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A(r)mour, Chapter 7

Title: A(r)mour

Warnings: Rated M, contains yaoi and occasional swearing, if you don’t like these things please don’t read.

Summary: Hiroki just keeps getting his heart broken, again and again and again, like a fool who doesn’t know when to quit. Standard romantica, egoist, and terrorist couplings, plus Nowaki/Misaki, Akihiko/Hiroki, Miyagi/Hiroki.

Author's Note: Not much to say right now, probably shouldn't be posting while sleep-deprived, apologies for any weird formatting issues or typos. Roughly halfway point!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6


Chapter 7

“My sweet honey!” Miyagi barrelled into the office with the cheerful force of a violent sunrise. “Ahhh, it’s finally over. Coffee, coffee…” He bustled over to the machine, humming to himself as he poured a cup. “Do you have to stay back today? I thought we could go out. There’s a new place that just opened on the way home. Well, actually, we don’t have much choice because I completely forgot to go grocery shopping and we’re out of food, although I guess if you really want we can go grocery shopping now and cook something…”

Hiroki remained quiet at his desk. Miyagi paused – normally by now his colleague would have at least responded in some fashion, if only to tell him to quiet down.

“Is something the matter?” he asked, pulling his tie loose. The associate professor’s shoulders looked stiffer than concrete, and that familiar expression of bored neutrality, pinched only slightly with a frown, had been drawn over his face like black curtains. He hadn’t seen it for the past few weeks, and its abrupt return was concerning.

“No, nothing,” Hiroki said. “Dinner sounds fine.”

Which was as worrying a symptom as it could get. Hiroki passive was Hiroki distracted. Considering that Miyagi prided himself on being the number one distraction around the office, for him to barely grab his colleague’s attention was alarming.

He patted him on the back. “Cheer up. You’ll feel better once you have some food in you.” Miyagi made a mental note to order some sake with the meal. Harassing him for answers now wouldn’t achieve much, but Hiroki was a talkative drunk.

Except when he finally dragged Hiroki from the office to the restaurant – one of those pan-European places, with fifteen different kinds of pasta and breads – his gaze remained inward, and the conversation oddly distant. He picked at his food, and wound up not liking the wine so nursed a single glass for the whole meal. And later, after they returned home, he rebuffed Miyagi’s every touch in such a quiet manner that Miyagi didn’t feel right pushing the issue.

Miyagi had prided himself on being able to read his colleague and figure out what was bothering him. Poke a little, prod a little, act like the big deals weren’t a big deal and the small deals were a huge deal, and he could normally drag him out of his shell. He had plenty of practice with his teacher, after all, though he didn’t have the life experience and people skills then.

Yet they lay side by side in bed for hours that night, neither of them sleeping. Miyagi let it rest, though – sometimes Hiroki’s moods were like the weather, and the results of a bad day would blow over fast enough. For all his dramatics, he was a mature guy, and was capable of working through most things with a little time.

Besides, he had some of his own issues keeping him awake. Shinobu was still harassing him almost daily, and he was fast approaching the end of his patience. The brat was likeable enough, but it got tiring, constantly trying to shoot down someone’s hopes when they persisted in not getting the hint… even talking plainly didn’t help! That kind of behaviour would get him a restraining order as an adult.

Hopefully the kid would give up and go back to Australia soon, and he could turn his full attention back to Hiroki.


Except Hiroki’s bad mood didn’t lift – if anything, he became more withdrawn. Miyagi didn’t worry too much about it just yet, because there was a sharp fire in his colleague-turned-partner’s eyes, the same sort of glint as when he was dealing with a particularly unruly student.

In the meantime…

Miyagi sighed, and fished out the keys to his office. “What do you want?”

“I made you lunch.” Shinobu proffered the bento box with both hands, as though he were offering up bars of gold instead of just food.

Miyagi didn’t make any move to take it. “I didn’t ask you to do that.”

“Have you already eaten?”

He hadn’t, and had been planning on going to the cafeteria. Before he could make his excuses, though, his stomach growled.

“You’re hungry. Here.” Shinobu insisted, pressing the bento forward.

The kid was persistent, he’d give him that. He so obviously held ulterior motives, but avoiding him only seemed to make him more stubborn.

With a suffering sigh, Miyagi accepted the bento with one hand and opened the office with the other. Shinobu followed him in, perching on the edge of the settee and watching him with dark, hawk-like eyes as he pulled off the lid.

It… didn’t look all that appetising.

Tentatively, he took a bite of the curry, and blanched. The flavour was… off. Like it had been cooked all out of order, or watered down. Considering how mushy it was, that very well might have been what happened.

His expression obviously gave him away, as Shinobu abruptly stood and reached for the bento. “Sorry. It’s not very good. I’ll get better,” he said.

As annoying as the brat was, Miyagi wasn’t heartless. He’d obviously put a lot of effort in, and even though the intention wasn’t appreciated, just throwing it away was wasteful.

“Don’t bother. It’s edible,” he said. “I’ll eat it. Just don’t get any ideas.” He took another bite, chewed, and swallowed. He’d experienced a few culinary disasters in his days as a bachelor – this wasn’t any worse than some of the things he’d made then.

He immediately regretted it, though, when he saw the shine in the kid’s eyes.

He ate as quickly as he could stomach it, washing it down liberally with coffee.

“I was thinking,” Shinobu said seriously, “That maybe we should spend some time together.”

Miyagi sighed. He knew this was coming the minute the kid turned up outside his office with a homemade bento in hand – but better they have this conversation in the privacy of his office than have it turn into a shouting match in the hall. “I’ve already given you my answer. It’s not going to change, no matter how many times you ask.”

“That’s just because we haven’t had the chance to get to know each other properly,” Shinobu argued. “If you just gave me a chance, you’d change your mind.”

“I’m in a relationship already,” Miyagi pointed out for what felt like the thousandth time.

“That’s just your excuse.”

He was saved from responding by the door swinging open, and his own personal little storm cloud came sweeping in. “Hiroki!” He laid off the pet names with Shinobu present. That proverbial cat might have already been out of the bag, but he would maintain plausible deniability where he could.

“Professor,” he responded, and then scowled at Shinobu, who in turn looked like he was trying to turn his eyes into deadly lasers. “Am I interrupting?”

“No,” Miyagi cut in, even as Shinobu opened his mouth to respond. He handed back the bento box to him. “Thanks. I’ve got to get back to work now. And don’t you have classes?”

Still glowering at Hiroki, Shinobu accepted the box back. “You’ll at least think about it?” he asked.

“Sure,” Miyagi agreed, just to get him out of the office. An empty promise – he would think about it, and still come to the same conclusion, which was the same as not thinking about it at all.

Giving them both suspicious glances, the kid shuffled out of the office. As soon as the door closed behind him Miyagi slumped in his seat. “I need a cigarette.” His fumbling for the pack in his pocket came up empty.

Hiroki rolled his eyes, pulled open the desk drawer next to him, and tossed a fresh pack over. “Ah, my dearest! You’re everything a man could ever dream of!”

“You’re addicted,” Hiroki stated flatly, then headed over to his own desk. “What was all that about? Eating love-wife lunches now?”

“Oh.” Miyagi winced, and laughed awkwardly. “You know about that, huh?”

“Hn.” Hiroki didn’t sound impressed.

“You know I’m not interested, right?” With Hiroki, it didn’t hurt to clear the air as often as possible. Misunderstandings with him could run deep and long and grow swiftly complicated. Miyagi had the suspicion it might have been the source of his current lingering mood.

Hiroki scowled. “Of course not. The brat’s half your age.”

Miyagi nodded, relieved. Of course. He wasn’t a cradle-snatcher. Nobody in their right mind would consider it.

As far as he was concerned, that was the end of the matter.

Shinobu, of course, turned out to be more stubborn than he’d anticipated.


Hiroki glowered at the floor.

Miyagi rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “I really am sorry. The Dean…” He shrugged. “You know how it is. I tried to get out of it, but…”

“That… brat… is going to be staying here?”

He was a menace. Since the little hellion first turned up outside their office, he knew there would be trouble. A lifetime of experience honed his sense for these things.

“For two weeks, that’s all!”

Hiroki sighed, and started down the hallway. He yanked open the linen closet, fished out his travel bag, and dragged it towards the laundry.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Hiroki stared at him. The professor possessed a lot of well-documented personality problems, but this was the first time he questioned the man’s lack of brains. “I’m going back to my apartment, obviously.”

Miyagi caught his arm. “Don’t be like that. He’s just staying here. He can sleep on the couch.” He gestured vaguely to the L-shaped orange brick that took up half his living room. It wasn’t particularly comfortable to sit on, much less sleep on. The purchase of a loveless marriage if he ever saw one.

Hiroki scowled and shook him off. “I don’t much feel like hanging around watching some lovesick kid cling to you like a limpet.”

Unexpectedly, that earned him a wide grin. “Awww, my sweet honey! Are you feeling jealous?”

“Jealous? Of some pubescent brat?!” he bristled.

Maybe jealous wasn’t the right word. Maybe it was scared. He’d just started to feel comfortable, started to feel like himself again, when drama invaded once more. He wasn’t so seriously worried about the brat’s threats anymore – he felt fairly sure he could call the kid’s bluff on that – but the whole affair left him unsettled.

Miyagi reached out and poked him in the forehead. Blinking, he recoiled.

“Frown wrinkles,” he warned with a wry smile. “Don’t want to ruin that pretty face before you turn thirty.”

Hiroki only frowned deeper.

“Look, I’ve already made my position clear to him. If staying with us for two weeks is what it takes for him to clear his head, at least then we’ll be done with it.”

“It’s annoying,” he muttered, and felt that the word wasn’t strong enough.

“I know. I’m irritated too. But I’m sure he’s just confused.” Miyagi spread his palms defensively. “He’s just a kid. He’s stubborn, he talks big, but he’s out of his depth. When he sees I’m not going to change my mind, he’ll run back to Australia, and it’ll all take care of itself.”

Hiroki wasn’t so sure.

After all, seven years ago, he remembered another young persistent teenager who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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Oct. 23rd, 2013 03:25 am (UTC)
Things have been chaos lately XD Or I would have commented earlier. Like how things are going :)

Love your writing.

(Actually I think I like your story better then the original Anime)

Edited at 2013-10-23 03:30 am (UTC)
Oct. 23rd, 2013 05:56 am (UTC)
Ah, that is a super nice thing to say, thank you! <3 And thanks for taking the time to comment even though your life is chaos.
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