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December 24th, 2017

Moving base

It's been a criminally long time since I last posted, and not sure if anyone is still even reading this journal. Hi, hello, I live! The last 18 months irl have been a bit insane, so it's been tough to gather up enough time to write much less post, but my posting had been taking a nosedive even before that.

This post isn't about that, however - I wanted to make an announcement to let people know that I'm going to (very belatedly) move my posting 'base', so to speak, over to Dreamwidth. I used their handy little import tool so nothing is lost beyond maybe some formatting. I don't intend to post on livejournal any longer. The site's policies have been going downhill for a very long time and I'm no longer comfortable using it to post, and certainly not enough to pay for an account any longer.

Odds are I won't ever get back to great posting frequency, but the journal format is still my favourite (never managed to get my feet properly wet with tumblr) so that will likely be where the fanfiction all goes. At some point I'll get around to formatting a few more of the backlog onto aO3 as well. On that note, I have so many WIPs, and I'm not sure if I'll ever manage to finish any of them, are people interested in reading them regardless? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for all the good times, Livejournal. I made so many lasting friends on this site, and it holds many fond memories, but it is time to say goodbye.