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Beloved, Chapter 3

Title: Beloved

Rating: M, for violence, language, slash.

Summary: FFVII, post DoC.  Genesis/Cloud, one-sided Tifa/Cloud.  It all starts when Cloud tries to leave during the middle of a Loveless performance.

Author’s Note: And finally we get a little bit of Genesis POV.  Also, this chapter contains het.  

Thanks to Little House in the Woods for her beta services!

Previous chapter



Chapter 3


Cloud parked Fenrir in the usual place, and then sat in the darkness for several minutes, waiting for the lingering adrenaline from the battle to recede.  It felt like waking from a strange dream as the cool mantle of reality settled over his shoulders once more.


After all that effort he still didn’t know anything beyond Genesis’s name and rank, didn’t get any of the answers he’d sought.  Other than confirming their connection, he hadn’t even found out anything about the clone.  All he’d done was drive a deeper wedge into a pointless conflict.


Why couldn’t he ever seem to do anything other than fight?


His gloves were singed from the battle – it wouldn’t do to have Tifa see and ask questions.  He stripped them off and stowed them in one of the empty compartments, then headed around to the front.  The sign sat dark, the building quiet.  Tifa must have closed up early.


“Look it.  It’s one of those freaks.”


Startled, Cloud glanced across the street.  A trio of teenagers were lounging on the steps of the general store across the road, beers in hand, whispering amongst themselves.


Glaring at him.


His fingers reached for the reassuring feel of plastic, but his face was bare.


He’d forgotten to get his sunglasses back from Genesis.


It was dark out.  His eyes were like beacons.


Cloud swore under his breath.


Emboldened by his hesitation, they stood up.  “Hey!  Your kind aren’t welcome here!”


“Yeah, get outta our town!”


“Before you destroy Edge, too!”


Cloud stared.  He wouldn’t say he was shocked, but this was… unexpected.


One of them reached down, snatching a jagged bit of concrete from the ground, and hurled it at him.  "I said leave, you freak!"

His wrist snapped up and blocked the rock before it could hit his face.




The word hit a nerve.  Cloud took a threatening step towards the boy.


Suddenly their bravado vanished and the other two kids scrambled away, faces pale.  “Shiva, why’d you have to throw the damn rock you idiot?  He’s gonna kill us!”


“I’ll take him on!” he bragged, smashing his beer bottle against the store’s banister and brandishing the jagged glass like a weapon.


“Are you stupid?  He’s one of them!”  His two friends grabbed him by the arms and bodily hauled him away.


Cloud watched them go, face blank, then turned to go into the bar.

He slammed the door to Seventh Heaven shut behind him, unsettled, but determined not to show it.  Memories of Nibelheim skittered behind his eyes - childish taunting that had warped into an adult nightmare.


Somehow, their fearful retreat had been worse than throwing stones.


“Cloud?”  Tifa called from upstairs.


He hurried up to the second floor.  The hallway was dark, but it didn’t matter.  He didn’t need the light.  He headed straight for the bathroom, and spent a moment staring into the mirror.  Two bright circles of mako stared back at him, casting ghostly blue shadows across his face.


It wasn’t a surprise, not really.  There had been definite tension in Edge for a while now.  Things never really settled down again after the Deep Ground Uprising – the hunts and the purges had been terrifying for everyone.  There had been too many tragedies in too short a time for the displaced people of Midgar to truly relax.


It was, perhaps, why Reeve and Rufus had people out chasing up clone sightings even though things were quiet.


It didn’t take long for Tifa to find him – he could hear her fumbling in the dark, and a second later the hallway blared with light and chased the shadows away.  “Cloud?”


He didn’t answer.  She appeared in the doorway.


“You’re back.  How were the flowers?”


He didn’t answer that, either.  “The kids?”


“Barret’s in town.  He took them out for the night.” 


Cloud’s stomach dropped to somewhere in the Planet’s crust.


Again?  So soon?


Maybe if he pretended to be oblivious, she wouldn’t bring it up. 


She stepped deeper into the room, and frowned.  “What happened to your hand?”


Remembering why he’d come into the bathroom to begin with, he twisted the taps on and stuck his hand under the cool, bubbling water.  The smear of blood on his knuckles washed away, revealing perfectly mended skin beneath.


“Cloud, talk to me.”


“It was nothing,” he said firmly.


“I told you it’s still too dangerous to go into Midgar without backup,” she said, crossing her arms.  “Especially since you never agree to carry a tracker or-”


“It wasn’t from Midgar,” he interrupted, twisting the taps off.


It was a mistake to say even that much.  In the mirror, he watched the realisation dawn on his childhood friend’s face.  “Who was it?”  He could almost see the wheels turning in her head.  “Was it those kids outside?  They’ve been mouthing off at people all week.  What did they do?”


“I said it was nothing,” he dismissed, drying his hands.


Tifa set her jaw, the edges of her mouth tugging down in a barely suppressed frown.  "I'll talk to Reeve. ShinRa's propaganda is getting out of control.  If people are causing you problems just because of your eyes, it’s gone too far."  She bit her lip, deep in thought.  "Maybe if we get you on TV, so people know what you've done-"


"Not interested," he cut her off, heading towards his office.


"Cloud!" She followed after him.  "It's not right," she insisted.  "We have to do something.  You shouldn’t be running around wearing sunglasses all the time.  You shouldn’t be hiding."


He pulled open his desk drawer and started rifling through the contents.  After a moment’s searching, he finally located his spare pair black sunglasses - almost identical to the ones Genesis had stolen.


Tifa came to the door, but didn’t cross the threshold to the room.  “I know it’s been bothering you,” she said softly.  “It’s why you were so uncomfortable during the play, wasn’t it?”


Not true at all.  The play had made him uncomfortable for entirely different reasons he couldn’t quite name.


“Forget it,” he said, slamming the drawer shut.  “It was just some kids, causing trouble.”


“Oh, Cloud.”  She stepped into the room, trailing a soft hand down his bare arm, twining their fingers together.  Against his better judgement, he let her.


He’d hoped she’d forgotten, or wouldn’t push it after hearing what happened outside.


His luck hadn’t been very good lately.


“I just… I worry.  I care about you.” The words were like feathers, she spoke them so cautiously. Soft and caring and delivered so gently, as though she were afraid they would break him.  She stepped closer, until they were almost flush against each other.


He avoided meeting her eyes, but didn’t move away.  When her soft lips pressed against his mouth, he even did his best to respond, no matter how awkward and fumbling it felt.  When her hand rose to his chest, he folded her in his arms.


But in the end, when her fingers roamed over his hips, and her breasts pressed against his chest, he pulled away.


“I’m sorry.”


The same story repeated, almost every time.  There had always been an excuse, previously.  Too busy with AVALANCHE.  Grieving over Aeris.  Suffering Geostigma.  Fighting Deep Ground.


He’d run out of excuses now.


Tifa turned away, wrapping her arms around herself, making it harder to see the look of crushed disappointment on her face.  “…Is it me?” she asked.  Her voice, normally so steady and comforting, sounded small and vulnerable.


Cloud closed his eyes.  “It’s not you.”


A hurt silence lingered.  He didn’t have the words to chase it away, so he simply left the room.


It wasn’t fair.  Tifa deserved better.  Not a day went by where he didn’t wish he could fulfil her dreams.  She meant that much to him.  It tore at him to see her doubt herself, to constantly question what she was doing wrong.


But in the same breath, he couldn’t go through with it.  Because in the end he knew it would only be pretending, and that was worse.


He’d dug himself into a hole, and he didn’t know how to get out.


He had the feeling Tifa didn’t know how, either.






He left Edge at first light. 


Morning afters were always awkward.  He walked Fenrir far enough away from the garage so Tifa wouldn’t be awoken by the engine’s roar, and peeled out of Edge. 


A quick call ahead confirmed a pickup from the Chocobo Farm to a customer in Costa Del Sol.  Normally he didn’t take cross-continent jobs – the time and expense of the ferry across didn’t make them profitable - but it suited him to get away from the house for a week or so.  That would be enough time for Tifa to come to terms with having her hopes dashed again.  With a bit of luck, she’d be happy that he’d returned at all and wouldn’t bring it up again for at least a while.


Maybe it was running away, but Cloud was good at that.  Besides, he had business on the West Continent to take care of.


Four days later, after delivering three new custom riding saddles and a bag of sylkis greens to their destination, Fenrir rumbled into Nibelheim.


The town hadn’t changed much since he last visited, and didn’t fail to make his skin prickle this time, either.  His gaze wandered to the somewhat off recreation of his childhood home, but he snapped it away again just as quickly.


Gaia, it had been years now, and he still saw the ghost of flames.


The town was empty – not even the exodus from Midgar could tempt new villagers to settle in its shell.  He gunned the engine and sped through – the sooner he made it through the village to his destination, the better.


Not that the sight of the mansion treated him any better.


He sat on the bike long after he switched the ignition off, trying to work up the nerve to pass the rusty wrought iron gates.  It had been easier before, wandering around in Zack’s persona with Avalanche at his back.  He’d only returned once since, and the flashbacks he’d suffered made him none too eager to try again. 


How by the Planet did Vincent come here so regularly?


Gritting his teeth, he swung off the bike and strode through the entrance.  His memories didn’t have that kind of hold on him anymore – they were unpleasant, and the source of occasional nightmares, but nothing to be afraid of. 


The interior actually looked cleaner than the last time they’d come through – someone had swept away the worst of the dust and debris, and some of the windows were almost clear enough to see through.  It still carried that faint, sickly sweet scent, though.  Mildew and mako and women’s perfume.


To put off heading down to the labs, he spent some time poking through the desks and bookcases of the upper level rooms.  They’d found plenty of scattered reports about the experiments performed on him and Zack upstairs, after all – it was always possible there might be information on other test subjects.


Cloud hadn’t given up on the mystery just yet.  Genesis might sooner skewer him than speak with him, but there were other ways to get his answers.


After two hours of searching, he’d gathered several folders with some promise.  A quick skim revealed most referred to Sephiroth, with several on him and Zack, and one on Vincent – all of which he’d read before.


A remark on one of Zack’s reports caught his eye this time, though.  About why the S-cells hadn’t integrated properly - something about the enhancements being incompatible with the transferral properties of SOLDIERs produced under the Project G method.


Project G.  Something about it struck him as familiar.


ShinRa had a habit of naming projects and specimens by their first initials.  Could Project G be Genesis?


Was Genesis like him?


Or was Genesis like Sephiroth?


Regardless, it gave him a starting point. 


Done with the mansion proper, he headed for the laboratory entrance.  He spent a long minute quietly staring at the ladder leading to the darkness below, before ignoring it altogether and jumping straight down. 


Like killing a dragon.  Best to behead it in one strike.


His knees bent as he landed – the thud of his impact gave off a wet echo in the dank underground cavern.  The lamps flickered and sputtered erratically, providing weak circles of light to punctuate the endless darkness.  Odd.  Someone had left the power on.


His feet felt heavier than adamantoises, but he pushed on to the library anyway.  No sahagins slithered from the shadows to harass him, which struck him as strange, but he was too grateful for the lack of delay to care overmuch.


The short, brown-haired girl with mako eyes sitting in the library, however, explained everything.


“Cloud Strife,” the girl said in her usual flat tone, glancing up from the array of computer monitors spread before her.


“Shelke,” he replied dumbly.


He could see what Genesis meant about the difference in mako glow now, looking at a former Tsviet.  The unusual brightness, visible even under direct light.  The subtle pulse in intensity. 


Genesis’s eyes hadn’t been like that – they were like his own.  A natural, steady luminance. 


“Is Vincent around?” The two were rarely apart since reuniting after the Omega incident.  That could be a problem.  The former Turk would ferret out any secrets Cloud held immediately.


“No.  He remains in Midgar to assist Reeve in the search for the clone.”


He nodded to himself.  That made sense.  Reeve’s people, along with the Turks, were still searching Midgar every day.  Even on the Shera Mark II, Cid’s fastest airship yet, the journey to Nibelheim took almost twelve hours one way. 


Still…  “He left you here by yourself?”


Shelke’s answering expression was faintly amused.  “I may look like this, but I am twenty years old, Cloud Strife.  I am capable of taking care of myself.”


Right.  It was easy to forget when Shelke didn’t look much older than Denzel.  “You could have come with him, you know.  You still have a room at Seventh Heaven.”  She’d lived with them for a time, until Vincent had resurfaced and she’d opted to join him instead.


“The mako treatments are more convenient here,” was her mild reply.  “And I thought it wise to avoid Edge for a time.  I’m sure you understand.”


It took him a minute to catch on, and when he did he wished he hadn’t.  Of course.  In many ways, the solitude of Nibelheim was probably the safest for Shelke.


After an awkward silence, he asked, “How have you been?” 


“I am well.” The words had a slightly recited quality, though not as overt as when she’d first left Deep Ground.  “What brings you here, Cloud Strife?”


He paused, sorting out an answer that wouldn’t give too much away.  Fortunately, Shelke had spades of patience – she’d likely wait there an hour until he sorted his thought processes out.  “…I thought I might be able to find a clue about the clone here.”


“I see.  Is there anything I can help you with?”


Was it worth the risk of it getting back to Vincent?  Shelke, with her synaptic net diving capabilities, would be a guaranteed source of quick and reliable information on Genesis Rhapsodos. 


He didn’t necessarily need to ask directly.  “I want to know about Project G.”






No Turks came to the theatre.


No helicopters.  No troopers.  Not even one of those motorized drones.


Genesis Rhapsodos hated being wrong.


The wind ruffled his black feathers, scattering loose quills among the grey, low-hanging clouds.  A cool mist chilled his face, and soon droplets of water would be clinging to the tips of his hair and running down his neck and soaking into the leather of his coat. 

They hadn’t come yet.  They wouldn’t come in the rain.


He swooped down, alighting softly outside the entrance to the theatre.  The door shut with an echo behind him as water began to drum the roof.  After years of practice, it took scarcely a moment to coax the dark wing into his back again.  While the grace of the Goddess may have cured degradation and the damage it wrought on his body, that one mutation remained stubbornly in place.


At least it was useful.


He mounted the steps to the stage and spent a moment in quiet reverence before the torn red curtain. 


The mystery of Cloud Strife deepened the more he thought about it.  Was he working with ShinRa or not?  Was this an elaborate ruse to lure him out?  To lull him into a false sense of security?


Logically, the smart thing to do would be to find Cloud Strife again and put an end to the matter by killing him.  He posed a security threat Genesis couldn’t afford.  There was no personal connection, no reason to keep him alive beyond simple curiosity.


It would be fun, too.  His swordplay had grown rusty, and the man had already proven he would pose an entertaining challenge.


So why did he hesitate?


He began to pace back and forth on the stage – each step echoing in the oppressive silence of the auditorium.


What happened while he was sleeping in the Deep Ground?  He’d gathered snatches of the story from various sources, but dared not wander too far into a more populated area and expose his ignorance.  He could guess some of what had happened with the Tsviets, of course – Weiss and Nero had been quite explicit regarding their intentions - but there was a four year gap between his waking and his meeting with Zack Fair at Banora.  Where did Cloud Strife fit into it?  Not Tsviet, not SOLDIER – at least, not that he could remember. It was always possible he’d been one of those rare SOLDIERs who hid behind those atrocious helmets, but the longer he thought about it, the more certain Genesis became that he too had seen that man before.


It was maddening. 


The only thing he hated more than being wrong was being ignorant.


With a restless sigh, Genesis ceased his pacing, and slipped behind the curtain to move backstage.  Like the rest of the theatre, this area had survived mostly intact, though a good portion of the furniture had been looted and several doors kicked in.


He didn’t bother knocking on the dressing room door, twisting the handle and pushing it back with a bang.


The room remained, as expected, empty.  The bed, undisturbed.


Cloud Strife wasn’t the only problem on his hands.  But it was one he knew where to begin with.


“Understanding,” he declared to the emptiness.  His face twisted into a smirk.


It would, at least, be entertaining.

Next chapter


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^_^ finally we get Genesis's point of view, did you know i was refreshing your page since i found out about this story a few days ago? XD I like it!
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It only took three chapters, right? XD

Heh, thanks! Although there is no need to refresh constantly - you can expect updates on the weekends, Saturday most likely.
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GAH Cloud's life has reverted back to his childhood! With the people hating him and everything. Poor guy. T_T (Sin, your stories always make me say 'poor Cloud'. You have to stop doing this! lol) And everytime I see Cloud say 'not interested', I have a flashback to the scene in the movie w/ Rufus. XD

And yay for Shelke cameo~ I actually forgot about her.

Genesis, just admit that you are wrong, and Cloud is not out to kill you. It'll make the story get to the slashy parts faster, and I'll be happy~ <3

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Again, wonderful chapter. You know I'm just completely in love with your writing as is, and I just can't get enough of it! You're the only reason I even check my f-list anymore lol Can't wait until next Saturday~ <3
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Ahah, um, yeah, I do torture Cloud a lot don't I? ^_^;

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Haha, oh man, I like how you warn for het. Cloud talking about 'morning afters' when nothing really happened amuses me. Still feel sorry for Tifa though!

...if they ever made another FFVII sequel, I swear one of the side quests would be finding and delivering goods around the world. XD;

And thanks for Gen/Cloud links! *runs off to read*
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Haha, equal opportunity warnings! That, and some people actually seem super-opposed to het in their fics? It is good you feel sorry for Tifa, that was the intention.

Will they ever make a proper FF7 sequel do you think? With the main cast? Granted they made Dirge of Cerebus but honestly, even though I've incorporated it into my mental canon it was kind of awful (imo). At this stage I think I'd like a remake of the original with shinier graphics and music/sfx, and then for them to never ever touch the franchise again.
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I love reading from Genesis point of view. I love the chapter. Now to go off and play Crisis Core. ^_^
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Thanks! I am loving all this Crisis Core-playing going on.
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I'm really enjoying the interactions (or lack of) Cloud has with the other characters. Your characterization of Tifa is lovely.

Thank you for posting.
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Thank you! I'm especially pleased to hear that about Tifa as her characterisation was one of those I angsted over the most.

Thank you for commenting! :)
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I forgot to review the first three...chapters, h-haha, so I'm just here to say I'm looking forward to this fic! How you developed Tifa is a relief, since she's one of my favorites in the FF series. That, and some people warp her personality into a harpy, for lack of a better word. Love, love the surprise Shelke appearance and DoC references, and how the fallout during the Deep Ground invasion is very much plausible. Can't wait on how this is going to unravel, heh.

Still loving this, though when I started reading Beloved I just finished re-reading the Fifth Act, it threw me off balance on how Genesis's interaction with Cloud is so cold and impersonal until I remembered this is a different verse. Go me, lol.
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LOL, people keep saying they're 'looking forward' to the fic when it is already well underway. XD But thank you, hope it doesn't disappoint!

Also glad to hear you like Tifa, as you say she often gets the harpy treatment in slash fics which she really doesn't deserve.

LOL This seems to be a common reaction actually so don't feel too bad. Maybe I need to put a big disclaimer in bold - 'not part of the Act V universe!'
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Also, in reading the previous comments, the main reason they haven't remade FFVII as of yet is because of not wanting to remove anything would lead to a LOT of data having to be updated to meet FFXIII-level graphics. It's a sprawling game and the sheer amount of time to complete a remake is something SE just doesn't have right now because they prioritize new projects. It's a crying shame, but there's not much we can do about it. Ah well, 'tis what fic is for, yeah?

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Oh, Genesis. Hates being ignorant, not to mention being wrong. :)

I like the mention of Shelke here. I haven't played DoC myself, but I cheered on my roommate as she kicked (yes, kicked!) her way through the game. Some of the cut scenes made me facepalm. But I did like Shelke.

I also like the undercurrent of tension. Not just with Tifa (that discussion would fill pages) but the general populace. I think in some ways, Cloud not only doesn't feel like a hero, but he is punishing himself still. On the other hand, he just wants to be left alone. He doesn't want accolades or fans or whispers behind his back.
Jul. 14th, 2012 11:33 pm (UTC)
Just gonna drop by and leave a tiny comment that it's Costa del Sol, not Costa De Sol. :3 *will probably review when she's done reading everything else*
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Crap, only just saw this (notifs are being funky). Good spotting, thanks, have fixed this now. Darn French infecting the fan portions of my brain!
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It's *finally* hit me what it means for this fic to be post-DoC. And it only took Shelke and a bunch of judgmental punks to drive it home.

I'm actually depressed now. After everything Cloud and gang went through, saving the world yet again, there's still no peace and acceptance for them. It's probably largely Cloud's fault for not trying to integrate himself more, but hell, it's Cloud. When has he ever been sensible when he doesn't want to?

Ooh, he's caught onto Project G, though. Can't wait to see what he finds out.
Aug. 19th, 2012 01:14 am (UTC)
Ooh~ I didn't expect you to incorporate Shelke!
Nice, nice :D

I bet she knows all about Project G too thanks to Doc Ho!
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Genesis mentions he has more problems than just Cloud. I wonder what else is worrying him. :o
Mar. 16th, 2013 01:24 am (UTC)
"A remark on one of Zack’s reports caught his eye this time, though. About why the S-cells hadn’t integrated properly - something about the enhancements being incompatible with the transferral properties of SOLDIERs produced under the Project G method."

Wait. WAIT. Is that canon? Because if not, holy crap, that makes so much sense! I never got why Cloud and the other survivors were clones but Zack wasn't. That makes sense. And Hollander's Project G came before Hojo's (and Gast's) Project S, if the timeline I read on the wiki was correct, and Project G was a failure for turning someone into an Ancient but a success for a super-human, so once ShinRa had that there wasn't much pressure on Hojo sharing his own methods (besides giving Sephiroth over to Soldier). Wow, it all fits together. Mystery solved, I guess. :o

Imagine, if Cloud had made it into Soldier, it wouldn't have worked. :0
Mar. 16th, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)
As far as I understand Square's somewhat woolly pseudo-science, it's canon! It was in the notes scattered around the mansion in Crisis Core if I recall correctly.

The question then stands - if Cloud had made it into SOLDIER, would the world be better or worse off?
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