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Beloved, Chapter 2

Title: Beloved

Rating: M, for violence, language, slash.

Summary: FFVII, post DoC.  Genesis/Cloud, one-sided Tifa/Cloud.  It all starts when Cloud tries to leave during the middle of a Loveless performance.

Author’s Note:  Nice long chapter. Also I maybe like writing fight scenes too much.

And thanks to Little House in the Woods for the beta!

Previous Chapter



Chapter 2


Cloud rolled Fenrir into the garage behind Tifa’s bar.  The engine’s rumble died, and the following silence pressed against his ears as the rest of the soundscape struggled to fill the void. 


He could hear the low murmur of conversation from the pub, accompanied by clinking glasses and the static-filled drone of a television.  A quiet night.  Good.  The last thing he wanted to deal with right then was a bunch of rowdy drunks.


The sun had long set, cloaking the streets in darkness.  It took a couple of hours to make it to Edge from the centre of Midgar thanks to the hazardous terrain, and he’d also stopped by the church to clean off the soot and calm his nerves.  Stars, once obscured by the sea of light and haze of pollution, sparkled brightly overhead. 


He headed around to the front of the building.  Several men – construction workers, by the looks of it – loitered by a truck parked near the entrance.  Probably on their way home.  They glanced over, giving him a weird look, but otherwise ignored him. 


Cloud felt for the reassuring weight of plastic on his face.  Wearing sunglasses at night might be considered odd, but it was better than the alternative.


The door bell jingled as he entered.  Tifa looked up from behind the bar and gave him a relieved smile.  Her eyes darted towards the corner.


“Oi, Cloud!  It’s about time, yo!”


Four black suits were sitting in one of the booths.  The Turks.


Cloud frowned.  Then deliberately walked on without a word, heading for the employee’s area.


“Hey Cloud!  Cloud!” Reno protested, scrambling from his seat after him, red hair mussed and goggles almost falling off his head.


Tifa caught the door before he could escape.  “They said they’re just here to share information.  I made them promise there weren’t any jobs involved.”


She stared him down, dark brown eyes almost pleading.  Cloud sighed.  She smiled, and let go of the door.


Reluctantly, he turned back to the table.  Reno stumbled to a stop and held up his hands defensively.  “No need for trouble.  We just wanna talk.”


Cloud ignored him, brushing past to sit across from Tseng. 


“Strife,” he greeted cordially.  Elena echoed the greeting with a polite nod of her head.


Reno ambled back to the booth, but remained standing – Cloud didn’t care to shift over to make room for him.  “Cool shades.  Rude!  You ain’t the only one wearing them at night now.  Maybe you two can start a trend, yo.”


Rude adjusted his sunglasses, but didn’t otherwise comment.


“Shouldn’t some of you be off guarding your boss?” Cloud stated bluntly.  It was odd to see the Turks as he knew them without Rufus nearby.


“Rufus is fully recovered and does not require a constant guard anymore,” Tseng replied.  “Our resources are finite, and he judged they were better spent elsewhere.”


In other words, Rufus had kicked them out by assigning them errands.  By the tightness of Tseng’s expression, he wasn’t happy about it.


Cloud wasn’t happy about it either, since it looked like he was the errand.  He folded his arms.  “What do you want?”


“You didn’t call in,” Tseng said.  His tone was mild, but Cloud could hear the reproach in it all the same.  Tseng was talented like that.


“I report to Reeve, not Rufus,” he replied coldly.


“There’s no need to be rude,” Elena burst out.  “We were just worried, and-”


“-And the search would be easier if we could coordinate our efforts better,” Tseng interjected smoothly.  “There was an incident today, and Reeve couldn’t contact you.”


His PHS had been buzzing in his pocket incessantly since Genesis took off.  He hadn’t been in the mood to answer.  The sight of that black wing had left him too rattled.


They took his silence as an invitation to explain.  Reno stepped up to the task.  “Heard a big explosion near the city centre, yo.  Hard for us to get that far in on foot, so we got a bird in the sky.  Wasn’t much to see by the time we got there, though.”


Tseng nodded his agreement.  “Did you see anything, Strife?  You were in the area, according to Reeve.”


Cloud shook his head.  No need to tell them about Genesis.  He couldn’t explain why, but he didn’t think the man was a threat, wing or not.


“Maybe a monster disturbed some old gas tanks,” Elena suggested.


“That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard, yo,” Reno sniggered.


The blonde girl slammed her hands on the table, flushing with anger.  “It’s happened before!”


The bar grew suddenly quiet.  From behind the counter, Tifa gave them a warning stare.


“Reno, Elena,” Tseng chided.  Elena immediately sat back in her seat - posture as straight as an arrow.  Reno made a face, but mercifully stayed silent.  Rude took a leisurely sip of his drink.


The background conversation slowly rose back up to a constant murmur.  His subordinates back in line, Tseng turned to Cloud.  “We’ve managed to get a description, now.  At first we thought it was a Tsviet, but the profile matches a rogue clone.”


Cloud nodded.  “Reeve already told me.”


“Bastards are like razor weed,” Reno grumbled.


“Have you sensed anything?” Tseng asked.


So that was what this was about.  Cloud tensed and glared at him – not that Tseng could tell behind the glasses.  “I’m not a clone.”


“No one said you are, bub.”  Reno sauntered back and forth in front of their table like a couerl looking for the best sunbeam to bask in.  “But if Sephiroth’s planning on making another appearance, I wouldn’t mind a bit of forewarning, y’know?”


“Reno.”  Rude spoke up for the first time, the warning rumbling low in his throat.


The redhead gave a dismissive wave.  “Aw, shut up, yo.  Cranky pants here knows he’s a Sephiroth radar.  He chased him all the way to the Northern freaking Crater!”


Cloud stood.  He didn’t have the patience for the Turks’ hypocrisy – not after the day he’d had.   “Sephiroth’s gone.  The only way he could come back is if you happened to be hiding more Jenova remains.”


It was to Tseng’s credit that he didn’t flinch – Elena didn’t manage to hide it.


“Yo, Cloud, no need to be all-” Reno yelped when Cloud caught his wrist before it could meet his shoulder.  He gave the Turk a dismissive glance and stalked off towards the back, where Tifa was wiping down the counter and shaking her head at the fuss.


As he left, Reno turned to Tseng and asked, “So, boss, reckon Rufus is being paranoid?”


Cloud pretended not to hear.


Nothing ever really changed.






Reeve set down his pen next to an impressively thick stack of documents.  He still wore his dark blue ill-fitting suit, though new streaks of grey peppered his hair every time Cloud saw him.  Yet despite the obvious toll the workload of running the WRO and inventing new technologies was taking on him, he seemed as full of energy as ever.


That might have had something to do with the sight in the corner of the room - Cait standing on his own desk, pawing through a pile of invoices.  “Cloud!”  The robotic cat greeted him with a cheerful wave, and Cloud nodded back.  He raised his eyebrows at Reeve, who looked sheepish.


“I’ve programmed him to be fairly independent, but he operates on the parameters I set, after all.  It really cuts down on the busywork,” Reeve explained. 


“Ach, you’re a lazy bastard!” Cait hollered, but didn’t deviate from his task.


“Shame I can’t mass-produce him, really.”  Reeve smiled, and finally turned his attention forward.  “So, Cloud, I wasn’t expecting this visit.  How can I help you?”


“I’m quitting the search.”


Reeve blinked in surprise.  “…Can I ask why?”


Cloud shrugged.  “I have other things to do.”  The only reason he’d agreed to help in the first place was to try and track down the man from the theatre.  Now that he’d found him, better he cut ties. 


Genesis had made one thing clear in their skirmish – he was hiding from ShinRa.  Cloud knew what that felt like and wouldn’t risk exposing him.  The best way to avoid that would be to put as much distance between himself and ShinRa as possible while he conducted his own investigations.  And like it or not, the WRO and Neo-ShinRa worked too closely together for him to keep reporting to Reeve.


“I wish you’d reconsider.  After the last two incidents, we’re hoping to take preventative action for once.”


“Good luck to you,” was his simple response.  “But I’m not changing my mind.” 


Reeve threaded his fingers together in his lap, eyeing him thoughtfully.  “Is everything okay, Cloud?  Ever since the Deep Ground Uprising you’ve seemed… withdrawn.”  He chuckled, a little nervously.  “More than usual, that is.”


“Everything’s fine,” he replied shortly, and turned to go.  “I just wanted to let you know.”






Cloud spent two days catching up on deliveries, and then he was back in Midgar.


Having cut ties to the investigation, he hadn’t told either the Turks or Reeve, this time.  As far as Tifa and the kids knew, he was just going to clear out any monsters near the church, though she’d given him a look when he left.  One of those, ‘I know you’re not telling me something, but I’m going to be understanding and internalise all my worries instead’ looks.


Apparently Tifa had thought that once he got over his guilt, he'd become a different person.  Cloud regretted disappointing her, but he’d already spent too long pretending to be someone else.


Gravel crunched beneath Fenrir’s tyres as the bike growled to an abrupt stop – he’d reached the end of this particular route.  The highway to the centre hadn’t been fixed after the Omega incident – a fifty metre gap still stretched across a pit of jagged concrete and steel.  There had been no point in repairing it.  The WRO limited their material scavenging to the edges of the ruined city now, and with new factories coming online in Edge every week and new trade corridors now firmly established, the demand had dropped off.  The abandoned city grew even quieter, and its neglected ruins crumbled. 


After a moment spent assembling his sword and adjusting his sunglasses, Cloud climbed down the wreckage, pebbles grinding under his boots.


An ahriman screeched and flapped overhead, startled from its perch.  A copse of razor weed scattered as he approached.  Midgar might no longer be fit for humans, but already traces of life had begun to return to its alleyways.


It took two hours to arrive at his destination - one of the craters surrounding what was left of ShinRa headquarters.  The place where he’d fought Kadaj, and later Sephiroth. 


The place where he’d seen the clone.


Cloud wasn’t stupid.  Genesis and the clone were connected.  The black wing was suspicious enough, but the suspect timing sealed the deal.  Why else would Genesis have chosen that moment to attack and reveal himself?


He had no idea what to make of it yet, but the clone hadn’t been aggressive so Cloud wasn’t really concerned with him.  Honestly, even if it weren’t for keeping Genesis off the radar he would be inclined to keep the clone out of Turk hands.  Neo-ShinRa kept interfering where they weren’t welcome.  Thanks to Tseng, they possessed just enough competence to get their hands on almost anything.  Thanks to Rufus, they possessed just enough incompetence to ensure it always blew up in their faces.


He picked his way to the bottom of the crater, skirting the charred wreckage where Genesis had tried to blow him up.  As always, an eerie pall covered this part of Midgar.  Nothing broke the pervasive silence.  No claws of small vermin skittering over the concrete, no whoosh of a passing ahriman, no shifting gravel as a mandragora buried itself in the ground.  It had remained undisturbed for the better part of two years.


Except now, at the very centre of the crater, someone had been digging.


Cloud knelt, gloved fingers trailing through the loose debris.  The signs wouldn’t have been immediately obvious to someone not familiar with the area – or to anyone without the subtly enhanced senses of a SOLDIER.  Further away, he could spy a faint trail – smudged footprints in the fine film of grey dust that blanketed every exposed bit of concrete and metal.  A white hair caught on a jagged piece of glass.  An odd bow to a sheet of steel where it had sagged under someone’s weight.


He wanted to find Genesis again - to get an explanation for the wing, find out how he’d survived, figure out where that nagging sense of familiarity came from.  Having such important memories just out of his reach made him edgy – the last time he’d experienced the sensation, it eventually led to a complete mental breakdown.


And if he wanted to find Genesis again, the quickest way would be to try and find the clone.


Following the path was slow going and he found himself retracing his steps more than once.  As far as tracking terrain went, Midgar’s ruins made for the very worst, and the trail was already two days old.  Having an idea of the general bearing of the clone’s departure and which areas the Turks had been patrolling that day were all that kept him on track enough to pick out the occasional smudge of a footprint.  Had the clone been wearing shoes he never would have made it more than a hundred metres.


For once in his life though, fortune granted him a reprieve, and Cloud eventually found himself staring at the heavy wooden doors to a theatre.


The foyer of the building had been torn out.  The roof was mostly intact, shielded by a slab of the Sector 4 plate that had gouged deep into the earth, creating a sort of one-sided tent for the structure.  The carpet beneath his feet had long been ruined by exposure to the elements, and the glass barrier for the ticket office now littered the ground like sharp, glittering confetti.


Carefully, Cloud reached out and pushed the heavy door open, keeping a hand on First Tsurugi’s hilt.  The creaking hinges shrieked in his ears. 


No chance of sneaking in after that.  He shoved it open the rest of the way and strode inside.


The auditorium fared better.  Aside from the odd finger of sunlight poking through some holes on the exposed side, the roof was undamaged.  A few of the red velvet chairs in the stalls were missing or overturned, and the tall crimson curtain over the stage had been half-ripped from its rails, but it hadn’t suffered nearly as badly as most places.


Most tellingly, though, the stage had been swept clear of debris.


“Back again so soon, Cloud Strife?” The voice echoed off the walls.

Followed immediately by a rasp of steel.


First Tsurugi sang as it whipped through the air, meeting the rapier slashing through the shadows with a deafening clash.  The blades sparked as they struck, illuminating for one brief moment red hair and glowing blue eyes.


Cloud never wanted to hear Tifa accuse him of being too quick to draw his sword ever again.


He pushed away, dancing backwards to avoid the next crimson sweep.  Genesis ran a finger along his blade, and it began to blaze an unearthly red.  The next slash let out a burst of flames.  Cloud ducked and rolled, the searing heat roaring harmlessly overhead, dissipating mere moments before it splashed against the wall.


“How did you find me?” Genesis hissed.  Cloud jerked his head to the side, barely avoiding the sword’s edge.  “Why have you come here?  Are you that eager to die?” 


“I’m not interested in fighting!” Cloud snapped, and sidestepped another searing slash.  “I told you, I’m not with ShinRa!”


Genesis merely attacked again.  He apparently didn’t care.


This SOLDIER wasn’t the hardest-hitting opponent he’d ever faced, but he made up for it with skill alone.  Cloud swept his sword up, knocking aside a strike that would have pierced his heart.  Genesis moved with confidence born of experience.  His sword strikes were fast, precise, and deadly, leaving no immediately obvious opening.  And he used Fire materia as though it were as easy as breathing.


But Cloud was no novice either.


Sparks flew as their blades clashed, and clashed again.  The rapier sliced through the carpet, leaving a charred path, flinging embers into his face.  Cloud found himself grateful he’d left his sunglasses on, even if they left the already dim theatre dark as night.  He spun on his heel, slashing downwards.  First Tsurugi cleaved a velvet chair in two.  There was a whisper of movement and heat at his back.  He lashed out with his foot.  His boot brushed leather.


They traded rapid blows, swords shrieking as they came into contact, hopping along the backs of chairs, sparring in the aisles.


Until, on one parry, Genesis locked his rapier and braced with his back heel.  Their weapons pressed together in stalemate, and then suddenly a hand snatched at his sunglasses.  Surprised, Cloud back-pedalled - but not fast enough to avoid Genesis hooking a finger on the black frames.


“What is your problem?” he demanded.


Genesis ignored him, folding the captured glasses in hand and tilting his head in contemplation.


“Hmm.  That rules out Deep Ground.”


Cloud adjusted his stance.  Even if his opponent were suddenly talking casually, an attack could come again at any time.  Sephiroth had taught him that lesson the hard way.  “What are you talking about?”


Genesis waved a lazy hand.  “Tsviets’ eyes glow brighter and pulsate in time with their heartbeat.  Stable SOLDIERs have a more natural glow, one that is normally only noticeable up close or at night.”  He tapped his chin in thoughtful repose.  “And yet, you definitely weren’t in SOLDIER.”


Cloud didn’t care to enlighten him.  Instead of answering the unspoken question, he asked, “Is it just you here?”  The clone’s trail had led to this place, but aside from the swept stage there weren’t any signs of inhabitants.


Immediately, Genesis was back on his guard.  “Oh?  Planning a raid, Cloud Strife?” On guard, but confident he could win.  “So there are no dreams, no honour remains.”


It wasn’t an answer.  Cloud brandished his sword.  “Just tell me.”


Genesis raised an eyebrow.  He looked amused by the threat.  It had been a while since Cloud had been underestimated – and he didn’t like the sensation any more now than before.  “No need to fear, SOLDIER.  I’m quite alone.”  His rapier began to glow again.  “And so are you.”


The SOLDIER charged.  Each strike battered Cloud with a wave of heat that made his eyes smart and his fingers burn.  It wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle, but it was annoying.  He leapt back, First Tsurugi held flat like a shield.


“You were foolish to return, Cloud Strife!  I will not bow to ShinRa’s will quietly!”


“I’m not from ShinRa,” he muttered, mostly to himself.  Nobody ever listened to him.  He parried a blow, and returned with a cross-slash.  His fingers rested on his sword release, but hesitated.


He could win this battle, but what was the point?  Genesis had clearly made up his mind and refused to stop long enough to listen.  And Cloud didn’t want to kill him.  He still didn’t know why the SOLDIER was so familiar to him, or how he fit into the grand messed up scheme of things.


Until he had those answers, he couldn’t fight this man.


That left only one course of action.


They exchanged a flurry of blows.  Cloud leapt back to avoid another blast of heat – it was amazing the theatre hadn’t caught on fire yet – jumped high, and dove into a Braver.  Genesis blocked it, but he obviously hadn’t expected the force of the blow – it knocked him off-balance, and he stumbled backward.


Cloud took the chance, and dashed for the exit.


He burst outside, wincing at the bright afternoon sunlight.  Just in time, he turned to catch the slash aimed at his back.


“Taking the fight outside?” Genesis purred, face twisted in a cruel smirk.  “You’ve only given yourself a disadvantage.” 


In a burst of black feathers, the wing spread from his back, filling his vision.  A dark shadow.  The mark of a monster.


This time, Cloud fought down his anxiety at the sight and kept his sword steady.  It wasn’t Sephiroth.  It was the wrong side, the wrong shape, the wrong sword.  He needed to focus on the face, not the wing.


“If we fight out here,” he said, “It would just draw the attention of the Turks again.  And then killing me to keep your hideout a secret won’t mean anything.”


The SOLDIER stilled.  A cool breeze rustled across the demolished foyer, sweeping loose black feathers into the air.  Genesis stared at him, face curiously blank.


The moment stretched.  Cloud’s fingers tightened around First Tsurugi’s hilt.  His palms felt sweaty.


“…Well played, SOLDIER.”


Painfully slowly, the wing refurled.


Cloud lowered his sword, and backed away.  Genesis let him.  Their eyes met across the growing distance.  His stare hardened.


“Don’t come looking for me again, or I’ll kill you, Cloud Strife.”


Next chapter


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Jun. 16th, 2012 08:41 am (UTC)
You know, I enjoy a curt Cloud. No ellipses like Squall, but just walks away when he's done talking, haha. The line about him being tired of pretending to be someone he's not is great. I feel a bit bad for Tifa in this one though, since she's not all dramatic and demanding of Cloud...

Anyway, I'm hoping to see more Genesis/Cloud interaction next week! :)
Jun. 16th, 2012 08:57 am (UTC)
LOL. Cloud's just efficient. Social niceties? What are those? Squall, on the other hand, is way too busy with internal commentary.

I'm trying very hard not to make Tifa annoying/a harpy as so many slash fics do, so, um, you'll probably feel worse for her later. She's a difficult character to write.

I don't think there's actually interaction next week, but I do believe there's going to be the first slice of Genesis POV?
Jun. 16th, 2012 11:27 am (UTC)
Oh my, I'm enjoying this a lot. Your characterization is awesome, as always. Thanks for posting!
Jun. 16th, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, thank you for reading and commenting!
Jun. 16th, 2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
You have no idea how hard I just happy-flailed at seeing an update. :D I wonder how long it'll be before those two get to stay in the same area without trying to kill each other.
Jun. 17th, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
:) Third time's the charm? Sorry for the week-long wait between updates, but at least this is was a decent-length chapter to tide you over.
Jun. 16th, 2012 04:41 pm (UTC)
God, I love your fight scenes~ And the sulky!Cloud in the middle of them. Poor man, I'm sure some people do listen to him. Genesis is just so stubborn, which Cloud should've get exasperated w/ as he's just as bad. For some reason, it makes me want to go back and re-read your cross-dressing fic again (I can't remember the title right now) in the Fifth Act series. That was full of sulky Cloud lol

Again wonderful fight scene.

I just want to take both of them and bash their heads together from the sheer stubborness.

And I love Cloud's anxiety over the wing and how you tie the past events in w/ just that <3

Damnit...I'm out of chapters T_T
Jun. 17th, 2012 06:02 am (UTC)
Ahaha, I don't think that ActV cross-dressing fic had a title per se, though I'm pretty sure it would be something like 'Fifth Act: Fate's a bitch (who wears makeup)'. You have a point though, I seem to be writing sulky Cloud a lot lately.

Sorry! But hey, you got three in one go! :)
Jun. 17th, 2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
But I like your sulky!Cloud so that's completely fine if you want to write more of him~ XD

Well, yeah, I was happy enough when I realized I had three chapters to read at once, up until I realized the last one was just posted so now I have a wait. lol
Jun. 17th, 2012 02:04 pm (UTC)
I'm looking foreward to reading more of this very much. Very promising so far, I'm hooked.
Jun. 18th, 2012 12:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Hope it won't disappoint.
Jun. 18th, 2012 04:05 am (UTC)
Yayz! <-- is incoherent
Jun. 18th, 2012 12:32 pm (UTC)
Jun. 18th, 2012 04:35 am (UTC)
Love the chapter! Can't wait to read the next one. ^_^
Jun. 18th, 2012 12:32 pm (UTC)
Jun. 21st, 2012 04:41 am (UTC)
Ah, I keep forgetting to leave comments. I'm really sorry about that; I just get so into your writing and then I click to read the next one. (I've actually started to reread some of your older fanfictions, and a lot of them made me cry. Why must you be so good at tragedy?!)

I'm immensely happy that you're writing another multi-chapter FFVII fic -- especially one that's Genesis/Cloud. Ever since The Final Act I've been craving that pairing, especially with those teasing drabbles you've written.

I really like how dramatic you've made Genesis, like when he steps in and attacks Cloud just moments before Cloud was going to attack the clone. His distrust for everything is spot-on, as well. When he accused Cloud of stalling to alert the Turks, I honestly wanted to shake him, but at the same time I thought, "Genesis! You give Cloud too much credit." I'm sorry Cloud it's true. You're horrible at politics and fancy words.

I laughed when Cloud threatened Genesis with the Turks. It's a good thing Genesis made that previous accusation then, or else I'm not sure what would have happened.

It wasn’t Sephiroth. It was the wrong side, the wrong shape, the wrong sword. He needed to focus on the face, not the wing.
;__; Poor Cloud. He'll never get away from Sephiroth's shadow, and then to suddenly have such a dreadful reminder when he least expected it... Then again, the reverse is true. Genesis is still in Sephiroth's shadow, even when he meets a stranger who doesn't know him. Actually, especially since Cloud doesn't know who he is! I wonder how TFA's Genesis would have reacted?
Jun. 21st, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)
Ahaha, that is quite okay! Thank you for this one. <3

Also in my defence I have to say that the vast majority of my fics aren't tragedy!

Anyhow, glad I can do something to satisfy the craving (or at least, I hope it will satisfy the craving - it is much too early to tell.) LOL at giving Cloud too much credit. Hey, he can't be good at everything.

Interesting question! This Genesis is obviously very different to TFA's Genesis. TFA's Genesis would probably be a lot more reasonable. (About everything).
Jul. 14th, 2012 01:06 pm (UTC)
Again, they're both seeing something not there. It's almost funny as much as it is sad.

I did laugh at the comments about Tseng and Rufus though. I suppose that is how Cloud would see it.

Not to mention how unironic it is for Genesis to be living in a theater. The clone was practically on his doorstep. Though I do wonder if the clone is searching for Genesis, too. Perhaps it isn't a clone of Sephiroth but maybe Angeal.
Aug. 10th, 2012 04:45 am (UTC)
Ahahaha! Cloud is such a jackass sometimes.

I absolutely adored the Turks' appearance here, and I especially love the way you write Reno. He's actually just such a great foil to Cloud's no-nonsense routine.

Gonna cut off this comment here in favour of reading more! \o/
Aug. 19th, 2012 01:02 am (UTC)
Oh no no no no!
Don't you walk away now Gen D:
Dec. 28th, 2012 11:51 pm (UTC)
Stop- stop fighting, you guys. :(
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