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Dat Ending

So obviously this isn’t a chapter. Sorry about that. Work has been intense, and I think it’s been using up all of my creative juices so that when I do have time for fic it’s been going slowly. Which is great for work, not so great for posting new chapters in a timely fashion. I’m making steady progress though, and I’ll post it as fast as I can, since you guys have all been wonderfully patient with the schedule stretch.

Good news is, though, I have been trying to keep in the groove by doing a little more work on the Xmas Giftfics (remember those?!) and have finally updated the Cosplay Master Post too.  Oh, and I finished FF13-2!  Oh man, LET’S TALK ABOUT FF13-2.

SO.  CONSIDER EVERYTHING HERE ON IN SPOILERS.  I’m quite late to the FF13-2 party so this shouldn’t be a problem for once.

I… actually kind of really loved the ending.  This does not seem to be the normal response, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone given how much I adore epic tragedies and bittersweet conclusions.  It was such a sucker-punch, even though there was absolutely nothing they hadn’t constantly warned us about!  Guys, the villain wins.  The villain wins BIG TIME.  The hero DIES.  Hope is still alive and will probably have to fix everything, again, and presumably will give everyone else the credit, again. How often does that happen in an epic story?  That takes so much courage and kind of made me forgive the whole goddess Etro angle (because Lightning doing the work of a deity felt really weird after FF13 when her whole shtick was spitting in the face of as many deities as she could stick a sword into.)

The one thing that DID really piss me off though was that the last Cinematic Action event had zero effect on the outcome – it felt like teasing, like FF13-2 pulled a tiny bit of a Mass Effect on us.  Couldn’t the ‘Finish Him!’ option at least have had it so Noel just went straight for it and skipped that little sword-grabbing sequence?  Or not had it at all?  I wouldn’t have batted an eye if the option hadn’t been presented.  That said, that entire sequence was so fantastic that I kind of forgave that, too.  The whole boss fight from end of Academia 500AF to credits had me absolutely riveted.  Oh man, the credits opening with Caius’s theme?  CHILLS.


So worth it for that 'oh crap' moment the first time when you suddenly realise you've played directly into his hands.

I can imagine that it might have pissed off a lot of people who finished the game before FF13-3 got announced, though.  The knowledge of a sequel was comforting.  Initially, based on the trailer, Lightning Returns looked quite disappointing, but now I have to play it!

I got all the Paradox Endings, and the Secret Ending too.  The Secret Ending was also kind of a letdown to begin with!  I was expecting something a little more substantial and a little less teaser-y, which I should have known better because that’s all Square ever does for secret endings. STILL!  After some thought, the ramifications are enormous.  Because guys, guys, Caius is actually still alive.

How the hell is that possible?  Considering his death was the whole point!  My first conclusion is that it’s a Caius on a different point of the timeline.  Since Caius-‘This-isn’t-even-my-final-form’-Ballad is simultaneously immortal and can jump through timegates, we don’t actually know what order he did things in, although he does say that he's already experienced it at all in Valhalla.  Future!Caius is dead, perhaps, but Year XXX Caius is still kicking around to enjoy the fruits of his master plan?  Although considering he died in Valhalla, too, that potentially messes everything up for potential reincarnation weirdness.  I am so seriously pumped for Lightning Returns now, because if we get Caius as a villain again in that one, how epic would that be?  It reminds me of FF6 actually, and how much more dangerous Kefka seemed because Kefka had already destroyed the planet.

As for the other endings, ‘The Future is Hope’ is by far my favourite paradox ending, and I really want DLC of the aftermath of that.  I mean, what the hell Snow?  While that whole thing was hilarious, YOU JUST DROVE IN AND DROPPED A MASSIVE BOMBSHELL ON HOPE THAT HIS ONLY REMAINING FRIEND IS IN FACT A TRAITOR AND BY THE WAY, ASSASSINATION PLOT IN THE WORKS, no details on how to avert it or anything.  I very badly want to read fic where Noel is all ‘sup!’ and Hope is left with this comparative stranger after being abandoned by everyone AGAIN and Noel has to somehow bodyguard him through whatever’s going to happen, that’s like a whole game’s worth of potential story right there.

Oh yeah, I need to offer some apology to Captain Cryptic and Brain Blast Quiz Academy, too – it seems as though the answers to most of the questions were in fact hidden in the datalog and fragments pages.  (I decided to sit down and read a few more of them in case of, you know, fanfic urges or something.)  Still annoying, though.

Also, more questions!  In the main storyline ending, SO MANY QUESTIONS GO UNANSWERED.  Such as, where the hell is Snow now?!  (And for that matter, what’s the deal with his l’cie brand and exactly when will that come bite him in the ass?  There’s that whole Cie’th and crystal sword of Damocles hanging over his head!)  Also, what happens to Alyssa in the non-Paradox ending?  Is her traitorous little hide still kicking around in 500AF?  Does Hope even know what she did?  O_O  What happened to Team NORA, did they just live out their boring lives from 003AF and never saw Snow or Serah again?  THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERING.

There is only one solution for this.  TIME FOR A FANFIC BINGE.  Guys, hit me with your recs if you have any.

(Beloved chapter first though, promise.)


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Feb. 16th, 2013 02:56 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed the game too. I liked the ending as well, though you would be correct in thinking its a small group of people that do (at least it appears that way on the internet, it may just be the hater are simply louder).

Serah dying I thought was beautiful and I'm with you on Lightning Returns. I really want to see that game now, and get the ending to this story.

Requests? Not really I've pondered FF13/13-2 fan fiction before and can only decide that I like Light/Hope. (Personal preference). What to do with that, and even if you'd be interested I don't know.
Feb. 16th, 2013 03:09 pm (UTC)
High-five! Glad I'm not the only one. I can understand the point of view of the haters, but really, as that ending was playing out I was thinking 'but wait, what's going to happen when Serah sees all this' and also 'Isn't killing Caius bad? We've been constantly told that killing Caius is very bad for everyone'. Plus, it was just beautiful. Played my emotions like a violin. Hopefully not too long a wait until Lightning Returns! I was leery on the trailer, but if they keep the same team and writers on it I have high hopes.

Ah, I meant more recommendations for existing fic, not requests! XD Yeah, I could probably ship Hope and Lightning now that it's a little less cradle-snatching. FF13 (and 2) cast are such that I could actually probably ship anyone with anyone. But if you know of any great General fics, they would be most prized.
Feb. 16th, 2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
haha, blame it on not having coffee in me yet. But unfortunately no. I've read some decent fics, but nothing that stands out. The fan base for 13-2 seems rather small >
Feb. 16th, 2013 06:15 pm (UTC)
Goodness, these games sound interesting! :o
Feb. 18th, 2013 05:17 am (UTC)
Initially, based on the trailer, Lightning Returns looked quite disappointing, but now I have to play it!

Agreed. And I haven't even finished FFXIII-2 yet! But the few snapshots and hints we've been getting have me curious. I'm not a fan of Lightning, but the whole time-gaining, time-losing concept might make for an interesting game style.

Also, Lumina. Curious =D

Feb. 18th, 2013 10:04 am (UTC)
*haven't finished FFXIII-2 yet* - I guess you don't really care about spoilers? XD

I hear the game is planned to actually take place real-time? Kind of like Skyrim, where events will happen whether you're there to witness them or not. While that can be interesting I don't normally like that kind deadline, but I'll give it a chance because even Square's worst games usually have something redeeming about them.

Oh yes, Lumina does look interesting! She kind of reminds me of Shuyin from FFX-2 a little, in that eerie resemblance-but-she's-a-villain-what's-going-on kind of way.

:( I have been discovering this! Guess I'll have to write some. BUT I ALREADY HAVE TOO MANY UNWRITTEN FICS.
Apr. 11th, 2013 01:41 am (UTC)
This might be random, but I had to tell you I'M A PROUD OWNER OF THE ENGAGEMENT NECKLACE and now Hope shall wear it under his (my?) clothes AS A SECRET SLASHER INJOKE HAHAH >DDD

(Also, Sin, I hope everything's okay? I just realised I haven't read from you in aaaaages =\)
Apr. 11th, 2013 09:57 am (UTC)
*___* salkfjsfj That is all kinds of fabulous. YOU NEED TO TAKE AT LEAST ONE PHOTO WITH IT OUT WHILE IN COSTUME.

I'm okay, I've had some unexpected RL stuff going on is all, but I'm starting to get back to the regular schedule of programming. :)
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