patiently – concepts like duty were wasted on his opponent.  He tapped his staff to the earth, and fire leapt from the ground, spreading out around him like a wave.  The three manikins creeping up behind him shattered like glass.

Once more, they would fight.  Once more, Black Mage would win.  His belief was matched only by his determination.

He had trust that this would lead him to his crystal.  So long as his resolve stayed strong, the path would open before him.

3, 5, 8, 10

“Rinoa!” Faris yelled, struggling past the manikins pinning them down.  One crystal appendage clawed at her arm – she smashed its owner in the face with the hilt of her sword, struggling free.

Arc blasted a path with a stream of fire.  The pirate princess dashed forward with quick steps, reaching for their comrade-

Ahead of them, Rinoa shrieked in surprised as her hand touched the crystal – only to vanish a moment later, stolen away by the dead-eyed summoner. 

“You-!” Faris bellowed, erupting into an impressive stream of swear words. 

The summoner smirked coyly at her, not even raising a hand in her defence as the pirate ran forward, sword held high-

And was blasted to the ground by a torrent of magic. 

“Faris!” Arc yelped, scrambling to catch up, then froze at the sight of the warrior who had knocked her to the floor.

White cape and hair.  Grey demon skin, stretched over monstrous, bulging muscles. 


“I will leave these minnows to you,” Yunalesca dismissed.  Xande sneered at her, and she vanished – teleported away without even a stone to guide her.

Arc’s heart hammered in his chest at the sight of such power.  Such careless use of such advanced magic.  And Xande himself was so large, and so powerful – everything Arc wasn’t

Struggling back to her feet, Faris wheezed, “Where have you taken her?!”

“Miserable weakling.”  Xande, in one swift move, grasped the pirate by the neck, dragging her into the air where she gasped and fought fruitlessly.  He knocked her sword from her hand with one careless swipe of his metal staff, and seemed hardly bothered by her dogged kicking.  “It scarcely matters.  I will end your existence now, so you need not concern yourself over it.”  He pointed his staff at the struggling form of the young woman.  Its tip began to glow with magic.

Xande was too strong for him.  How could Arc’s magic and books possibly compare? 

And yet, Faris was in trouble.

His feet were moving before he even registered the act.

8, 10

Rinoa found herself disoriented, inside a gateway that resembled the crumbling ruins of an ancient, foreign city.  She had no idea what world it belonged to, but somewhere deep inside, she was sure it wasn’t her own.  Too much stone.  Too many glowing spheres and odd insects, leaving trails of light and colour in the air.

A fool.  She’d been such a fool, thinking herself so clever to simply snatch the crystal right out of Yunalesca’s pale, taunting fingers.  Of course it had been a trap.  Finding her crystal couldn’t possibly be so easy.

She tensed as footsteps approached, reaching out, searching for something to pull magic from, something more reliable than the erratic well of power deep within herself.

Then a familiar blond swordsman, with a long white coat and a scar running across his face, stepped into view.

“…Seifer?” Rinoa asked cautiously.

Mere steps behind him glided the summoner that had tricked her there, long white hair seeming to defy gravity as it drifted behind her.  Rinoa glared.  “You!” she growled.  Then, because she was too scared to think up any better insults, goaded, “Put some clothes on so we don’t have to see all that.”  Really, wearing nothing more than what amounted to a black bikini?  And going without shoes in this world was just stupid.

“Silly naïve little girl,” Yunalesca replied, almost kindly, which only served to make Rinoa’s skin prickle.  “Be quiet.”  She laid a possessive hand on Seifer’s shoulder, leaning in to murmur in his ear.

“What are you doing with Seifer?!” Rinoa demanded.

Seifer stepped forward, gunblade held very obviously on his shoulder – a subtle threat, rather than an overt one.  “Don’t speak so disrespectfully to Lady Yunalesca!”  Then, to the summoner, “Why did you bring her here?”

“I brought her here for you, my guardian,” Yunalesca crooned.  “Since her presence conflicted you so.”

Seifer’s brow furrowed, in a mixture of either confusion or irritation – with Seifer, it could be hard to tell. 

Either way, this was bad.  This was very bad.  Rinoa had found herself deep in enemy territory, and outnumbered, at that.

“So now what?” she demanded, with more nerve than she honestly had left.  Her voice shook, and she cursed herself for it.

“Now?  Now, little girl, your pilgrimage has come to an end.”  She paused.  “Unless, of course, you see the wisdom in joining our cause.”

“Never!”  She didn’t even have to think about it.  Rinoa might be scared, but she would die for her cause.

Yunalesca sighed.  “Cosmos’s champions are so alike.  Unwilling to accept what is truly for the greater good.”  She waved a deathly pale, bangled arm, and the light of magic began to grow before her.  “A pity.”

Before the light could grow to completion, however, a flash of red cloth dashed before her eyes, and a massive broadsword crashed towards Yunalesca.  Clashing steel rang through the cavern – the deadly blow blocked at the last minute only by Seifer’s blade.  And even then, he visibly struggled under the weight.

Rinoa let out a shaky breath of relief.  An older man stood between them now, his once-black hair peppered with streaks of grey, and his expression hidden beneath a high collar and a pair of a round, black sunglasses.  Auron.

“Looks like I made it just in time,” was his only greeting.

You,” Yunalesca sneered, derision positively dripping from that one word.  With a sharp gesture, she ordered Seifer back.  “You deal with the girl, my guardian.  I shall take care of this coward.”

Auron spared her a brief glance.  “Will you be able to manage?”

Emboldened by the evened odds, Rinoa nodded with fresh determination.

“Hn.  Good.”  Then he and Yunalesca were gone, their fight carrying them across the massive staging area.

Leaving Rinoa alone with Seifer.

The blond stared at her for one long moment, then raised his gunblade.

“So that’s it then?” Rinoa demanded bitterly.  “Your entire destiny is to serve a harlot like that?”

She didn’t remember much of her world at all.  She didn’t remember how she came by her magic.  She was sure she’d forgotten something – probably many things - important.  All she had was a stupid memento, a small round rubber ball that for some reason made her think of barking dogs.

But the one thing she did remember was Seifer.  And she couldn’t fathom why he would stoop to such a thing.

“She acknowledges my strength,” Seifer growled.  “You can just shut up already!”  With a snarl of rage, he ran forward, gunblade raised.

In that moment, one thing became painfully clear.  While she may have remembered Seifer, it was obvious he couldn’t remember her.

So Rinoa had no choice but to make him.

The room lit up with blinding light of a flare.

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Mar. 24th, 2012 04:44 pm (UTC)
... Yes, Seifer, force the person with the potential to be a Sorceress to MAKE you do something. Very smart.
Mar. 25th, 2012 12:39 pm (UTC)
LOL. I have never seen any evidence of brains from Seifer. When you think about it, he's like a Draco Malfoy without parents.
Mar. 25th, 2012 04:55 pm (UTC)
Tonight, one night only! Seifer vs Draco Malfoy, the Snarkfest of the Century!
Mar. 25th, 2012 04:27 am (UTC)
3 is the only one I haven't played, so I really don't know anything about anyone from it. That said...awww. Awwwww! Arc! I just want to cuddle him, he's so adorable.
Mar. 25th, 2012 12:40 pm (UTC)
Wow, all the others though? Awesome effort. I'm finishing off FF6 myself at the moment, then I'll have finally played them all.

<3 Arc IS adorable! He was my favourite from FF3. (DS FF3, anyway.)
Mar. 27th, 2012 12:36 pm (UTC)
Arc ; A;

Mar. 27th, 2012 12:53 pm (UTC)
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