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Beloved, Chapter 11

Title: Beloved

Rating: M, for violence, language, slash.

Summary: FFVII, post DoC. Genesis/Cloud, one-sided Tifa/Cloud. It all starts when Cloud tries to leave during the middle of a Loveless performance.

Author’s Note: Back, mostly caught up on all the lost sleep, will make a post sometime in the next couple of days.  Thanks for your patience!  In this chapter:  Suddenly, slash.

And the usual thanks to Little House in the Woods for the beta!

Previous chapter


Beloved Chapter 11


Genesis lounged on the highest beam in the church roof, twirling a white flower between his fingers.  Cloud had a tendency to get precious about them, so he’d taken care to pluck one on the verge of wilting.  Given the scarcity of life – beyond scraggly razor weed and scavenging vermin – within Midgar’s ruins, the preciousness was perhaps not without merit.


The delicate fragrance of the blossom reminded him of Banora.  Dumbapple flowers carried a headier, more honeyed perfume, but combined with the scent of wet earth and the buttery sunlight filtering through the hole in the roof, he could almost pretend he was back among the orchards as a boy, blissfully unaware of the treachery afoot, believing himself free as a bird instead of an experiment trapped in a gilded cage.


As he lived now – an escaped hound, dodging former masters, living in the wild away from civilisation – was more freedom than he had ever possessed back then.  He cherished it, and would do anything to protect it - having it taken away once made it all the more prized.  The Goddess had granted him a second chance at life, and he intended not to squander it.


The rumble of a motorcycle engine grew in the distance.  Genesis sat up a little straighter. 


When the familiar head of chocobo-yellow hair strode through the church doors, he swung down from his vantage point.  “You’re late, Cloud Strife.”


Cloud shrugged, slipping off his sunglasses and stowing them away.  “Turks,” he said.


Impatience swiftly gave way to wariness.  “You weren’t followed?”  Vincent Valentine’s occasional shadow he would tolerate – ShinRa’s dogs were a different matter.


The irritated glance he received back answered that.  Genesis relaxed.  Even if he now believed Cloud did not intend to hand him over to ShinRa, carelessness could just as easily achieve the same ends.  Apparently being followed twice had been enough to cure that.


With a flourish, he proffered the white blossom he’d been fiddling with earlier.  “You are forgiven,” he declared magnanimously.  Cloud accepted the flower with a baffled expression. 


“You shouldn’t waste the flowers,” he said, though there was no real reproach in his tone.  The wilted edges excused him, as he knew they would.


“I wouldn’t call it a waste.  It’s a present.”


Cloud muttered something about rather having his sunglasses back.  Genesis scoffed.  “You obviously have plenty to spare.”  The sunglasses the man normally donned annoyed him, even though he saw the wisdom in their use.  “Where to today?”


“We haven’t checked the inner districts of Sector 3 yet.  I thought we’d start there and cross over into Sector 2.”


Genesis nodded his agreement as they headed outside.  “Are you going by foot or bike?”


“There’s a clear road from here to the far boundary of Sector 4.  I’ll go on foot after that.”


“We’ll meet there, then.”


Genesis loosed his wing and took off into the sky.  The sky stretched above him – a clear azure, only faintly hazed by lingering pollution.  It made him more visible from the ground, and he would have to watch his shadow, but he could see further, too.


His perception of Cloud kept changing.  It made for a novel experience.  Genesis was used to gauging people on first impressions alone, and rarely being proven wrong.  Humans were, after all, predictable creatures, often wilfully ignorant and criminally un-self-aware.


Cloud Strife, on the other hand, turned out to be endlessly interesting.


Genesis had ulterior motives when arranging this clone-searching venture, certainly – one of those being to cure his ignorance of the current state of affairs.  But he couldn’t entirely deny the allure of intelligent company played a part, either.  In the years after Sephiroth’s death, there had been Hollander, and copies, and then briefly the other SOLDIERs in DeepGround, poor companions all.  Cloud was a far sight better than any of them. 


He raked his eyes across the blond’s lithely muscled body.  The sight part he meant literally.  It had been far too long since he last indulged.


And after discovering the true strength hidden in that form…


His priorities might have changed a little.


The warm breeze tousled his feathers.  The leather of his coat slapped his knees as he banked left, keeping a lazy eye on the bike speeding along cracked and damaged roads below.  When it stopped and its driver proceeded on foot, Genesis flew ahead, wing beating the air with a heavy, rhythmic thump.  He would spot out anything suspicious from the sky, while his counterpart investigated matters on the ground not necessarily visible from above.  It worked reasonably well, though the lack of results so far spoke otherwise.  He kept with it, though, mostly because he truthfully had no better ideas.


He swooped down three times in the course of the day to direct Cloud to some dwellings he’d spotted which would make reasonable hideouts, then twice more to make sport of the local monsters.  The sunlight turned ochre, and his shadow stretched far to the east.  The time grew near to finish the search for the day.  He contemplated another spar, but decided the monsters earlier had been exercise enough.  Another peaceful and boring excursion of ferreting out nothing more than hounds’ lairs and dust bunnies. 


The wind sails over the water's surface
Quietly, but surely...
”  Genesis murmured to himself.  After so many years, the poem had taken on a meditative quality for him, like a mantra.  It passed the time while his gaze swept the ruined metropolis for the slightest hint of movement. 


The words died in his mouth when he caught sight of the black shadows moving stealthily among the wreckage, not two blocks away from Cloud.  He braked sharply, eyes narrowing as he recognised the shock of red hair and smooth skull.








Cloud cautiously kicked a stray pebble into the darkened recesses of what might have once been a restaurant.  A low growl echoed from the interior.  Nothing human, then – just another guard hound protecting its territory.


He straightened and moved on, picking his way through the naked metal frame of the neighbouring building, out onto the rubble-strewn street again.  The setting sun beat down on him, warming his back and nearly blinding him with its glare.


He was contemplating putting on his sunglasses when a wave of wind burst over him.  He whirled, reaching for his sword, but held his hand at the last minute.  Just Genesis.


Except Genesis wasn’t slowing down.


A whoosh of breath escaped him as the redhead’s shoulder slammed into his stomach, carrying him clear off the ground.  Gravity fought him for him, and for one dizzying moment he was weightless as he slid from Genesis’s shoulder back to earth.


Then arms wrapped around his chest, pinning him in place, and the ground fell away at an alarming rate.


For a moment, terror clawed at his throat – however high the Shera or Highwind flew, it was entirely different when you had nothing but air beneath your feet.  And this was easily twice the fall as the one from the Sector 5 Reactor.  It would kill any SOLDIER.


“What are you doing?” he demanded.  “Put me down!”


“Turks,” Genesis warned.  “Be quiet.”


It took a moment to orient his gaze well enough to spot the two black suits poking through the wreckage, not two blocks from where he’d just stood.  The remains of a three-storey building had covered their escape, but Cloud would have probably hunted them out only a minute or so later otherwise, chasing the sound of their scuffing shoes.


“You didn’t need to pull me out,” he said.  “They wouldn’t have thought anything strange about me being in the area.”


“After avoiding them this morning?”


A point.  When they’d swung around the bar to try and coerce him into helping with the search again, he’d claimed a delivery.  It would seem suspicious if they stumbled across him in Midgar.  And the Turks were high-strung right now – Reno in particular appeared ready to beat anyone who so much as looked at him wrong to death with his electro-rod.


That, however, did not make it okay for Genesis to snatch him up and pull him a hundred metres into the air.


“You’re heavy,” Genesis complained.


“Of course I am,” Cloud grumbled.  “I’m still wearing my sword!”  The wind whipped at his loose black pants, and his feet treaded air reflexively.  He clutched Genesis’s arms, for lack of any other hold.


“You should drop it.  It’s the wrong sword for your body type anyway.”


“I can beat you with it,” he muttered under his breath.


Genesis heard anyway.  They lurched in the air threateningly.  “We haven’t sparred for a couple of days now, have we?  Maybe I should teach you a lesson.”


The temptation to tell the haughty SOLDIER to ‘come and get it’ bubbled in him for a moment, but he squashed the reflex he instinctively recognised as Zack’s.  “Not interested.”


Genesis scoffed, but let the matter drop.  They sped towards the setting sun, moving at a more leisurely pace now they were immediately out of sight.  The sensation still unnerved him, seeing the ground scroll by so far beneath his feet, nothing supporting him but Genesis’s iron grip around his ribs.


“You could perhaps not hold on so tightly,” Genesis groused.  “Heavy as that ridiculously oversized sword of yours might be, I’m hardly going to drop you.”


Consciously, Cloud loosened his hold on the SOLDIER’s arms, leaving heavy creases in the red leather.  He wouldn’t apologise – it was Genesis’s fault to begin with.  “We’re clear now.  Put me down already.”


He got a hum in a response – it vibrated against his shoulders, and Genesis drifted lazily against the wind.  Cloud’s stomach lurched unpleasantly.  “I don’t think so.  I like it up here.”


Then why was he complaining about him being heavy?! 


“The sunset is lovely today, after all,” he continued to muse.  “And the weather is rather pleasant.”


“Enjoy it on your own, then.”


“What, you don’t like it?”


“It’s uncomfortable,” Cloud deadpanned.  He kept a wary eye on the ground.  It looked very far away.


“If that’s all you’re complaining about…”  Cloud’s breath caught in his throat when suddenly he was swinging through the air, half-falling, until Genesis’s arms reasserted themselves under his knees and back, holding him in a princess carry.  “Better?” The SOLDIER smirked at him.  He was in complete control of the situation, and worse, knew it.


This was marginally less uncomfortable, but Cloud didn’t exactly appreciate it.  He could, at least, glare at Genesis, instead of staring at the ground picturing what it felt like to hit it at terminal velocity.


“You’ll get wrinkles if you keep making that face,” Genesis mocked.


Cloud remained stubbornly frowning.


A warm updraft of wind buffeted them, their path wobbling from side to side until Genesis readjusted, lazily gliding along the currents.  From this height, he could see the outer wall of southern Midgar, and look down upon the remains of ShinRa Headquarters as the President must have once looked down on the Plate.


“How do you fly with only one wing anyway?” Cloud asked, more to distract himself than out of any real desire for conversation.  He’d never given the matter much thought while fighting Sephiroth, but Cid groused about the impossibility of it to no end. 


“Hollander theorised it was due to the mako in a SOLDIER’s bloodstream.  While the wing provides enough thrust to direct flight and enough wingspan to glide, aerodynamically, it shouldn’t be enough to get or stay airborne.  He recorded low-level materia activity whenever any of us took flight – something in the same wavelength of a Gravity materia.”  His lips twisted in amusement.  “It would explain why Lazard was such a clumsy flier.  Hollander only gave him mako enhancements up to a Third Class level before he took off on his own.”  He said Third Class like it was an insult.


Shelke’s general background on Project G filled Cloud in enough to save asking any further questions there, at least – he had a passing knowledge regarding who Hollander and Lazard were.  The wind, he noted distractedly, was a lot colder up here.  It reminded him of Nibelheim.


As the beast awakens, the Hero sets out

Chosen by the Goddess, loved and forsaken

An oath unfulfilled.


Cloud didn’t feel like playing literary guessing games this high up in the air.  Fortunately, Genesis didn’t much seem to care for once.  “What do you think?”  He bared his teeth in what looked more like a threat than a smile.  “How does it feel, to touch the heavens with your bare hands?”


Cloud stared at him.  “I’ve been into space,” was all he could come up with in reply.


He earned a raised eyebrow in return.  “So the space program went ahead after all.  But how did you become part of that?”


“…Long story.”


Genesis sighed.  “…The romance of it all really is lost on you, isn’t it?”  Before Cloud could process that statement, they banked to the left.  Nausea squeezed his throat.  Motion sickness?


“Are you done yet?” he asked. 


Genesis shrugged.  The accompanying sway roiled his stomach.


Definitely motion sickness.  Mako treatments apparently didn’t cure him for flight by one-winged SOLDIERs


“I think I’m going to throw up,” he mumbled.


“Throw up and I will drop you,” Genesis threatened.


But the possibility was, apparently, disturbing enough for the SOLDIER to finally wheel back towards the theatre.  He set them down just outside the entrance – Cloud wobbled for a moment, putting his head down and squeezing his eyes shut as he waited for the far-too-familiar queasiness to subside.


Genesis patted his back with mock affection.  “And to think I once mistook you for a SOLDIER.”


Cloud just hunched, hands on his knees, and didn’t reply.  Though the words were teasing, sometimes Genesis’s casual barbs struck awfully close to home.


Fortunately, it didn’t take long for his equilibrium to re-establish – even if his motion sickness hadn’t entirely left him, his recovery speed almost made a moot point of it.  He straightened and took a deep breath.  “Now what?”


Their little joy ride through the sky had taken them the rest of the way through sunset, and twilight had begun to set in.  Genesis glanced up at the sky, shrugged, then turned to Cloud and said, “I suppose you can stay here the night.”


Cloud hesitated.  “…I should be getting back.”  Tifa expected him home.  “Why didn’t you drop me off back at the bike?”


Genesis gave him a half-lidded stare, the meaning of which he couldn’t decipher.  “Habit.  Did you want another round?”


…The prospect of another flight so soon made his stomach lurch.  But now his bike was nearly two Sectors away.  It would be two hours before he got back to Fenrir on foot, and near midnight by the time he made it back to Edge – where he’d almost certainly have to spend another hour circling the bar, making sure the area was clear of potential lynch mobs before he could return home.


He could navigate Midgar at night, if need be – while the monsters were a little more challenging than the diurnal fauna, they were still within the scope of ‘easy-pickings’.  But…


Genesis shrugged.  “Your choice.”  He tossed a glance over his shoulder that was decidedly coy, and sauntered inside.


Weird.  What was that about?


In the end, he tapped out a quick message to Tifa on his phone, and followed the former SOLDIER into the theatre.


Dim as it grew outside, the interior was already dark as midnight.  Nonetheless, they made their way through the aisles of the theatre with ease.  Genesis leapt up onto the stage in one stride and held out a hand.  Cloud gave him an odd look and jumped the short distance under his own steam.  He had yet to grasp the SOLDIER’s odd sense of humour.


Brushing his hand on his coat, utterly unbothered by the slight, Genesis drew back the tall red curtain and slipped behind it.  “This way.”


Curiosity piqued, Cloud trailed after him, gaze roaming the backstage curiously.  While he knew Genesis sheltered in the theatre, he’d never given much thought to where he slept.  Heading down a narrow flight of stairs into a musty hallway, he soon understood.  The dressing rooms underneath the stage were in even better shape than the theatre itself.  Aside from the odd door half-torn from its hinges and patches of walls missing mirrors, he could have been in Edge.


“An unexpected survivor of Midgar’s many calamities,” Genesis explained as he led the way down the dark, narrow corridor.  “I used to attend performances here occasionally – it was a hidden house of the arts, one of the few forgotten gems built below-Plate.  From back when the city still held promise and wealth and dreams for any with talent.”  He paused by one closed door, eyeing it briefly, but passed without opening it.  “She also had the benefit of being far less crowded than the theatres on Loveless Avenue.”


They stopped outside a door – it might have been green, but the faint blue glow his eyesight cast on everything made it difficult to tell.  “I came to pay my last respects,” Genesis continued, “only to discover serendipity’s hand had spared her.  And so, I found my new home.”  He opened the door with a flourish.


The room they entered was marginally more spacious than the previous ones they passed, and more than adequately furnished.  In a display of marvellously precise materia work, Genesis flicked his wrist and lit a candle, filling the dressing room with warm orange light and dancing shadows.


“Welcome to my humble abode,” he declared, taking a deep bow.  “Make yourself at home.”


Cloud was more interested in the materia – he’d never seen such a perfectly controlled flame before – but obligingly took in his surroundings.  There wasn’t a lot to see – a large mirror ringed with dead lights sat on the wall, and wedged in the corner was an enormous poster bed with such a ludicrously ornate frame it could have belonged to royalty.  Closer inspection revealed chipped paint and polyester dressings instead of silk – stage smoke and mirrors, though the mattress and blankets seemed real enough.  A row of mismatched chests and drawers were lined up on the opposite side of the room, and several stacks of books leant against the wall – another close look showed several to be nothing more than painted blocks of foam, but scattered among them were a number of genuine articles.


He still wanted to ask about the materia – aside from Aeris, Cloud hadn’t come across anyone better with it than himself.  Instead, he found himself saying, “What do you do for food?”


Genesis gestured vaguely.  “Hunt.  Scavenge.”  He pulled open a drawer full of canned goods.  “Some of the preservatives left behind are still good.  And when I have gil, I sometimes risk visiting Edge.”


Not the most pleasant of existences, but having spent months on the road running from ShinRa, Cloud understood just how luxurious fresh store-bought food could be.  Genesis slid the drawer shut, pulled off his maroon coat, and tossed it to the side.  Underneath, he wore a SOLDIER First Class uniform, not terribly unlike the outfit Cloud sported.


Cloud stood in the corner, feeling awkward in a way he couldn’t remember since childhood.  For years, his social strata had been broken down into three groups – AVALANCHE, enemies, and strangers.  Genesis didn’t quite fit into any of them, and thus he had no idea how he was supposed to act outside of a mission context.


“Your shoes,” Genesis ordered, even as he removed his own boots and gloves with military efficiency.


“What?” Cloud floundered.


“Oh, for Goddess’s sake.” Genesis walked over, steered him to the edge of the bed, and pushed him into a sitting position.  He knelt down, fiddled with the zips, then pulled each of Cloud’s boots free with one brisk motion, leaving his feet clad only in black socks.  He turned his attention to his sword harness next, Cloud belatedly fumbling to help with the buckles.  First Tsurugi was carefully set aside, propped up just out of reach against the wall.


Then Genesis stood back up, placed a firm hand on the back of Cloud’s neck, and pressed their mouths together.


All thought processes ceased.


He didn’t know how to describe the sensation.  It was warmth, closeness, an intimacy he couldn’t wholly process beyond the fact that it left him light-headed and unable to focus his mind on anything else.  There was no particular taste, just a pleasant pressure, a certain firmness he’d never experienced with Tifa.


Genesis pulled away for only half a breath before pushing forward again, more insistently this time, deepening the kiss.  Cloud’s mouth remained slack under the assault, unresisting in his confusion.  Distantly, he became aware of nimble hands unhooking his shoulder guard, of fingers entwining and tugging on his gloves, of brief heat against his bare palms and cool air on his chest as the zip on his shirt was dragged down.


When Genesis’s lips moved their attention to his now-exposed collarbone, Cloud finally managed to gasp out a weak, “What are you doing?”


“I would think, Cloud Strife,” Genesis murmured breathily, “that it would be obvious.”  Before he could protest further, he pressed their lips together again. 


It felt good.  Cloud found his eyes sliding shut as he folded into the embrace, fingers clutching at the back of Genesis’s shirt, the coarse cotton weave stretching in his grip, pulling them closer together.  The former SOLDIER obliged, straddling his thighs, wandering hands sending shivers through him wherever they caressed bare skin.


It wasn’t until Cloud felt a tugging at his belt buckle that his thoughts began to clear and were seized by panic.


Abruptly, he pushed away, though it more amounted to shoving Genesis off him and halfway across the room.  The redhead stumbled from the unexpected force, barely managing to keep his feet.


“Stop,” Cloud said, taking several deep breaths to try and clear his head.  “This is…”  Too fast.  “…I don’t understand.”


Genesis raised an eyebrow, straightening his skew shirt with exaggerated nonchalance.  “What is there to understand?  I thought I made my intentions perfectly clear.”


Cloud shook his head, mostly to himself.  He just hadn’t expected, from Genesis


“All that poetry?” the SOLDIER pressed, indignant.  “I even gave you flowers.”


Genesis was always quoting poetry.  How was he supposed to tell serenading from the usual impromptu recitals?  And he thought the flowers were a joke!  Cloud just shook his head again.


“Are you saying you’re not interested?” he sounded genuinely disbelieving – as though the very notion of being turned down hadn’t even occurred to him.


“It’s not that,” the words tumbled out of Cloud’s mouth before he could process them.  “It’s just…” He groped for an explanation.


Was he even gay?  He couldn’t think.  Thinking on his feet in a battle was one thing. This was something else. He’d never been any good at this sort of situation.  This was how Aeris got him into a dress, and then later a date.


“What did you think I was proposing, inviting you here?” Genesis demanded. 


In retrospect, he should have caught on if not with the initial invitation, then definitely when Genesis showed him to his room instead of one of the other many abandoned corners of the building.  “I… hadn’t considered the possibility,” he muttered.  His head was still spinning.


Genesis stared at him in wonder.  “You truly are naïve.”


Then he let out a world-suffering sigh, and strode back over to the bed with purpose.  Cloud was about to protest again, but Genesis merely threw back the blankets and slid between them, and in one smooth move grabbed him by the shoulders and brought him flat too.  The mattress was deceptively soft, and before Cloud could push himself back up on his elbows Genesis had hooked an arm around his chest and pulled the blankets over them both, pinning him loosely in place.  “What-”


“Hush,” he ordered.  With a click of his fingers, the candle flickered and went out.  The room plunged into pitch black.  Soft hairs tickled the nape of his neck, and the quiet draw of breath at his back sounded suddenly loud in the dark room.


“For now, we simply sleep,” Genesis murmured.  “But I am not a patient man, Cloud Strife.  I will be expecting an answer.”


Cloud stared into the darkness, and tried to figure out what the hell had just happened.


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Aug. 25th, 2012 03:55 am (UTC)
Two little comments. :3

One, where you said "sutra," I think you meant "mantra." It more fits with what I think you were going for.

And two, Cloud would definitely know about his motion sickness. It comes back after he's "cured" on Disc 2 of the original game, and is brought up at least twice: once when they hijack the submarine, and again if you have Yuffie in your party and you talk to her on the Highwind. It's not as crippling as it was before, but he still mentions having it and how it came back.

Otherwise, purrrrr, very nice chapter. I wasn't quite expecting Genesis to come on to Cloud so suddenly, but I'm not complaining... ♥ (...much. XD Ahaha, I just don't want to be the critical naysayer all the damn time. I need to be nice.)

I love flight scenes like nobody's business, and your explanation of the one-winged flight actually makes sense, surprised I didn't theorize something like that before. I'm gonna have to make a note of that, so thank you for that wonderful insight. :D I also really love the tiny detail about Genesis's ridiculous materia control. I think it went to some degree of fanon that he's the magic-user in the triumvirate of Firsts, where Sephiroth was the sword-wielder and Angeal the bare-fisted fighter.

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Aug. 25th, 2012 04:09 am (UTC)
Good point, 'sutra' still works but 'mantra' would indeed be the more appropriate word choice. Thanks, I've changed it.

I actually originally had a much longer lead up to that, but then it started to feel OOC. I don't know, kind of felt like Genesis would be the type to just leap in whenever he decided he wanted something - and it wasn't really that sudden but Cloud wasn't viewing any of his actions through a romantic lens. But hey, to each their own.

(Let's pretend I put thought into it, but really, I just wanted to write a flight scene ♥)
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Aug. 25th, 2012 07:36 am (UTC)
omggggg Genesis holding Cloud in the air bridal style is quite possibly the best mental image I have had all week, possibly all month, and I am sad I do not have the art skills to bring this to life aslfkjsdlkjfhslkj *FLAILS*

And why is the whole descending into the theatre to find where exactly Gen is staying reminding me of Phantom of the Opera? I blame my obsession with that musical that could probably rival Gen's love of Loveless. B|b

*INSERT SQUEAL AND OTHER NOISES OF FANGIRLY JOY HERE* Though looool at poor confused Cloud. To be fair, I kind of can't blame him for not completely picking up on which poetry was the courting, though. xD *pets Gen* Still one would think the flower would've been a good signal, pfft. This chapter was so worth waiting two weeks for holy shit. *FLAILS MORE*
Aug. 26th, 2012 02:10 am (UTC)
I LOVE THAT GIF. XD Best use of the Crash Different vid yet. *is mesmerized*

Genesis does have a lot of opera themes going on. I can't deny that Phantom of the Opera is an influence.

Thanks, glad it made up for the delay!
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Aug. 25th, 2012 12:14 pm (UTC)
Suddenly, slash.
I think that summed this chapter up perfectly xD

Genesis sure caught Cloud (and me) off-guard with that! Even knowing that Genesis is pursuing Cloud, when he gave him the flower it seemed just like another one of his theatrics.

Thank you so very much for the update! ♥
Aug. 26th, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
LOL, you're welcome! Thanks for your patience.
Aug. 25th, 2012 02:17 pm (UTC)
Oh, Cloud. There were so many hints throughout the entire chapter (and all the ones before this) that Genesis was trying to get into your pants. You just missed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.


Anyway, nicely done. It both did and didn't feel like sudden slash. On one hand, it's from Cloud's POV and he's painfully oblivious to this sort of thing. On the other, all the little hints are so obvious in retrospect. The poetry. The looks. The flower. I can see why Cloud would misinterpret, however. Genesis is the fanciful artist type at times. But still...

Also, the flight scene reminded me of the magic carpet ride in Aladdin. Seriously. :)
Aug. 26th, 2012 02:59 am (UTC)
LOL, now all I can picture is Genesis singing 'I can show you the woooorrrllld!' ....and then Princess!Cloud just deadpanning him and replying, 'I've already seen all of it.'
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Aug. 25th, 2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
I like how Cloud is acting like the teenager he was never allowed to be! XD The mention of how Aeris managed to get a date out of him and him into a dress was adorable, as was the air sickness and his complete obliviousness over how Genesis was luring him into his lair! Mwa ha ha! Brilliantly done, especially the explanation behind the flight ability and yes Cid would totally have bitched about the impossibility of flying with only one wing! XD
Aug. 26th, 2012 03:00 am (UTC)
Re: yay
Thanks! Yeah, I figure if anyone would be seriously bothered by the impossible science of it, it would be Cid. XD
Aug. 25th, 2012 05:26 pm (UTC)
Man, Cloud just got completely steamrolled. But woot for the romance finally! Or well, Genesis' attempts at it. He kind of failed :D

Loved the dress reference with Aeris~ lol Will Genesis ever find out about this fact? lol

And god, I don't know how Cloud could be more interested in Genesis' materia use when the man is right there! Ready to jump his bones and all. XD

Glad you didn't have them jump straight into it. Especially with Cloud being uncertain. And the ending~ So cute! I can't wait to hear Cloud's answer!
Aug. 26th, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
It only took, what, 11 chapters to get some actual romancing happening. XD

Cloud has odd priorities, it is true. <3
Aug. 25th, 2012 06:46 pm (UTC)
*cackles* Oh Cloud, totally wasn't expecting it. The whole, "Want to come back to my place?" vibe was lost on him, so much so that I wasn't even thinking of the possibility either. :D Great work!! I really love it when I get blind-sided. I feel like after this is done, I'll have to go back and read everything through slash-goggles.

Flying~ Awesome explanation. I always wondered about the physics of one-winged flying.

And "buttery sunlight" is just a wonderful description. <3
Aug. 26th, 2012 06:21 am (UTC)
Thanks! I did worry that maybe it was TOO blind-siding but I'm trying to stick to Cloud as the primary POV.

Pseudo magic-science to the rescue! I'm quickly becoming of the opinion that all weird science in FFVII can be solved by materia.
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Warning. General incoherency and fangirlish squee incoming in 3, 2, 1...


There. I couldn't hold myself back u_u

The flower was precious. <3 The flight scene was very precious. <3 The last moment was !!!!!!*cannot describe this fuzzy warm feeling* precious.

This whole chapter is I-wanna-it-to-be-canon-Nomura! precious <3

Poor Cloud though. Always so lost Q.Q
Aug. 26th, 2012 06:21 am (UTC)
<3 Your comment is precious~
Aug. 26th, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)

Poor Cloud, I kind of feel sorry for him. At least Genesis isn't being rape-y about it. I love that he's willing to back off and let Cloud think, and he's obviously willing to put up with a negative since he's waiting for an answer, not a yes. (Athough his feelings would be dreadfully hurt.)

Genesis on one side, Tifa on the other, and poor, poor Cloud in the middle. I hope he gets to figure out what he wants. He's spent most of his life reacting, acting would be a nice change.
Aug. 26th, 2012 01:30 am (UTC)
*raises hand* I propose a threesome.
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Aug. 26th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
Genesis sure caught me off guard. I love it!!! It is very nice.
Aug. 26th, 2012 01:32 pm (UTC)
Aug. 26th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC)
So that's what Vincent was talking about!

I was as clueless as Cloud. Now I must go back and read the first 10 chapters again, looking for Genesis's attempts at courting.
Aug. 27th, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)

LOL, perhaps it was far too subtle, if it managed to slip past everyone's slash goggles.
Oct. 16th, 2012 01:33 am (UTC)
“I even gave you flowers.”


Oh god, I'm sorry. It's like August ended, and *bam* work, school, the effing cold from hell that won't go away, it all descended. I'm so behind on this wonderful fic. But that just makes the prospect of catching up all the sweeter. XD

You've made Cloud adorable in his denseness with such flair and simplicity that I am truly in awe. And it goes without saying that you've created my favourite version of Genesis's characterization, hands down.

I honestly can't stop grinning.
Oct. 16th, 2012 02:17 pm (UTC)
Heh heh, thank you! Hope you enjoy catching up and that life has calmed down and you're getting better~!
Dec. 29th, 2012 08:25 am (UTC)

this had my heart racing; I knew where this was going since the flower (and, uh, your warning tipped me off too, ha ha)

I wonder, though, what was the significance of Genesis glancing at that closed door, hmmm

anyway, awesome chapter

oh, Cloud, so clueless... ha ha
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