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TezRyo Drabble

Back in the TezRyo drabble meme a couple of weeks ago I saw a prompt for a hacker fic.  I liked the idea, but only just got to writing something for it now - a longish sort of AU drabble.  Not really happy with how it turned out, but it was a fun little diversion that ate up a nice two hours of my Saturday afternoon, and it's TezRyo, so... no point in it collecting dust on my harddrive.  Drabble under the cut.


Tezuka idly tapped the desk, running the scan for the second time that day. Truly, as important as his job was, it was sometimes just a little boring. The data was sensitive, true, and the small company he worked for was often targeted by hackers, either bored amateurs or professionals from rival companies, but truly, for ninety percent of the day there was almost nothing for him to do other than routinely check the firewalls and follow up any suspicious pings.
As boring as it was, he reasoned with himself as the scan came up clean again, the set-up did suit him well. It was a small personal environment where he could be in charge of how things were run, and others would trust him and leave him to do his job alone and in peace. The pay perhaps wasn’t quite as high as what he might get if he worked his way through the ranks of a larger company, but it was still more than enough to live comfortably. And he took pride in writing his own security software. Who knew – another year or two in development, and he could probably sell it as a stand-alone product. It wasn’t a bad situation. It was just a little… dull. Unchallenging. At times he worried that his mental faculties would falter from the monotony.
So it was maybe just slightly welcome when the firewall warning leapt up on the desktop. After all, even tracing harmless automated attempted intrusions was more interesting than watching server performance and running virus scans.
His interest was piqued after a bit of investigation. Someone was attempting to bypass the firewall. It had been a while since the last attack – either their competitors had bigger fish to fry, or they’d finally conceded defeat to the improved security.
They were certainly persistent, though –usually after the initial bit of trouble most people retreated. Tezuka frowned. Was it a team attack? A lot of hackers had been working in pairs lately, which his software wasn’t quite ready to deal with on its own yet. His firewalls might have been among the best – though he was not so cocky that he didn’t feel the need to monitor them – so it usually bought him enough time to trace both attackers and execute a retaliatory attack on at least one of them. He didn’t take cheap memory-eating shortcuts with his code, but when his employers provided him with such an average machine, team attacks become somewhat stressful – especially when threading was starting to become more popular. Enough processors could tear down any encryption.
Since there didn’t seem to be any other areas being comprised,, he was forced to conclude that it must just be a single individual. It was unusual, too.  It seemed like a rather forceful entry attempt, rather than quietly exploiting a backdoor as most people would.  He wasn't quite certain how to respond, fingers pausing over the keyboard momentarily.  He'd built several deliberate weaknesses in his defences, all heavily lined with traps that would track the intruder's IP, and if they kept going, eventually open a window for him to take remote control of their system so he could shut it down and send a friendly warning to stay out.  It worked for almost all attacks - the weaker ones would have their systems compromised and hopefully learn a valuable lesson, and the stronger ones would invariably recognise the threat and wriggle out of it.  The only problems he ever really had to deal with was when some of those stronger ones returned prepared, usually lured by the prospect of a challenge.  Fortunately, he wasn't a one-trick pony.
Still, just a bludgeoning attack like that... was it really a human, or did a bot get through the network?
It was worrying with the number of warnings that were being spit out. They just might breach his firewall. Tezuka’s fingers flew over the keyboard, pulse quickening as he came to realise that this unorthodox attack had found a weakness in what he’d thought was a solid set-up.
Tezuka jammed the ‘enter’ button, and the system was safe once again. Letting out a breath he didn’t realise he had been holding, he somewhat cautiously investigated the damage. They’d broken through. He couldn’t believe it. It had only been for a few seconds before he’d been able to act, but they’d actually broken through… it was a humbling reminder that he still had a ways to go yet, no matter how bored he might have been mere minutes ago. 
As he performed a brief diagnosis, he did find himself becoming unnaturally irritated, though. After breaking through the firewall, the intruder only had enough time to steal one file, and it wasn’t even anything important – just an icon. But the fact they’d even made it that far…
They’d almost inevitably be back, though. That sort of person always came back. It was highly likely they were professionals, probably contracted by a rival company that didn’t want to dirty its hands. Next time, though, Tezuka would be ready.
Two days later, his prediction came true. But the second time when the attack came in the exact same fashion, Tezuka was prepared.
He didn't believe in maliciously damaging computers, so most of his executions involved innocuous pop-ups that were irritating but harmless - and most importantly, difficult to remove.

In a dark room on the other side of town, a pair of golden-brown eyes widened at the pop-up message on his screen.  'Don't be careless - 'Buchou'.'
Tezuka had initially thought that after that scare, things would quieten down again, but he was quite wrong. Only a few days later, the system was attacked again, though the attempt was unsuccessful that time. The next time, Tezuka tried to track them and send another warning, but they’d obviously beefed up their own counter-measures since. The fifth time, they had broken through in another exploit Tezuka hadn’t seen, but all they’d done before he’d booted them out was rename one of his folders ‘Karupin’.
Tracking their IP was turning into a pain, as they were pinging it through so many different connections that he didn't have time to catch the trail - whoever was causing this mischief was well-aware of exactly how long they had before they could be effectively tracked.  He was working on a faster tracking program, one that should hopefully be able to work quickly enough to grab the IP before the intruder broke the connection, but given that he had to work on it between everything else – such as plugging holes in his security he wasn’t aware he had - it was probably another couple of weeks away from completion yet.
At least things were a bit more interesting at work, now. Tezuka even found himself voluntarily staying back late, figuring that time spent in advance would be time saved later. Still, after the latest encounter…
Tezuka sighed, rubbing his eyes under his glasses.  When he looked again, the image was still there.  His desktop background had been changed to a picture of a large, fluffy Himalayan cat.  He was being mocked, he was sure of it.  It looked like the settings had been locked, too.  It was a simple enough trick to undo, but he left it.  It was almost time to shut down for the day, anyway, and if this hacker wanted to waste his time changing stranger's desktops, let him.  At least he - or she - wasn't dumping malicious trojans or worms into the system.
Tezuka started to ignore the persistent prankster after his wallpaper trick, save for plugging the holes in his security the hit-and-runs exposed. After all, as interesting as it was to play tag, he did still have other admittedly dull but still vital duties he had to perform in his job, such as system updates on everyone’s computers and tech support for a few of the less computer-adept members of the company. It was still mildly frustrating that this one hacker – he was certain it had to be the same one, by now – continued to find and exploit tiny weaknesses in his set-up, but at the same time, the network defences truly were becoming terrifyingly solid. No one got through it anymore – except for that one irritating hacker that just wouldn’t leave him alone. He was actually starting to question if they really were a professional, given that they seemed to have all the time in the world and never actually even tried to steal or corrupt any files of importance.  If anything, he sometimes found it somewhat comforting, like having a slightly rambunctious friend online that would randomly leave him notes or play meaningless pranks on him.  It did add a little big of variety to otherwise dull days, so he was reluctant to go to the trouble of any meaningful retaliation.
After a month of mostly ignoring the attempted intrusions, though, he was shown the price of his carelessness. 
He’d returned to his computer after hooking up the new office printer, sat down at the desk, grabbed the mouse… and found it was already moving. 
Hazel eyes widening in alarm, he jammed several keys, but none responded to his commands. His system had been remoted! Cursing, he tried to use a macro to call up a command line to break the connection, but it was shut and disabled before he had the chance. This guy could type fast. Panicking now, he jammed the ‘power’ button – if the machine wasn’t running, they couldn’t do anything to it… but nothing changed. Had the intruder even thought of that before taking remote hold?
That only left one option – pulling the plug. Rather than pulling the plug on the power, though, Tezuka ran over to the server and yanked out the network cable. The computer screen flickered briefly before returning to normal, and Tezuka let out a sigh of relief. He waited for a moment before hooking the server back to the network, hoping that nobody had been in the middle of a large file transfer.
His first thought was to run a diagnostic and figure out where the exploit in the network was so that he could close it off before another attempt was made. However, his hand froze on the mouse when he noticed one icon that hadn’t been present before. Sitting there on the desktop was a single executable. It was using a vaguely familiar looking icon – belatedly he recalled that it was the useless file the prankster had stolen during their first encounter. It looked innocuous, but to Tezuka it was perhaps the scariest thing ever.
Normally, the thing to do would be to delete it without opening it, then emptying the trash can, then maybe overwriting that disk sector several times to be absolutely sure it was gone.  However, he knew first hand that his opponent was talented.  This stranger - or perhaps he could now be better termed a 'rival', since it practically felt like he knew them by now - had breached his defences multiple times, after all. 
It felt rather like defusing a bomb. For thirty agonising minutes, Tezuka tiptoed around the file, before finally he managed to transfer it to a quarantined drive and erased all traces of it elsewhere without mishap. He let out a sigh of relief. At least now he could inspect it and dispose of it without having to worry about any lost data or system corruption. Now it was just a matter of deleting the file as thoroughly as possible.
Tezuka hesitated, though, as his finger hovered over the ‘delete’ key. It was an unusually large file for a virus. Given how efficient and quick his opponent’s code appeared to be, he doubted it was sloppy programming practices at work.
It was stupid and foolhardy, but his curiosity had been piqued, there would be no great loss if it destroyed that empty drive, and he was confident that there was no way it could affect the rest of the system. On a last minute impulse, his finger darted to the ‘enter’ key instead. 
When his screen went black, he was sure that he’d made a terrible mistake. A second later, though, bland graphics faded onto his screen, accompanied by a cheesy electronic sting. Tezuka hurriedly turned his speakers off, lest a co-worker come to investigate. 
It was a game, he realised, surprised. The graphics were crude, but simplified enough to be effective and easily discernable. “Karupin’s tennis simulator?”
He spent a few minutes playing through it. It was clearly incomplete, hampered by slow controls and an AI that was basic and predictable, but the physics were natural and solid, which was probably the hardest part. It was rather impressive for something that was clearly a one-man effort.
Tezuka frowned after several minutes, though, and shut the program down. Certainly it hadn’t turned out to be some dangerous program planted by a rival company after all – clearly just ‘Karupin’ playing around again – but the fact of the matter was, this had gone too far now. Breaking in and remoting his computer… there were too many sensitive files at risk, not to mention it was a completely illegal invasion of privacy. He hadn’t bothered to respond to the previous attempts, but his tracking bot was almost complete. It had gone far enough. None of the other hackers that tried to breach the system had been so persistent. This was clearly one he was going to have to track down.
Three days later, Tezuka had an address.
Dressed in his standard slacks and lavender polo t-shirt, Tezuka found himself staring at a rather ordinary apartment complex, torn by indecision. Really, he shouldn’t be there in person, tracking down a hacker who had broken several digital rights laws. He should have handed the information over to his employer, or the police –even if it was doubtful that either party would do anything about it. Heck, as it was, he had no proof this wasn’t a trap. Tezuka had read enough nasty rumours about offline meetings to be paranoid, but despite common sense he was still compelled to meet the enigmatic ‘Karupin’ for himself. 
Shaking off his nervousness, he took the stairs to the second floor and headed to the door number written on the piece of paper clenched in his left hand. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door several times, but the apartment was quiet within.  It was the right address, he was sure of it - he'd checked it several times. Were they not home? From the amount of spare time they had, it seemed like they would always be home.
A cute, vaguely familiar-looking Himalayan cat ran past his feet at that moment, stopping to mewl at him briefly. Two apartments down, the door opened, and a head covered in green-black hair poked out. It was a boy, dressed in baggy jeans and a shirt that looked two sizes too big for him. He couldn't have been any older than eighteen.
“Are you looking for someone? The lady that lives there moved out last week,” he said. His voice had a slight husk to it – it seemed out of place on someone so young.
Tezuka, though, merely clenched his hand a little tighter. They had moved? He was surprised to hear that it was a woman – female programmers were in the statistical minority, after all – but even then… if it was a week ago, then he couldn’t possibly be at the right place. Had his tracking program failed, or had she realised she’d been found and fled? 
“I see,” he replied, a little woodenly. “Thank you.”
Instead of retreating back indoors, however, the teen just cocked his head at him, golden-brown eyes staring at him contemplatively, before he was suddenly smirking.
"Heh, you're 'Buchou', aren't you?"

He started involuntarily, and the seeds of suspicion began to grow in his mind.  "And if I am?"

The teen shrugged, turning around and waving vaguely.  "Then you might as well come in.  Close the door after you."
Was it possible…?
Somewhat automatically, he followed the teen into his apartment, closing the door behind him. The place was rather untidy, with electronic parts and cables strewn all over the place like death traps, but not unhygienic. It was unusually dark, too, briefly spiking his fears of an elaborate and twisted ploy, but given the layout and the contents, Tezuka was almost certain that he had found ‘Karupin’ after all. Especially if that Himalayan cat that had scurried into the apartment before him was any clue. 
“I’m out of Ponta. But you look more like a tea person anyway. Want some?” he asked.
“Yes, thank you,” Tezuka responded automatically, though realistically he had no intention of drinking something a complete stranger had prepared for him.
With a deft hand, the short-statured youth fixed two cups of green tea, motioning to the low table set on the floor in the centre of the room. Tezuka gingerly took a seat, the other man following a moment later, setting the drinks down in front of them.
There was a long moment of silence as the stranger took a lengthy sip of his own drink and regarded him with a somewhat lazy eye. 
“Is there a problem?” Tezuka eventually asked, growing uncomfortable with the scrutiny. This was not exactly how he imagined the confrontation to be going.
"No problem. You’re just surprisingly good looking," the youth said with a smirk, very visibly appraising him.  "Not that much older than me, either.  I was expecting someone older."

He was a fine one to talk. "What is your name?"

"Echizen Ryoma," he replied easily.  That was mildly surprising.  Most people guarded their offline identities a little more zealously.
Sensing that control of the situation was slipping beyond his grasp, Tezuka stated, “Echizen, I’m sure you can guess why I’m here.”
The teen just smirked. Slightly disconcerted, Tezuka continued formally, “I thought I would do you the favour of meeting you in person to ask for an explanation before I report you to the authorities for your activities.”
Echizen just took another long sip of his tea, and asked, “Aren’t you going to drink yours? It’s getting cold.”
Tezuka just crossed his arms.
Rolling his eyes, the youth replied, “If you came here to threaten me to make me stop, you’re wasting your time.”
"Yeah. See that?" he asked, pointing at a small round box atop his computer.  "That is an electro-magnet."

Tezuka blinked, then blinked again.  "You wouldn't..."

"I've got it hooked to a panic button," Echizen stated with a self-satisfied smirk.  "If someone comes knocking... even if they have a clean room, they won't be able to recover anything.  It'll wipe it all in an instant."

"You do realise how guilty having a device like that makes you look."

Echizen just shrugged.  "Yeah, it LOOKS guilty, but if it can't be proven... for all anyone knows, I'm just terrified of someone finding my gay porn collection."

"You have a gay porn collection?" Tezuka asked before he could stop himself.

Ryoma just smirked. “Well, that answers that question. Though the shirt was a giveaway.”
Tezuka’s face felt hot, and he dearly hoped he wasn’t blushing. "I should still call the authorities on you," he stated.

The other man didn't seem the least bit worried.  "I'd rather you didn't.  I'd lose a lot of work."

"What you were doing was illegal."

"Harmless pranks," the younger man dismissed flippantly.  "Besides, they'd never be able to prosecute me."

"Excuse me?  Even if you wipe your hard drive, you left enough evidence for me to find you," Tezuka pointed out, arching an eyebrow. “My own logs are sure to be evidence enough.”

"I didn’t do anything dangerous – all of your effort wouldn’t even amount to a slap on the wrist," Echizen protested. 
“Why did you even do it in the first place?”
The youth shrugged. “Momo, another hacker I know, mentioned he'd taken a job to try and get into your system.  Told me it was rock solid, so I came to take a look. I'd never come across a firewall I couldn't tear down before.  And every single time I came back you'd improved the security."

His pride flared briefly.

"...And then I was curious as to what sort of person would write a program that would cause a 'don't be careless' message to pop-up every five minutes."

Tezuka almost smiled.

"It took me three days to get rid of it."  His expression was irritated, but Tezuka thought he could hear laughter in the teen's voice.
Still not quite willing to let the matter go, though, Tezuka declared gravely, “You took remote control of my system.”
“I didn’t do anything bad. Did you want me to?”
"Why did you do it?" he asked instead of responding.  "They were all meaningless pranks until then.  Was it just to trick me into letting my guard down?"

The younger man crossed his arms and looked away.  However, Tezuka was patient.  Eventually, a small voice petulantly admitted, "They weren't exactly effective anymore. I had to do something more drastic."

He wasn't certain whether to be angry or flattered at that.  Was he to understand that this person had actually become upset that he was ignoring his pranks, and had then sent something that WOULD get his attention?
Wait… had he been lured here after all? Having now met Echizen, he couldn’t imagine him to be the sort of person who would be so careless as to let himself get tracked like that. And the fact that even then his trail had led to the apartment two doors down… 
The silence stretched on for another minute, before Echizen suddenly asked, "What sort of nickname is 'Buchou', anyway?"

Tezuka just shrugged.  "Not really a nickname.  I was just captain of the computer club in high school.  It was nostalgic."

"Heh?  Your high school had a computer club?  Sounds nice."

Having the feeling that he was possibly being mocked, he asked, "And Karupin?"

"My cat's name.  Thought it was funny."
Another long silence. Then… “You want to see my rig?”
For a second, he wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be a double-entendre or not, before deciding that he didn’t care either way. “Yes.”
The teen shuffled over to the computer, flicking more switches than ought to be necessary to turn on a machine. And as the system booted up, Tezuka could see why. The number of cooling units attached to the thing could practically qualify as air conditioning.
“How on earth did you afford this?” he asked appreciatively, momentarily forgetting that he was essentially in enemy territory. Somehow, in light of their common interest, the animosity that should have been present had been completely forgotten.
“I contract out whenever I need some more money. Short-term projects only. And you should know that buying the parts individually and assembling them yourself makes it a lot cheaper.” That was true, but even then the machine had to cumulatively cost a couple of grand. 
Cautiously, he took the offered seat, Echizen leaning over his shoulder to type the password in – his fingers were too quick to follow, but it looked to be a random mash of numbers and symbols anyway. No self-respecting programmer would use a recognisable word.
“You wrote your own OS?” he asked, surprised. He himself was writing his own one at home, but at work it was necessary to use a standard system so as not to cause any incompatibility issues.
Tezuka glanced back, surprised at how close Echizen’s face had become. The computer screen cast small rectangles of bright light in his eyes that were burning with a strange fire. Had he been standing, it might have turned his knees to jelly. That sort of intensity… he hadn’t come across many who shared that sort of passion for their work as he did. For a time, Tezuka had almost forgotten what it looked like.
“Che, not quite. It’s basically a copy of Linux,” Ryoma replied dismissively, even if his eyes told a different story. “I did some more on the game. You want to see?”
Without giving him a chance to respond, Echizen leaned in again over his shoulder, cheek practically brushing his own as he reached forward to take control of the mouse. A few deft clicks, and the familiar graphics appeared on the screen. The teen withdrew again, but Tezuka thought he felt lips brush past his ear. 
The entire encounter had just taken a step into the surreal.
Had he just imagined it? When he looked back again Echizen was just standing there without much expression on his face. Tezuka barely suppressed a shiver. 
There had been some rather amazing improvements to the game, especially considering the last build had been unceremoniously dumped on his desktop less than a week ago. The physics, which had already been rather impressive, had taken into account spin and weather conditions; the AI was also quite a bit faster and several of the graphical glitches had been fixed.
“The controls are still a little clunky,” he mused without meaning to, and then winced, worried he’d offended the other man, then wondering why exactly he was worried about that.
Fortunately, Echizen just nodded emphatically. “I know. It’s been giving me trouble for weeks. I just can’t seem to get the timing and response right.”
“I think I know what the problem might be,” Tezuka mused. “Do you mind…?” It would bother him to leave a bug unfixed.
Echizen hesitated, looking almost bashful, but only for a minute. “Yeah, okay. You know the language?”
“I used to do a lot of object-orientated programming when I started out. The fundamentals are all the same,” Tezuka stated dryly.
After opening the relevant file, Echizen crossed his arms. “Are you saying that Ruby and C++ are the same thing?”
“Hardly. Merely that the share much of the same structure and principles. Though they interface so well they might as well be.” 
What ensued was a lengthy debate into which was the best of the object-orientated programming languages, even as Tezuka scrolled through the code. The comments within were sparse but often dryly amusing, strewn throughout the code in a manner that indicated that they were clearly more mental reminders than anything else. Tezuka could appreciate the lack of structure, though he himself always religiously commented his code and organised it carefully. It was rather fun to go through it, actually. The other man had some novel approaches to problem solving.
“But that one isn’t very flexible. Even if it has a lot of shortcuts, the things that don’t have shortcuts require fifty times more effort,” Echizen was arguing, even as the code compiled. 
“Fifty times is stretching it. It would only make a difference on a very large-scale project. Ah, here we go,” Tezuka announced, opening the game up again.
“Let’s see,” Ryoma said, scooting forward eagerly, debate forgotten. Several key presses later, he made a dismissive ‘che’. “Not bad. Thanks, I guess.”
Tezuka had the feeling that he’d won some respect. It was satisfying, certainly, to see the improvement the small change had made in the homemade tennis simulator. It was much more responsive, and it made it a great deal more instinctive to play. They spent a few more minutes tweaking the values before Echizen was satisfied with the result and then retreated back to the table. This time, Tezuka drank the tea, even though it had long gone cold. 
“You’re pretty good at that stuff,” the younger man remarked.
“I’ve managed to keep you out of my network, haven’t I?” Tezuka lightly replied.
“Hn, true. Hardly the same discipline, though.”
“So, all of that effort was just to get yourself someone to help you on your project and test it for you?” he asked, only half in jest.
Echizen just smirked, eyes glittering.  “I think I got a lot more than what I was expecting, really.”
Tezuka wasn’t quite sure what to make of that comment, though felt a shiver run down his spine all the same. 

"What about you, 'buchou'?  Why go to all the trouble to track me down?"

"I guess I was lonely," he admitted, then paused, surprised by the words that had just come out of his mouth.  It was true, actually, but he hadn’t really thought about it until then. Even if the hacker that had plagued him for weeks had been irritating at the time, he’d sort of grown appreciative of having a rival. Until Echizen had come along, there hadn't been any challenges.  "And bored," he added.
“I bet. You’re wasted on that company. You should contract out.” ‘Like I do’ was left unspoken.
“It’s good work,” Tezuka defended, even if he was slightly jealous of Echizen’s carefree lifestyle. Fortunately, the teen didn’t press the matter any further. It was only then that he realised that it was starting to get dark outside. “Anyhow, it was… interesting meeting with you. I should probably get going.”
Echizen pouted slightly. He felt oddly warm at the expression. “So, you still going to call the authorities on me?”
Tezuka tried to look stern, but given that he’d just spent a surprisingly enjoyable afternoon in Echizen’s apartment, gave up and just said, “Don’t remote it again.”
“Che. Fine.”
“Thank you for the tea,” he said formally, standing and retrieving his shoes near the door.
“No problem. I was bored anyway,” Echizen idly remarked, then added, “I’ll send you the next build when it’s ready.”
It appeared that by making contact, he was stuck with the hacker now. It was strangely hard to be upset by the notion, which was a surprising turn-around from his mindset from when he’d arrived earlier that day. He just nodded his assent, and opened the door.
As he was leaving, though, he recalled that he'd forgotten something important.  "My real name's Tezuka Kunimitsu."

Echizen tilted his head and smiled at him.  "Heh.  Nice to meet you, Tezuka."
Tezuka ran through the routine system updates on Monday morning, dreading a day of backing up the databases, even while his mind lingered solely on the enigmatic hacker he'd met two days before.  Sometime near lunch, though, an unsolicited e-mail managed to make it through the spam filters.  There was no attachment.  Curious, he ran it through the virus scanner anyway, but it looked clean.  He clicked on it to read.

'That looks boring.  Want to eat dinner tonight?  You can pick me up at six. - Karupin.'

It was the rudest way to ask someone out he'd heard of yet, not to mention highly presumptuous.  Still, Tezuka was smiling when he hit ‘reply’.


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Nov. 10th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
"You have a gay porn collection?" Tezuka asked before he could stop himself.
Ryoma just smirked. “Well, that answers that question. Though the shirt was a giveaway.”

"You want to see my rig?"

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"You have a gay porn collection?" Tezuka asked before he could stop himself.

Ryoma just smirked. “Well, that answers that question. Though the shirt was a giveaway.”


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