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Beloved, Chapter 13

Title: Beloved

Rating: M, for violence, language, slash.

Summary: FFVII, post DoC. Genesis/Cloud, one-sided Tifa/Cloud. It all starts when Cloud tries to leave during the middle of a Loveless performance.

Author’s Note: Muses have been misbehaving massively lately, it is most annoying and bad for productivity.  On the other hand, finally did my taxes, yay~  ...Nice long chapter this one. 

Thanks to Little House in the Woods for the beta.

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Beloved Chapter 13


A week passed.  Cloud was interviewed twice, once by some of the WRO’s people, the second time by Tseng.  He stuck to the flimsy story he’d messaged Tifa – running late on the way back from a delivery run, had decided to camp under the stars.  No one could verify it, but changing it would have just had them wondering what he was trying to hide.


Another week passed.  He took a couple of local deliveries, then one to Kalm.  A black van tailed him for the entire trip, remaining a polite distance behind.  In the rear view mirror, he caught a glimpse of a bald head and sunglasses.  Rude.


Cloud kept to Edge after that.


It was nice spending more time with Marlene and Denzel – though the novelty had worn off for them after the first couple of days.  Both Yuffie and Barret were in town too.  Between Tifa taking advantage of his increased presence, and Yuffie wheedling him about his materia stash every chance she got, and Barret joining him for drinks and talking too loudly at him about the new developments in Corel and oil prospecting and how Marlene was growing up so smart - yeah, he was kept busy.


It felt forced, though.  Nobody wanted to acknowledge the tonberry in the corner, shuffling closer, one inevitable step at a time.


Cloud slipped his sunglasses on before heading downstairs, their weight comforting on the bridge of his nose.  The bar wasn’t open yet, but the habit had been ingrained by now.  Besides, if Tifa asked him to go out to get something, or the kids wanted to go play, better he not forget at the door.


This was his new routine.  It felt as though all that time roaming Midgar with Genesis had been nothing more than a dream.  In his more paranoid moments, he wondered if he’d simply imagined it.


“Cloud?”  Tifa must have heard his steps on the stairs.  She smiled at him – not the easy, confident grin she normally shared, but the soft, almost hopeful one he’d come to dread.  “I wasn’t sure you were still here.  Do you have some time?”


“Where are the kids?” he asked.


She stared pointedly at the clock.  “School.”


Right.  Easy to forget schools were running in Edge again.  Normally, he’d be gone before the kids left and home long after they got back.


Tifa still had that expression.  “I’m going out,” he said.


Her face fell.  “When will you be back?”


“Not long.”  Not like he could go far.  Then, because the guilt gnawed at him, asked, “Is there anything you need?”


“We’re running low on sugar and butter, if you’re near a store.”


He nodded and headed outside, unable to stand her expression any longer.


Tifa, I think I’m cheating on you.


Except he couldn’t be, really.  He hadn’t really done anything with Genesis – hadn’t even agreed to anything.  And strictly speaking, had he ever formally said he was going out with Tifa, either?


Just thinking about it left him nauseated.  And whenever he wasn’t feeling guilty about lying to Tifa, he felt bad for leaving everything with Genesis up in the air, too.  All he could do was try to push it out of his mind, and focus on something – anything – else.


The sun was bright outside, the weather so cheerful it felt like it was mocking him.  It gave him a good excuse to wear his sunglasses, at least – an excuse no one would question.  It didn’t make much of a difference anymore, though.  Leaving the bar gave him an escape from Tifa, but nothing else.  The tension in Edge had become unbearable.  And while he was careful to remember his sunglasses, word got around regardless.  Whispers and dirty looks dogged his every footstep.  Fear seemed to be the only thing holding back another confrontation.


After all, the last group who picked a fight were torn apart.


Fenrir waited for him in the garage, its gleaming chrome and steel body a welcome sight, even though he couldn’t take it for the sort of drive it was designed for today.  The engine growled like a coeurl when he turned the ignition, angry at being awoken.  Cloud let it idle as he slipped a couple of his swords into the compartments – the rest still safely upstairs in his room at Seventh Heaven – then peeled out of the garage. 


He didn’t have any real need to get out – it was more to fight off cabin fever and avoid the spike of guilt he felt every time he looked at Tifa.  Best to make the most of his errand.  He could buy what Tifa wanted just down the road, but he could also buy it on the other side of Edge. 


He opened up the throttle, Fenrir’s speed creeping up until the wind buffeted his face and raked cool fingers through his hair.  The streets were busy, but far from crowded – only the area around the WRO or Neo-ShinRa headquarters suffered any real traffic, and Cloud didn’t relish visiting either of those places.  By far the nicest thing about driving his bike though was that he moved too fast for people to notice him.  On the road, even on a custom bike like Fenrir, he was as normal as everyone else.


Lost in the comfortable, automatic motions of riding his bike, Cloud didn’t realise anything was wrong until he came to his first corner.


His fingers tapped the brake. 


Fenrir didn’t slow down at all.


Alarmed, he yanked the bike to the side at the last moment, his whole body leaning into the curve.  Gravel crunched under the tyres and horns blared in surprise as he took the corner at speed.  With a wrench, he threw his body weight back again, pulling the bike upright without touching the accelerator. 


This time, he jammed the brake hard. 




His brakes weren’t working. 


His brakes weren’t working.


He cruised for another moment more, passing cars in a burst of wind and colour, thoughts racing even faster as he considered his options.  The brakes wouldn’t work, but he could still shut off the engine.  Coast to a stop.  If he could just make it somewhere clear enough…


He leaned and pushed, weaving in and out and the traffic, steering with his whole body, adrenaline surging as he sought out every gap in the traffic.  A car slowed down to turn.  He veered into the opposite lane, pulling back half a breath before a truck coming the other way could wipe him out.  The cars around him lurched to a stop in confusion, but he was already halfway down the block, wind whipping at his clothes.  He just needed space, a gap, a few hundred metres to let his speed drop-


Then a truck pulled across the next intersection, turning into the road, and he didn’t have time to look anymore.


With a wrench, he killed the ignition – Fenrir barked in protest – and pulled into the steepest, sharpest slide he could manage – anything to slow him down, even a little.  The tires squealed.  He slammed his left foot down, dragging it along the road surface, the friction shaking him to the bone.  Pedestrians shrieked, horns blared in warning, the truck driver panicked and hit the brakes and somehow, Cloud managed to angle his slide to avoid careening straight into the side of the flatbed.


He didn’t quite make it.  His exhaust clipped the corner, and the bike was thrown into a spin – he tossed himself clear and hit the bitumen, bouncing and rolling for what felt like an eternity before sliding to a stop.  Fenrir spun onwards, smashing into a metal rubbish skip left on the sidewalk.  The screech of clashing metal shouted in his ears until finally, everything settled.


The street fell silent - the few bystanders witness to the accident shocked into stillness.


Cloud bit back a groan and forced himself up.  For one sickening moment, the world smeared before his eyes, colours too bright and bleeding into each other.  He shook it back, struggling for focus.  The back of his shirt was torn.  Harsh grazes covered his arms in their entirety – his hands only saved by his now badly scuffed leather gloves.  He ached everywhere, but it didn’t feel like he’d broken anything.  If his bones could handle falling from a height of fifty metres through a church roof, a motorcycle crash wouldn’t do it.


Sweat trickled down the side of his face, getting in his left eye – irritably, he swiped at it, and realised it was blood.  From hitting his head on the ground as he landed.  The wound itched – mako at work, trying to heal it.


He fumbled for his sunglasses, knocked clear from his face by the tumble.  They were smashed, the lenses and plastic little more than shards across the ground.  Blearily, he wondered if he had any more spares left back at Seventh Heaven.


Focus.  He had to focus.  Priorities. 


Fenrir was a very well-maintained motorcycle.  Brakes did not just stop working on their own without warning.


It wasn’t safe.


He stumbled over to the bike, tossing aside some loose bits of lumber that had fallen from the skip, ignoring the cars stopped at the intersection and the stunned onlookers.  It would have taken a team of normal people to get Fenrir upright again, but with the rush of adrenaline pouring through his system, Cloud hefted it easily.


The sword compartments had been damaged – he had to wrench them open by hand.  People had started forward to help, but shied away when they saw him sling the heavy sword into its harness. 


Good.  He was armed, now, and not to be taken lightly, despite any injuries.  He eyed the gathering crowd warily, even as a headache throbbed behind his eyes.  No one dared approach.


It didn’t look as though anyone else had been injured, thankfully – he’d made sure of that much.  The truck had some dents and lost some paint, but nothing serious.  The metal rubbish skip had been heavy enough to stop the runaway bike in its tracks before anyone else could get involved.


Cautiously, one eye kept on his surroundings, he checked Fenrir over.  The bike was unusually tough, but the front bodywork was badly scratched and dented, and the rear exhausts had been mangled.  A quick test of the ignition produced nothing more than some weak clicks from the starter.


He hadn’t made it that far from Seventh Heaven – several blocks at the most.


Heedless of the blood still soaking into the collar of his shirt, ignoring the itch in his arms as mako tried to heal his bruises and grazes, Cloud started pushing Fenrir home.  One hand on the hilt of his sword at all times.






Right there, before his eyes, lay the naked evidence.  The line to the brakes, cut perfectly clean. 


Disgusted, he tossed the wires away.  Aside from the sword compartments and some minor engine work, the function of the bike wasn’t too severely impacted.  He could fix it himself in a day or two.  The bodywork, though…


The worst part was that he didn’t even know who he could blame for it.  His list of enemies seemed impossibly long lately, and the garage wasn’t particularly well-protected – Fenrir wasn’t something easily stolen, since it would take a rare individual to drive it.  He’d been careful to try and avoid too many people taking note of where he parked it, but if someone had been determined enough… it wasn’t that hard to follow the distinctive sound of the engine. 


With a sigh, he left the garage, heading through the back entrance of Seventh Heaven, already morose mood soured.  As soon as he entered, voices floated from the front.  One sounded like Nanaki – the other, Cid.


“Cloud?” Tifa called.  “Is that you?  You’re back ear-” Her words dissolved into a gasp as she caught sight of him.  “Cloud!  What happened?!”


Belatedly, he realised it hadn’t been a good idea to barge into Seventh Heaven with torn clothes and blood matting his hair.


Cid and Nanaki came over, drawn by her reaction, cutting off Cloud’s escape route to the stairs.  Cid nearly spat out his cigarette.  “The hell?!”


“Cloud!” Nanaki’s fur began to bristle as though he were priming for combat.  “Were you attacked?!”


“Just an accident,” he explained shortly. “Nothing to worry about.”


That calmed them, though Tifa’s face was still contorted in a pained-looking frown as she checked him over, making an unhappy hum under her breath.  Cid eyed him, and asked gruffly, “You need a Cure on that?  I ain’t got a Restore handy.”


Cloud did have a Restore, but didn’t see the point.  “It’s already mostly taken care of.”  More importantly…  “What are you doing here?”


The pilot grunted, gesturing towards Nanaki with his cigarette.  “Playing damn taxi service for Reeve, that’s what.  He wants me to go round up the whole bleeding gang.  That’s a round-the-world trip, you know!  Fuel don’t grow on goddamn trees!”


“Barret can hook you up with a deal,” Tifa took a break from her fussing to point out.


“He’d better.” Cid went on complaining under his breath, though it lacked any real heat.  The pilot complained, but they all knew he’d take any excuse to fly.


But rounding up AVALANCHE?  What for?   “What does Reeve want?”


“Hell if I know,” Cid grumbled.  “Do I look like a fuckin’ WRO employee to you?”


“Reeve does order you around a lot,” Nanaki said.


“You wanna walk home when we’re done?  ‘Cause that’s what it’s soundin’ like.”


Maybe a precaution, with the clone situation.  It made sense.  Cloud was honestly surprised Reeve hadn’t called everyone in earlier.


It left him uncomfortable though, that he hadn’t heard anything about it before now.


His diversion didn’t waylay Tifa for long.  “It’s not like you to crash.  How did it happen?”


“Mechanical failure.”  She didn’t look convinced, and Nanaki’s gaze turned shrewd, so he shouldered past them to the stairs before either of them could ask anything more.  “I should go clean up.”






“Mechanical failure my ass,” Cid groused as soon as Cloud stepped back into the garage.


The pilot was crouched next to the bike, toolbox open, and judging by the mess of tools decorating the concrete had been there for a while now.  Cloud had been inside, changing his clothes and digging in the back of his closet for his last spare pair of sunglasses and washing all the blood off his skin and out of his hair.  Then he’d had to put up with Tifa’s worried hovering until the kids arrived home and distracted her long enough for him to slip out the back to go start repairing his bike.


He’d been too slow, obviously.  He should have known that Cid would never stay away from an engine in need of fixing.


“Who the hell did this?” Cid demanded.  “You havin’ trouble?”


There was no good answer.  “It doesn’t matter.”


“You shittin’ me?  The hell it doesn’t matter!  You’re about the only person on the planet who could walk their own damn bike back after someone cut the fuckin’ brake lines!


“It could be anyone,” Cloud replied.  “Ex-SOLDIERs aren’t exactly popular in Edge right now.”


Cid didn’t have an answer for that, and puffed on his cigarette angrily.  “…That damn DeepGround shit, huh?  Knew there’d be some kinda crap from that.”


“The tank still has fuel in it, you know,” Cloud said with a pointed look at Cid’s cigarette.  The pilot swore and dropped it on the ground, hastily crushing the stub with his heel.


“It’s a solid machine, at least.  And the brake line’s an easy fix,” Cid muttered, covering up his mistake with shop talk.  “And you can probably panel-beat most of the exhausts back into shape.  That one at the top’s gotta be replaced, though.  That’ll be fuckin’ expensive.”


Cloud made a small sound of agreement, already sorting through his box of spare parts for some of the materials he knew he’d need.


“The latches here at the front are busted too.  How the hell did that happen?”


“The compartments were jammed,” he explained.  “And I had to get my sword out.”


Cid swore up a blue streak that would have made Barret blush.  He finished with something along the lines of, “-And you just broke it open with your fuckin’ hands?”


Cloud shrugged, and crouched down on the other side of the bike, loosening the bolts so he could get to the engine interior.


“You’re damn scary, kid, you know that?”


It wasn’t something he appreciated being reminded of.


Cid muttered to himself some more, then set about yanking the offending brake line out, examining it in critical disbelief one last time before tossing it away.  “It’s fuckin’ extreme, if you ask me.  DeepGround shit or not, ain’t no way you coulda pissed off someone that bad.”  He eyeballed him.  “Seriously, kid, you in some real trouble here?”


“Nothing I can’t handle,” he said.  All he could do was keep his head down, after all.  None of these were issues he could figure out how to solve with a sword, or he would have done so already.  “Don’t tell Tifa.”


Cid grunted at that, but thankfully, didn’t disagree.






The remarkable thing about not being human, Nanaki mused, was that people tended to forget that your senses were so much better than theirs.  Unless he was at the table, talking to them, he fell into the background, beneath their notice.


Twenty years ago, when he was younger and hot-headed and still angry at his father and bursting with righteousness and pride, it might have bothered him.  But after that stint in Hojo’s care, he’d come to appreciate the advantages it gave him.


He shuffled a little closer to the Turk’s corner – still three tables away, but close enough to hear them through the din in the rest of the bar.  All of AVALANCHE were in town, called there by Reeve to discuss something.  Nanaki didn’t like the sound of it, and wanted to do a bit of eavesdropping. 


“It’s bullshit,” Reno snarled.  “I don’t give a fuck what Rufus says about public relations-”


“We shouldn’t discuss this here,” Tseng warned.


“To hell with that!  They’re gonna find out anyway,” Reno growled.  “I want answers, yo!”


“You’re being irrational. If you can’t control yourself, I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” Tseng replied, voice low and even. “We’re only here for reconnaissance.”


“I still think it’s a crap idea.  The boss-man’s grasping at straws.”  His knuckles turned white around his electro rod.  “Has he forgotten what kind of guy we’re dealing with?”


“If Reeve can convince Miss Lockhart, it won’t be any strain on our resources at all,” Tseng countered.


“It ain’t gonna work out like that,” Reno argued.  “I like Tifa-doll nearly as much Rude here-”  Rude cleared his throat at that. “-But she ain’t gonna be on our side on this one.  This is Turk business.”


“What are you jerks talking about?” Yuffie demanded, barrelling her way into the conversation.


“Nothing that involves you, princess,” Reno sneered.  He twisted the formal title into derisive jeer with casual ease.


Too bad that sort of thing never worked on Yuffie these days.  She just stuck her tongue out at him.  “You bastards never change.  I heard Tifa’s name.  I wanna know!”


The Turks were far too professional to let any reaction slip, but Nanaki’s keen eye could see the new tension in their muscles, could smell the shift in scent as their adrenaline ran high.


Then Tseng sighed, and said, “Reno, it’s unprofessional to gossip about people where you can be overheard.”


Reno blinked, and then his face stretched into a sly grin.  “C’mon, Tseng, loosen up!  You can’t say you ain’t wondered.”  He slouched in his chair.  “Hey, princess, what do you think?  Reckon those two will ever get married?”


It worked like a charm – the suspicion vanished from Yuffie’s stance, replaced by eager conspiracy.  “No way in hell!”


Tseng was good.  Vincent and Cloud had said as much in the past, but rare were the opportunities for Nanaki see him at work for himself.  He’d subtly rebuked Reno and provided a smooth segue into a safer topic all in the same sentence.


“What makes you say that?” Tseng asked, nothing but mild curiosity in his tone.  “I thought it was a given they were an item.”


“Oh sure, but it’s never gonna work.  Even they know that.  They just don’t know how to break up,” Yuffie said, in a voice far too matter-of-fact for the situation.


Reno burst out laughing.  Nanaki wondered if he were the only who noticed how strangled it sounded.


Apparently Yuffie didn’t.  “What?  It’s true.”  She shrugged.  “I guess it’s hard to break up when you weren’t ever officially together in the first place.  It’s not my fault they can’t communicate.”


“Who made you such an expert on relationships, yo?” Reno sniggered.


“Gawd, I have eyes.  I thought you jerks were supposed to be good at spying!”


With some amusement, Nanaki noticed Rude almost looked hopeful for a moment, before straightening his tie and settling his expression back into stern neutrality.


It would have been interesting, had Tifa been along for that particular reconnaissance mission in Gongaga instead of back with the dune buggy.  Human affairs made no sense to him sometimes, even growing up alongside them in Cosmo Canyon.  Instinct told him it would be far less messy if everyone were to state their intentions openly and the matter could simply be duelled out.  Strongest wins.


Though perhaps his opinion was influenced, as he was fond of Cloud, and Cloud was always strongest.


The Turks fell abruptly silent when the door opened and the object of their speculation walked in, sunglasses on and a box under his arm – back from running an errand for Tifa.  Nanaki was pleased to see the last sign of his cuts and grazes had already disappeared, but then, Cloud did heal a great deal faster than the rest of them.


“Cloud!” Yuffie called, abandoning her gossip circle with the Turks and bouncing over to him. 


“I’m not carrying any materia,” he said before the girl could hug him.


It was a lie, of course – at this distance, Nanaki could sense the presence of several materia in his pockets, though not clearly enough to identify the type.  He still needed to work on that, apparently.


Regardless, it stopped Yuffie in her tracks, and she settled for following him to the back of the bar, chattering about the latest developments in Wutai and this totally cool monster whose ass she had totally kicked.  They soon wandered out of earshot.


The table remained silent for a long minute.  Nanaki flicked his tail, letting his good eye wander the bar, all while keeping an ear turned towards them.


Reno, of course, was the one to break the silence.  “Elena deserves better than this.”


Tseng remained nonplussed.  “You’re jumping to assumptions.  And even if you’re correct, he might not necessarily have been in control.  He’s been acting unusual for some time now.”


There was a dark silence as Reno chewed on that.  Eventually, he shoved his beer away with a scoff.


“Yeah, well, guess I’m the only one who remembers what happens when SOLDIERs start acting all reclusive and unusual, huh?  ‘Cause that always goes so well.”




He was a hero too,” Reno snapped back.


Tseng closed his eyes and took a long sip of his drink.  “Which is why we’re taking precautions.”


Reno glowered, then folded his arms and looked away.  “…He ain’t ever gonna agree to it.”


Rude nodded.


Tseng merely sighed.  The shadows under his eyes had become a permanent feature since Elena’s death.  “He won’t have a choice.”


They left not long after that.  Nanaki waited a reasonable amount of time, then stood and stretched, startling one the patrons sitting nearby. 


That had not sounded good at all.  He sniffed the air, searching for the faint whiff of brimstone to lead him to their resident Turk expert.  Hopefully Vincent would know more.  

Next chapter


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Sep. 8th, 2012 09:31 am (UTC)
I love you :D
You are so awesome! I love how you played out the tension between the characters, and the way you portray them. Rude was especially wonderful, even though he only had a small part :
"With some amusement, Nanaki noticed Rude almost looked hopeful for a moment, before straightening his tie and settling his expression back into stern neutrality."
This line was perfect.

I really can't wait until the next chapter. You always leave me on the edge of my seat wanting more xD

Brilliant job!
Sep. 9th, 2012 06:29 am (UTC)
I love you too mysterious anon
Sep. 8th, 2012 02:39 pm (UTC)
SHIT, the Turks really do think Cloud's gonna be the next SOLDIER to go off the deep end. D: Damn, with them tailing Cloud everywhere, I hope Nanaki or Vincent can get to Genesis soon and explain the situation. I expect he's not happy at all at being ignored after making his intentions crystal clear. I also may or may not be worried about what precautions the Turks are talking about. They cannot be good with what they think's going to happen soon. D: GAH, IS IT NEXT WEEK YET? *FLAILS*

Also, little random thing, but I hope you know The Fifth Act's irreparably raised my expectations on time travel fic. I was trying to read a new one recently and all I could think up until I gave up and picked the next fic in my reading queue was "The Fifth Act did that better. Oh and that. That too. Also that." xD
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Your last paragraph: Oh YES. Fifth Act was the first time travel fic I read in this fandom. Going from Fifth Act to the others is akin to going from Gone with the Wind to Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death.

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And its a plan that they need Tifa's cooperation with. I wonder what she would have to do.

Really, I think Genesis cut the brake lines in a convoluted scheme that will come back to bite him in the ass later on.
Sep. 8th, 2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
Argh! So happy for an update, so frustrated it'll be another week now!

Hee, Rude. If he'd just make his move it would make life a little easier on Cloud.

I'm worried about Genesis.
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Tis a long time for Rude to be holding a candle! Poor guy.

Sorry for the week long wait, but I'm way behind in writing as it is so I'm not likely to be able to improve on that.
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How easily they turn against Cloud. Don't they realize this is exactly why the other SOLDIERS went off, too? I do wonder what they want of Cloud and if Reeve is in on this also.

Where are you Vincent?

Also, nice touch with Cid. He needed to come aboard. Heh.

And I agree with the above. Rude needs to make a move.

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Cid was surprisingly fun to write, I think I need to write more Cid in the future.

Rude could make a move, but would Tifa necessarily be receptive? Tis something I've been thinking about.
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Gah, I hope that Genesis doesn't think that Cloud's answer is 'no' since he hasn't been able to get back to him. And then Genesis is in hiding and probably feeling slighted and so can't/won't go look for Cloud.

And the Turks need to stop jumping to conclusions! You would think that they would trust Cloud after all he's done.

And the bike scene! I swear, my heart jumped in my throat even though I know Cloud's stong enough to handle something like that physically. But it's just even more wear on him mentally and emotionally. He doesn't need that. And then he had to keep his weapon ready on the way home. It's not just paranoia anymore! T_T

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FENRIR!!! D: Poor baby. Good thing Cloud managed to maneuver the bike to avoid any casualties...that would've made him even less popular with the locals.

I hope Genesis gets that Cloud can't go visit him, lest he lead the Turks to his hideout. Missed Gen in this chapter, so I hope we get to see more of him next time!

Also: tonberry in the corner. Awesome!
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I'm glad at least one person was upset by Fenrir's damage. I won't lie, I expected that to be biggest casualty of the chapter, but you guys always surprise me with your reactions and what you choose to focus on. XD

I can honestly think of nothing more ominous than a tonberry in a corner. FFX-2 made me genuinely scared of them. In Via Infinito, where they're insanely dangerous and then you stumble on a dark, creepily silent room completely full of them.
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I hope Vincent will be able to help. I like the chapter. ^-^
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Sep. 9th, 2012 06:49 am (UTC)
Just stopping by to say that this fic is pure awesome, and that thanks you, I am pretty much able to buy Genesis/Cloud as a serious pairing. It's nice that Genesis is extroverted to Cloud's introversion, and seems to be slowly expanding Cloud's horizons. I'm always super pumped when this fic updates and I'm like, "Score, it's Friday/Saturday! Beloved updates!"

Your writing is always amazingly enjoyable, and I consistently love your stuff, even if I am a lurker.

On more chapter-specific feedback, obvs. I am seriously concerned as to who would cut the breaks, and what the Turks have in store for Cloud. I'm glad Cloud has Nanaki, Vincent and Cid looking out for him - actually, Nanaki especially, since he is sorely under-used in fic.

As others have said above, very much wondering what Genesis is thinking about the lack of Cloud, and has probably taken his absence as a 'no'. I can only imagine how peeved Gen will be right now, haha.
Sep. 9th, 2012 06:56 am (UTC)
Thanks! It's totally okay to lurk, but hearing that the fic provides enjoyment brightens my day too. :)

Nanaki really doesn't turn up much in fic, does he? It's a shame, because he's a pretty interesting character. I enjoy writing him. Actually, I seem to say this about all of FF7's characters, they're all so awesome it's actually a challenge to try and keep to the most relevant characters instead of just spamming POV from all of them.

Heh, and re: Genesis, that's a fact Cloud is very much indeed aware of. :)
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Sep. 9th, 2012 10:59 am (UTC)
I have been keeping up with all the chapters, and highly enjoying them all! (I'm sorry I dropped out for so long; I was really sad over Elena.)

Your characterization skills continue to be amaaazing, and I loved Nanaki's pov. And Yuffie, of course, because Yuffie~!
Sep. 9th, 2012 01:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :) And, um, yeah, sorry about Elena. ;_;
Sep. 12th, 2012 03:17 am (UTC)
I must be the only one who responded the way you anticipated, because once it got to the epic motorcycle crash the first thing out of my mouth was, "Oh gods, not Fenrir! D: D: D:"

All in all, this chapter like... has made me in-universe angry at just about everyone. XD I'm incensed at the Turks for obvious reasons, and then when it got to the conversation Nanaki overheard, I wanted to throw things at Reeve. If I'm correct in my assumptions, either the Turks or Rufus (or both) have spoken with Reeve/the WRO and have discussed the possibility of detaining Cloud. I'm not sure if Reeve agreed willingly, but either way, dammit Reeve! You're supposed to be on Cloud's side! ;^; (And dammit Tifa, too, she appears to know... that odd expression and what Reno said are unmistakable.)

I really feel for Cloud here. I'm not sure how much he's anticipating but I get the feeling that he's got the feeling that they don't just suspect him, they're willing to really investigate him over this... :<

I'm at least glad he has people like Nanaki and Vincent on his side. Nanaki especially, I love the way you write him as the Cloud fanboy he totally and completely is. And I assume Cid's on his side, since he doesn't seem to know. But Tifa! I have the utmost faith in your being a good writer and that you write in character but I'm so afraid that this issue is going to be the way that Tifa gets kicked out of the 'ship and that scares me. D:

On a technical note, I saw another version of "to try and" where it should be "to try to." That's all, though. :3

All in all, this chapter is really the first big climbing action point in the fic, and it makes me all squirmy and ready for chapter 14! Is it Saturday yet?!

ETA: I'm also like 99.9% certain the Turks (or someone under their "orders") cut the brake lines in an attempt to limit Cloud's mobility. But I'm betting whoever it was assumed Cloud would have checked Fenrir over before leaving.

Edited at 2012-09-12 03:18 am (UTC)
Sep. 12th, 2012 01:07 pm (UTC)
Heh, that makes two people who reacted as predicted! I guess I was just remembering how in Fifth Act I was constantly hearing about how upset everyone was that Fenrir had been left behind, so I started to think that maybe Fenrir was the metaphorical pet dog that you're not allowed to hurt in this fandom. XD (Every fandom has one. In Prince of Tennis, for example, it was Ryoma's cat Karupin. Yeah, I found that one out the hard way.)

I should point out that Tifa's odd expression was meant more to allude to romantic intentions Cloud wanted to avoid than to conspiracy, I guess maybe I didn't make that clear?

LOL, in my headcanon Nanaki is totally a Cloud fanboy. <3

Nearly Saturday! Halfway there!
Oct. 20th, 2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
Do not mind the wheezing going on over here.

My heart's still pounding from the barely controlled careen and crash Cloud took. Amazingly tight, tense action there!

Ahhh, the plot thickens. Damn sneaky Turks and their secret-keeping! Nanaki's totally right. They should just lay all their issues on the table and duke it out. *nod*
Dec. 29th, 2012 09:21 am (UTC)
clutching the edge of my seat here
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