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Crimson Trails Vampire AU 2/3

Title: Crimson Trails

Author: Sinnatious
Summary: TezRyo Vampire AU.
Rating: T for blood and adult themes.
Author’s Note: I was called into work on my holidays! How gross is that? In any case, it wasn’t a problem that took the whole day to fix, so I was still able to post this as promised. Last part tomorrow! Oooo, and kiasidira_ixari  has also been bitten by the vampire bug, and has made a contribution to the impromptu festival here.
Crimson Trails
Part 2/3
The warming kiss of sunlight on his face had been liberating. Tezuka stood on the path in front of the house for several minutes, partially blinded by the intensity of the glare after being stuck in that dark house for so long. Once his eyes were adjusted, he spent another couple of minutes marvelling at the blue sky. It seemed so vast all of a sudden.
Remembering himself, he cast a glance back at the house from which he had escaped. It took a moment, but he realised that he actually recognised it. He frequently passed it on his way to the convenience store, and more than once wondered why it hadn’t been torn down yet – the little yard that was present was overgrown, and the paint on the exterior was badly peeling. Most people thought it abandoned.
Of course… he’d been quite close to home the night Ryoma ambushed him. Ostensibly, the vampire wouldn’t have wanted to drag him far. At least he knew where he was. That made things easier.
Tezuka set out at a brisk walk. Just seeing other people on the street felt so alien to him after weeks with only Ryoma for company. More than a few people sent frightened glances at him, but he paid them no mind – all he could concentrate on was getting home.
When he made it back to his apartment, Tezuka realised that he had no clue what day it was, or even if anyone was looking for him. Day first. Flicking on the television, it didn’t take too long to locate a news channel with the date in the corner. He sat down heavily on the couch.
A little over three weeks he’d been trapped in that house. It felt like months, but at times he wondered if it was only days. Now he had his answer.
What next? Should he call his bosses at work? His friends? His family? The police? Maybe Inui. Inui would be able to tell him everything that had been going on his absence. He wandered over the phone. Now that he was looking around properly, it did look like someone had been in his apartment in his absence. Someone had probably come looking for him, but left it when there weren’t any signs of trouble.
Tezuka paused when reaching for the phone and stared at his hand, mildly disconcerted by the blood staining it. What…
That’s right – he’d been holding the switchblade to Ryoma’s throat. When the vampire started thrashing about it must have cut his neck.  This was Ryoma’s blood.
Abandoning the phone, Tezuka hurried to the bathroom to wash it off. No wonder those people in the street had given him such strange looks. Was Ryoma okay? He was a vampire – surely he couldn’t die from something like that.
Tezuka sternly told himself to stop worrying. Ryoma could take care of himself. In any case, he refused to feel any sympathy for someone who attacked him in the middle of the night and held him against his will.
The rest of the day was spent trying to get his life back in order. Tezuka called Inui first. His colleague had been quite shocked by his sudden return. He spun some story about an old friend who had dragged him off on an impromptu camping trip, saying that he’d lost his mobile phone and so hadn’t been able to call. The tale was full of holes, but Tezuka hung up on Inui before he could call him on it. Next was to alert the police that his mysterious disappearance had been an unfortunate misunderstanding and to apologise profusely for the trouble caused. In fact, he spent most of the day on the phone apologising to people. His cover story rather obviously didn’t sit right with quite a few people, but what else could he tell them? The truth was far more unbelievable. 
Naturally, his superiors at work hadn’t been pleased with his unscheduled leave of absence, but since it was so out of character for him were willing to overlook it.
Within a couple of days, life was back to normal. It was hard to believe those three weeks even happened.
Except that Tezuka couldn’t forget. He was always careful to avoid being on the streets alone after dark, and wouldn’t venture near that boarded up house unless the sun was high in the sky. It actually took him a few days to get used to sleeping on a proper bed again. 
For a while it seemed like every little thing he did would remind him of the vampire. Eating meals brought forth memories of shoddily cooked instant dinners. Talking to friends reminded him of conversations after eating. Even the sun and moon reminded him of Ryoma.
His friends noticed his distraction, but he brushed it off. He really ought to move on already and just forget that those weeks had ever happened… but the more Tezuka thought about it, the more things bothered him. Was it guilt? In escaping, he had likely condemned some other poor individual into being Ryoma’s food supply. Imagining the boy sucking on the wrist of some other unfortunate stranger bothered him immensely. 
It wasn’t just guilt, he decided. In retrospective contemplation, there were a lot of things that didn’t add up. There were so many mysteries that were left unsolved. Like the books about vampires. Why had Ryoma been so eager for him to read them?
The house itself was strange, too. He hadn’t really seen anything outside of his bedroom and the bathroom until his escape, but looking back it had been very odd. The rest of the house was just as the sparsely furnished as the room he’d been kept in. He had spied a small refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen, and a couch in the living room, but in his search through the other rooms while looking for an exit hadn’t seen any other furniture. There ought to at least have been a mattress in one of the bedrooms – Ryoma had to sleep somewhere. 
Ryoma’s desperate hunger when he described subsisting off animal blood. Then the sunlight… Ryoma had reacted so violently when Tezuka had approached the door. Hadn’t he read something…
A week and a half after his escape, Tezuka found himself on the doorstep of the boarded up house contemplating his sanity. It was foolish to come back here. Ryoma might be angry and drink all of his blood this time. But he didn’t think so. The more he thought about it, the more suspicious he grew. He needed to know.
It was daytime, so at least he ought to be able to escape outside should things start to go badly. Taking a deep breath, Tezuka reached for the doorknob. It didn’t yield under his grasp. Frowning, he cast his eyes about, searching for a key. His eyes landed on a rock in the corner of the yard. He picked it up and turned it over. Sure enough, a rusted key was stuck to the underside. Did Ryoma even know about it? It looked like this key had been there for years.
He unlocked the door, and cautiously turned the handle. The door creaked open ominously. Taking a deep breath, Tezuka stepped across the bright threshold and entered the shadows once more.
It took a minute for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Ryoma always left some lights on, but he’d obviously replaced them all with low-wattage bulbs, as they were scarcely bright enough to reach the corners of the rooms. He hadn’t noticed the difference until he’d gone outside. Steeling his nerves, Tezuka ventured deeper into the house. His gait faltered briefly when he saw a dried pool of blood in the hallway, but he set his jaw and determinedly continued. 
He kept his footsteps light as he walked through the dark house. Finally, he arrived at the living room. Sprawled out on the couch was a familiar silhouette. Tezuka approached it tentatively, and sucked in breath at the sight of a sleeping Ryoma spread out on it.
He didn’t feel quite so annoyed at being forced to sleep on the floor anymore with the knowledge that Ryoma slept on a couch. Again, it didn’t at all match the fanciful images he had summoned of the vampire sleeping in an elaborate coffin or on a four-poster bed with black silk sheets.
Tezuka selected a spot against the wall and slid down against it, content to wait until the vampire awoke on his own. Ryoma looked completely different while asleep. While awake, he was amused, bored, or scowling, but unconscious… it was hard to pinpoint it. He looked tired, but that was ridiculous – how could someone look tired while resting?
Ryoma’s mouth opened slightly as he breathed in and out in a gentle rhythm. In the gap between his parted lips, Tezuka could glimpse a single fang. Were they easy to talk around? Ryoma wasn’t particularly talkative, so it was hard to pick up on any unusual speech patterns.
There wasn’t much else to look at in the room, so he settled for watching Ryoma closely. There were lots of little details that fascinated him when he wasn’t distracted by fear or concern or claustrophobia – like the way his lashes brushed against his cheeks, and the almost feminine curve of his collarbone. Tezuka winced when he caught sight of the remains of a glaring red wound across the pale throat. To think that he had caused it… it probably would have killed any normal person without medical attention. Especially as it still hadn’t fully healed after more than a week…
He patiently waited for Ryoma to stir. Tezuka had a lot of practice at waiting by now. 
Two hours later, his efforts were awarded when those eyelashes fluttered, revealing a pair of sleepy golden eyes to the world. Ryoma yawned, rolling his head to the side. He lay there for a good minute and a half, staring into the space, before suddenly bolting upright on the couch. 
You,” he hissed.
“Good evening, Ryoma,” Tezuka greeted pleasantly.
The vampire’s expression was almost feral; his eyes darted about the room frantically, searching the shadows for threats. “Have you come to kill me?” he rasped.
“No,” he replied levelly. “It’s just me here.”
Ryoma relaxed, but only slightly. He regarded Tezuka warily, fingers ghosting across the jagged red line on his neck.
“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry about that. It was not my intention to hurt you. I merely wished to escape.”
Eyebrows drawn together, Ryoma asked, “Why have you come back?”
“I had to understand.”
That seemed to confuse the vampire. “Understand?”
Tezuka kept his gaze steady. He’d seen the expression when Ryoma first noticed him, and the way his hands shook when glancing about the room for hidden dangers. Ryoma had been scared. It all but confirmed his suspicions. “…You’re just a newborn, aren’t you?”
Golden eyes burned brightly. “What are you talking about?!”
“I was the first person you ever drank blood from, wasn’t I?” Tezuka stated, slightly amazed.
Ryoma leapt to his feet. It might have been impressive in a cape, but it was hardly threatening in jeans and a shirt. “Shut up!”
Tezuka gestured to the books splayed out on the floor next to the couch. “Why else would you need to read about vampires?”
“Shut up!” he repeated, voice rising.
“You have absolutely no clue what you’re doing, do you?” Tezuka continued. “You didn’t want to kill anyone, right? That’s why you were trying to survive off animal blood. But it wasn’t enough. You needed a human. But you couldn’t leave a trail of bodies. That was dangerous. It would be better to kidnap one, and drink from them regularly without turning them.”
Ryoma glared at him. “I hate you.”
“I thought it was odd that you weren’t that strong, and couldn’t do anything when I escaped. And when you were frightened of the sunlight… an older vampire wouldn’t have been so worried about a couple of seconds of sunlight.” Tezuka had turned everything over in his head again and again, and it was all starting to fit. 
“You don’t know anything!”
“How long have you actually been a vampire for?”
A long silence. Eventually, Ryoma slumped bonelessly into the couch, apparently defeated. “…Four months.”
“You held out that long?” Tezuka was mildly impressed.
He folded his arms and looked away. 
Four months ago, had Ryoma just been another unfortunate stranger like him? “What did you do before? Did you work or go to school? Did you have friends or family? Do they know what’s happened to you?”
“Stop asking so many questions!” Ryoma complained, throwing his arms up in exasperation. “Yes! I was in university. I have no idea what my family thinks! I’m probably assumed dead! Technically, I am dead! I really don’t like thinking about it! Are you happy?!”
Tezuka shook his head. “What on earth happened? Who turned you? Shouldn’t you have a master?”
A scowl stretched across the annoyed vampire’s face. “What does it matter? The bastard just did it for kicks, and left me here without telling me a thing. The only thing he explained was the bit about the fangs, right before he bit my throat.” A hand rubbed the side of his neck self-consciously.
He recalled Ryoma’s upset when he mentioned his lack of desire to look after a newborn. Tezuka had assumed a previous newborn had gone bad – not that Ryoma himself was one. 
It changed everything. Tezuka rolled up his sleeve, and exposed his wrist. “Are you hungry?”
Golden eyes widened, wandering to his face. “What?” His voice was barely a whisper.
“You’re hungry. You haven’t drunk anything for over a week, right?” If he’d read the boy’s personality right, he doubted the vampire had gone out to find another human to prey on yet.
“But… you…”
“It’s okay. I’m offering,” he said softly.
Ryoma tentatively left the couch, shuffling over to him, eyes hungrily focused on the exposed wrist. “You’re… you mean…”
“I have no intention of being a prisoner, but I’ll help you out. You still need someone to provide blood, don’t you?”
A pair of solemn eyes regarded him. “Higher.”
“Excuse me?”
Ryoma fidgeted. “The blood higher up your arm was sweeter.”
Blinking, Tezuka spent a moment processing that information. “Ah. That makes sense. That’s probably why vampires always want to drink from the neck. Blood has a higher oxygen content the closer to the heart.” He shrugged his arm out of his shirt, and exposed his collarbone. “Very well. But be careful not to cut too deep.”
Fumbling with the switchblade, Ryoma lurched over to him and knelt on the ground. He hesitated only an instant before slicing the sharp blade across the collarbone, leaving a shallow cut. Tezuka winced, but nodded his permission as Ryoma glanced at him nervously.
The vampire descended upon his shoulder ravenously, licking and sucking at the wound fervently. Tezuka placed his hand on the green-black hair and stroked it a little fondly.
Tezuka had not understood before. If Ryoma had been honest from the beginning, he would have certainly been more willing to cooperate. He had no desire to become some ancient vampire’s pet. Helping out an unlucky teen who’d been thrown unwillingly into these circumstances was a different matter altogether. It weighed heavily on his mind that how he handled things could be the difference between Ryoma keeping his humanity and becoming a bloodthirsty murderer.
Tezuka didn’t bother knocking on the front door to the house anymore. He entered to find Ryoma sitting cross-legged on the floor of the living room, eyes closed and an expression of fierce concentration on his face. 
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“I’ve been trying to turn into mist,” came the grumbled response. “Since those books said…” Giving up, the vampire leapt to his feet and ran over. “You’re here early today.”
“It’s the weekend, I didn’t have work,” Tezuka explained, amused.
“In that case you should have come over earlier!” Ryoma complained. “I was bored.”
Their relationship had apparently inverted. Instead of Ryoma coming to visit him in his room at various hours of day, it was now Tezuka who visited the vampire’s house in the evenings. The reversal caused a rather startling change in attitude. Ryoma had lost some of his cold and aloof demeanour lately, revealing something of a cheeky and playful side that belied his true age. 
That didn’t mean he’d lost of all of his arrogance, unfortunately. Tezuka didn’t pay it any mind; knowing what he did now, he suspected the newborn vampire was just trying to cover up his insecurities.   He was also still horribly lazy, but Tezuka was beginning to think that was a personality trait carried over from his pre-vampirism days.
“Bored again?”
A growl. “Couldn’t sleep. And there’s nothing to do in this house during the day.”
“Hmm. I brought something that might help you with that.” Tezuka opened his bag, and withdrew several small boxes.
Ryoma’s eyes widened. “Is that-?” 
Handing over the parcels, Tezuka asked, “You did say that you used to play video games, right? It doesn’t look like you have a television, so I thought a handheld device…” 
Amber eyes were gleaming in anticipation as they inspected the goods. “I didn’t even realise this was out yet!” He tore off the packaging and carelessly dropped it to the floor. Tezuka picked it up with a sigh and deposited in the kitchen. Ryoma spent several minutes unpacking the spoils, then several more eagerly hunting for a power point to plug the machine into to charge.
While the battery filled up, he practically danced back to Tezuka’s side. “I got you some new books too.” He handed over two detective novels – during a previous conversation Tezuka had mentioned a preference for the genre.
“You do realise that I can buy my own books now?”
Ryoma looked slightly peeved at that, so Tezuka hurriedly accepted the books. “Thank you for going to the trouble anyway. I’m sure they will be excellent.” Ryoma’s face relaxed back into a smirk. “Are you hungry?”
“I’m always hungry.” Tezuka wondered how much blood a vampire needed to drink a day to be properly satiated. Maybe it was just because Ryoma was a newborn? Like how teenagers were in a constant state of starvation. Hopefully he passed through the phase soon – unless they could convince someone else to become a willing donor Tezuka was all there was, and he could only contribute a finite amount of blood per day.
“You want to feed?” he asked, undoing the first few buttons on his shirt.
“You should eat first,” Ryoma insisted. Tezuka nearly fainted last time the vampire drank his blood because he hadn’t eaten beforehand. He hurried into the kitchen and started haphazardly plucking things out of the refrigerator. 
“I’ll cook,” Tezuka interrupted, pushing the boy aside. “No offence, but you’re not very good at it.”
Ryoma glowered, but sat down obediently at the table. “I had no way to know. I can’t taste regular food anymore. I might as well be eating dirt.” The bitterness in his voice was almost palpable.
“I suppose that is why there aren’t any fat vampires in fiction,” he observed.
Ryoma chuckled at that, then stretched out languidly across the table. “How long will it take? I’m huuuuungry.”
“Don’t be so impatient,” Tezuka chided. “Wait like a civilized human.”
“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m hardly human anymore.”
“It’s our choices that define us,” he retorted steadily. “Just because you are a vampire doesn’t mean you should forget your manners.”
Ryoma was silent at that, but looked a little annoyed at being lectured. When Tezuka sat down to eat, he muttered, “You treat me like a kid. Just because I’m a newborn…”
“Human or vampire, you’re still a child,” Tezuka observed.
“It’s not like you’re that much older than me!” Ryoma bristled. 
“I would not have guessed. Do you even know how to do laundry? That shirt has blood stains all over it.”
Ryoma glanced down at it. “Hmmm, so it does. Do you think they’re yours or mine?”
Tezuka rolled his eyes. “You’re hopeless.”
“What’s this?” Ryoma asked, leaning over his shoulder. Tezuka had floor plans spread out over the table.
“I didn’t want to make you wait, so I brought work with me today.”
Ryoma hummed in approval, and rested his chin on his shoulder. 
“Not thinking of going for my throat next are you?” Tezuka asked lightly. He would be lying if he didn’t still occasionally feel the slightest hint of nervousness around the vampire.
To his surprise, the bright golden eyes became shuttered. “No,” was the curt reply. 
Ryoma left his side and went and played games on his handheld in the corner. Tezuka didn’t miss the way that pale hand rubbed anxiously at an equally pale throat, but he didn’t ask.
Ryoma knelt over him, tongue lapping at a small incision on his chest. Tezuka was lying on his back – it made the dizziness easier to deal with. He was just thankful that none of his co-workers had noticed his collection of bandaids and bandages. Being able to wear long sleeves at work all day without raising suspicion probably helped in that regard. At least the shallow cuts seemed to heal rather quickly. In the latest book Tezuka found in the library, there had been a suggestion that vampire spit possessed healing properties. It would account for the fact that so long as a cut wasn’t reopened, it would usually heal without scarring within a day or two.
Ryoma shifted, swinging his leg over his waist to get into a better position. He was effectively straddling him, knees pressing into his sides as he bent his head to capture the precious crimson liquid. Tezuka felt his face grow warm and mentally cursed that pile of trashy gothic romance novels for making him so uncomfortable.
The vampire paused in his feeding, eyes opening to appraise him. “Already?”
Tezuka nodded, and Ryoma backed away with a sigh, fishing out a bandaid and smoothing it out over the thin line of red. Tezuka caught his hand before he could retreat. 
“Promise me,” Tezuka said seriously. “Promise that you’ll never kill anyone. Promise me that you’ll never become a monster.”
Golden eyes bored into hazel. “I’m not going to, you know. Just because you read some book that…”
“Che. Fine.” 
“Why haven’t you bought a bed yet?” Tezuka asked as he redid the buttons on his shirt. Lying on the floor or couch while Ryoma had his nightly feast wasn’t particularly comfortable. 
Scowling, the vampire replied, “Furniture store opening hours don’t agree with me.”
“Couldn’t you get it delivered… oh.” He would still have to open the door to the delivery people. “…I could do it.”
“I could accept the delivery. You could hide in one of the bedrooms so you don’t have to worry about the light, and I’ll accept it for you.”
A thoughtful expression, then a wicked smile. “Make it a king size.”
Tezuka walked briskly down the street – the moon was already high in the sky, spreading its long silvery fingers of light across the empty paths. Work had run quite late, and upon arriving home his mother had called and kept him on the phone for another hour. Ryoma was going to give him an earful for making him wait. 
The boarded up house came into view, and his footsteps quickened at the sight of his destination. Overgrown weeds brushed at his trousers as he entered the property. He paused when he reached the door. It creaked quietly in a brief gust of wind, displaying a sliver of the dark house beyond.
Was Ryoma not home? The door was always closed, even if it wasn’t locked. Always
Hesitantly, Tezuka pushed lightly on the door, wincing at the strangled creak of the hinges. 
There was something off about the house. It was difficult to put his finger on it, but the vibe had changed. 
Voices were coming from the living room. Curious, Tezuka ventured deeper, worry clenching at his gut. Ryoma hadn’t become so hungry while waiting that he’d ambushed some other unsuspecting pedestrian, right?
The sight that greeted him as he stepped across the threshold was not what he expected. 
Another vampire. There was no mistaking it. While Ryoma was pale, the stranger’s skin was almost paper-white. It matched his spiky hair and long, gleaming fangs. He currently had the smaller vampire pinned, struggling, against the wall. A suitcase lay at their feet.
“Where’s the rest of the money?” the white-haired vampire growled.
Ryoma glared, baring his fangs. “I used it.”
“You what?”
“What did you expect? You turn me into a vampire and then leave me here in this empty abandoned house without an explanation. I had to buy stuff. I can’t exactly work a job, you know.”
Tezuka realised that he recognised the suitcase. He’d seen it before on his initial escape from the house, in the unused master bedroom. It was sitting open now, and he could spy messy piles of bank notes scattered within.
His mind back-pedalled to Ryoma’s last statement. This was the vampire that turned Ryoma and then abandoned him? 
He swallowed harshly, and immediately regretted the action as two golden pairs of eyes swivelled to stare at him like beacons in the darkness. 
The face of the stranger twisted into a manic smile. “Oh ho, what’s this?”
“Run!” Ryoma shouted.
Tezuka made to take a step backwards. The other vampire slammed Ryoma against the wall. Tezuka was alarmed to see the wood crack and splinter under the force of the impact. “Stay right where you are.”
Instinct told him to put as much distance between himself and this individual as possible, but he wasn’t about to abandon Ryoma. “Who are you?”
Ignoring him, the white-haired vampire turned back to the boy in his grasp. “Heh. So that’s how you did it. I’ll give you points for originality, brat. But you’ll never grow strong that way.”
“Don’t care. Don’t need to,” Ryoma spat.
Harsh, barking laughter filled the room. “This is priceless! I knew you were a crazy punk!” His grin widened. “I’m glad I let you live now. It’s entertaining. I could use a good fight. I’m willing to overlook the money if you give me one.”
The money. This was the other vampire’s spare base. Tezuka had always just assumed… He must have picked Ryoma up on the street and brought him here to feed, then left. Once or twice Tezuka had wondered where it was the money for the books and furniture came from, but never thought to ask. Given the other vampire’s disposition, it was probably stolen. 
The grip on Ryoma slackened and he dropped to the floor, knees folding underneath him. “Though you’re not a match for me currently. How about this, brat? I’ll give you a week. If you drink a couple of people empty every night, you should be strong enough for some fun by then.”
Tezuka’s throat went dry. Surely Ryoma wouldn’t…
The smaller vampire staggered to his feet. “Forget it. I’m not like you.”
“Heh. You’re a stubborn bastard.” There was a flash of movement, and Tezuka’s breath hitched when a pale hand gripped his shoulder painfully from behind. When did he-? “Perhaps you need some motivation?”
“Idiot!” Ryoma yelled. ‘Why didn’t you run?!”
“You’re awfully attached to your food, I see,” a harsh voice observed, sounding painfully loud next to his ear. “New rules, brat! I’ll be taking him with me. If you want him back, you’d better start getting in touch with your vampire instincts. You won’t have a chance otherwise.”
No. This was all wrong. Tezuka tried to wrest free of the grip, but it was like steel. “Ryoma! Don’t you dare break your-” His words were cut off when pain blossomed in the back of his skull. 
As his vision blurred and faded, a single mocking voice cut through the descending fog. “Akutsu Jin. Pleasure to meet you.”


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Apr. 14th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
I am half-expecting Dan to bounce in from somewhere XD.


And Ryoma lapping at Tezuka's chest.... ♥

And Tezuka ordering Ryoma to become the next pillar of Seigaku not kill people XD

Hmmm. King-size bed? Ryoma planning to play with his food? XD
Apr. 14th, 2008 04:00 pm (UTC)

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♥♥ Going back to find Ryoma ♥♥

And the romance novels and Ryoma at his chest and the promise and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BIT.

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You really know how to end at cliffhangers, don't you? XD This chapter was awesome.

Imagining the boy sucking on the wrist of some other unfortunate stranger bothered him immensely.

Of course it does, Tezuka, of course it does.
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Ooooooooooooooh Akutsu. *was half-expecting Niou to pop out of the blue*

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"Imagining the boy sucking on the wrist of some other unfortunate stranger bothered him immensely"

Of course it does, Tezuka, don't you remember the gothic romances that you read? ^___^

Tezuka,dear, if lying on the uncomfortable floor while Ryoma lapping at your chest got you blushing and thinking of those romance novels, having a bed is just a clear sign that you subconscious what those fictions into reality. Why do you think that Ryoma want a king bed for? *hee hee*

God, how could you stop there? Are you trying to give me gray hair? Love the update...best wishes and regards. ^__^
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tezuka came back. like we all knew he would, that dork adorable little boy. <3

and asdfjkl; tezuka don't kill yourself for him--you haven't even kissed yet! D;

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