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A Traditional Ninja Romance - Chapter 9

Title: A Traditional Ninja Romance

Author: Sinnatious
Summary: TezRyo Ninja AU.  Ryoma's mission:  To infiltrate the Seigaku clan and seduce their leader.
Rating: M for violence and yaoi.

Author’s Note: This is pretty much my favourite chapter. I’m sure you can guess why.
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A Traditional Ninja Romance
By Sinnatious
Chapter 9
Ryoma kept his head bowed while his father leisurely finished drinking his sake. He was tempted to throw it on the old man’s robes and set fire to it, but the last time he’d tried that he’d wound up with second-degree burns all over his arms. It was not a trick he was eager to try again.
Nanjiroh took a lengthy sip, and then leaned back with a yawn. Ryoma briefly considered whether he’d be quick enough to reach the exposed throat with a kunai, before unhappily deciding that the kodachi resting on the table was close enough for his father to easily employ in defence. Chances were the bastard old man was baiting him, and he didn’t particularly want to pick up any injuries that his colleagues might question.
“So… no progress then.”
“No,” Ryoma admitted sourly. He’d continued wearing his new outfit - complete with mask - in the captain’s presence, but either he’d been completely off base with his approach, or Tezuka had grown used to it.
“You really are hopeless, aren’t you?” the old man sighed.
So the facemask ploy hadn’t worked. He’d think up something else. “I don’t really know what you want to accomplish by giving me this mission,” came the retort, accompanied by a fierce scowl.
“Idiot boy! You have to learn the ways of the world some time. Oh, my wonderful son, growing up so fast!”
“Stupid old man.”
“So uncute. You won’t catch anyone with that face. Oh, that reminds me, I brought you a present.” With a wink and a deft twist of the wrist that had Ryoma instinctively reaching for a shuriken, the old man produced the most unusual garment.
He gaped. It was a fine silken translucent nightgown with frilly edges. It was of an exotic sort of design he’d never seen before, and the material was undoubtedly expensive, but it was the utter indecency of the cut – never mind the almost transparent nature of the material – that left him speechless. “What is that for?”
“For your mission, of course! What else would it be for?”
“I’m supposed to wear this?” he asked with wide, horrified eyes.
“Idiot boy! Of course not. It’s for the target.”
He blanched. The idea of Tezuka wearing this…. Thing… was even more ridiculous than the idea of he himself wearing it. His father had obviously officially gone insane. 
Ryoma accepted the garment gingerly, folding it and tucking it under his arm. “If that’s everything…”
“Fine, off with you. I want to get back to my beauties, anyway,” his father said, shooing him away. Ryoma could hear feminine giggles from the next room, and had a sinking feeling about the origin of the fine garment now in his possession. “You’d better make some progress by next time!”
“Sure,” he replied drolly, tugging up his facemask and leaving the house. Even outside, he could hear his father’s voice as he returned to entertaining the girls – likely hired with money he’d earned on missions. 
He was especially cautious while returning to his quarters in the dead of the night – since his room was now wedged between Kaidoh’s and Momoshiro’s, there was a higher probability of someone noticing his comings and goings. It was never a problem with the trainees, as they always slept like the dead, and if anyone were awake to see him they would just assume he was on a mission. The main squad would know differently.
It was sometimes easy to forget his father’s orders while inside the compound, though. Even though he never fully let his guard down, it was hard to remember that he was there on infiltration – he really felt like a part of the clan when Momoshiro would drag him to the kitchens and wheedle the help for extra food, or when Eiji would set up elaborate ambushes just to tackle him into a hug, or when Oishi would insist on patching up even the slightest graze picked up from sparring. It was only when the subject of Tezuka came up that he recalled it. 
He knew that he was dallying. In order for there to be progress, it was obvious that he needed to do something drastic, but…
“You’ve been wearing your facemask a lot more recently,” Fuji commented mildly as they passed in the halls.
How would he know? Fuji never opened his eyes. Ryoma didn’t bother responding.
“Saa, it will probably hinder you more than help you,” Fuji added in an almost careless aside.
Ryoma was immediately wary. “It’s none of your business.”
“If you say so,” Fuji replied cheerily, continuing on his way.
Ryoma let his arm drop. He’d been wrapping his fingers around the hilt of his kodachi without even realising it. 
“Exhibits paranoid tendencies,” a voice muttered behind him. Startled, Ryoma whirled on one foot, hand reaching for his kodachi yet again. He relaxed marginally when he caught sight of glinting glasses. Just Inui.
“What do you want?” he asked, a little grouchily. Talking with Fuji always put him on edge. 
Inui adjusted his glasses. “I’m merely gathering information.”
“Even on your allies?” Ryoma asked blandly. Oishi had regaled him with stories of Inui’s tendency of stalking his colleagues to gather information on their habits, but this was his first brush with it. He’d been hoping that he could avoid piquing the spy’s interest.
“Especially on my allies. I must ask – what is the source of your paranoia? You continually exhibit an advanced awareness of your surroundings, to the level most ninja normally only exhibit during patrols or on missions. While I acknowledge that constant battle-readiness is a desirable trait, my research has demonstrated an average drop of almost fifty percent in efficiency if this state is maintained for more than three days. It is not advantageous if-”
“You’d be nervous too, if Eiji-senpai were trying attack you around every corner,” he interrupted. It wouldn’t be good to let Inui try and investigate what reason he might have for being paranoid.
“It is merely concern on my part. If any member of the clan is not operating at peak efficiency…”
“Thanks, Inui-senpai,” he interjected. “But I’m supposed to be helping Buchou with the paperwork right now.” He slid past the spy, hurrying down the hallway.
“Apparently genuinely likes doing paperwork… perhaps only feels he is able to let down his guard while in the presence of a superior fighter…?” Inui continued his muttered musings in the background.
Honestly, Inui hadn’t been wrong. Ryoma was starting to get tired. He estimated that he’d been at this mission for over two months now, and spent most of that time with his guard at least partway up. The whole problem was that it was so easy to get comfortable and forget himself and let his guard slip – something he couldn’t afford when he was infiltrating a ninja clan. Two months was a long time to maintain that level of paranoia. Obviously if Inui had managed to surprise him earlier, it was starting to take its toll.
That settled it, then. He couldn’t keep delaying any longer. To do so was dangerous. The longer he let things draw out, the higher chance of him making a mistake. Both Inui and Fuji were starting to pay more attention to him. He wouldn’t be able to hold up under their combined scrutiny. And if they discovered him, the mission would fail. Ryoma refused to accept that outcome. He was going to surpass his father as a ninja, and that meant completing missions without fail until he did.
An eerie sort of calm stole over him as he did paperwork with Tezuka that afternoon. He watched the captain stealthily through his lashes, wishing that his facemask could hide his eyes as effectively as his mouth and nose. Tezuka didn’t suspect anything yet. It was sort of infuriating. Ryoma didn’t know how much more blatant he could be – feigned shyness, brushing hands when handing over paperwork each day, coy glances… ninja were supposed to be observant! Perhaps he’d actually found Tezuka’s one weakness – a complete obliviousness to matters of a personal nature.
Unless Tezuka was being deliberately ignorant, but Ryoma refused to contemplate that possibility; it would mean his failure.
He finished the paperwork early, and headed outside for some fresh air. His nerves were tingling in anticipation. If nothing else, the useless old man did at least give him a new idea to try.
Ryoma spent a good two hours in his room that night working up his nerve. He remained kneeling in the centre of his room as the building started to grow dark, waiting until he was certain that his colleagues were settled in and unlikely to try and disturb him.
It was really tempting to put it off for another night. But if he kept doing so, he’d never do it, and the old man would give him an earful.
Ryoma held up the slip of fabric and eyed it distastefully.  He’d never seen anything quite like it; not even during his three days of research. It was obviously some ridiculously expensive imported woman's garment; his father had likely stolen it from one of those up-market prostitutes he’d hired.  The silk was too fine for the old bastard to have bought it himself.

With a sigh, he let the smooth fabric slip through his fingers, catching the straps on his thumbs.  Even if the old man had said that it was for the target, Ryoma couldn't picture Tezuka in something this... undignified.  And it was much too small to even come close to fitting. But, regrettable though it was, the old man was more knowledgeable in such perverted matters than he.

There was no choice.  He'd have to wear it instead.
Ryoma disrobed with a scowl.  Hesitating one last time, he carefully slid the negligee over his head.  The fabric slithered across his skin like cool water, hugging his form and flaring out with a lacy hem halfway up his thighs.  Just grand - there was nowhere he'd be able to hide any weapons with this outfit. He wouldn’t be able to wear his facemask, either.  And the way the fabric hung around his chest and shoulders removed any lingering doubt that this was a girl's garment. The mission was embarrassing enough already, and now he was cross-dressing?  The day he defeated that old man was going to be sweet.

Right... now what?

He was off to see Tezuka, he supposed.  Hopefully this embarrassment was worth it. 
Ryoma fetched a yukata to wrap around himself for the short walk to the captain's room; he felt naked wandering around in this half-transparent rag.  He tried not to think of how the captain would react when he saw him. The worst-case scenario was that Tezuka just thought him crazy and immodest; given the idiosyncrasies of the rest of the Seigaku clan, if he was rebuffed he could maybe try to pass it off as a personality quirk.
He set out down the wooden hallway towards the captain’s room, bare feet not making even a whisper of noise. The rest of the compound was dark and quiet; the trainees would all be asleep, and the older members of the clan were either out on patrol or drinking in Eiji's room.  There was the dull glow from a lantern coming from Tezuka's quarters.  Ryoma lightly tapped on the shoji.  There was a brief silence, then a deep voice calling, "Enter."

He slid the shoji open, stepped inside, and closed it carefully behind him.  Tezuka was seated on the floor at his desk, working as usual.   He was also dressed in a yukata, and about to go to bed if the laid out futon nearby was any indication.  He set aside his brush as he turned to regard his visitor.  "Echizen.  Is something the matter?"
Ryoma didn’t respond. He approached the desk, fiddling with the obi that held the yukata closed, and let the fabric fall from his shoulders.
Tezuka blinked, staring at him in stunned silence. Ryoma sidled forward, dropping to his knees and leaning across the desk, hands resting on the papers scattered over its surface. He was vaguely aware of the thin fabric of the negligee hanging slightly, giving Tezuka a clear view of his exposed chest. It was with some satisfaction that Ryoma noticed the dark brown eyes wandering in that direction.
Eventually, Tezuka found his voice. Clearing his throat, he asked, “What are you thinking?”

"I think this makes my intentions pretty clear," Ryoma murmured. “You’re just being thick.”
“You’re saying…” Tezuka’s voice was quiet, and tightly controlled. Ryoma leaned in a little further, eyes half lidded and glowing in the dim light. 
“Why else would I keep doing paperwork every day?” A hint of frustration found its way into his voice, but Ryoma quickly smoothed it. 
Tezuka was silent. It didn’t strike him as a good sign. Perhaps he was to be killed for his insubordination.  Ryoma once again regretted not being able to hide any weapons in the skimpy outfit.
The captain took off his glasses, cleaning them on his yukata. Ryoma found himself staring – he’d never seen Tezuka without his glasses before. He was broken out his reverie when the captain uttered a single word, replacing the glasses on his nose.


Was this the moment that could make or break him?  "You're so insecure that you need to ask?"

Tezuka remained stone-faced.

Apparently so.  Twisting his lips into what he hoped was a convincing smile, Ryoma listed, "You're strong.  You're calm.  You're always composed, and never annoying.  You're the leading example of a perfect ninja.  You're handsome, honest, reliable, and kind.  What kind of fool wouldn't like you?"

Ryoma paused, mildly disconcerted at how easily the words had fallen from his lips. He hadn't been lying, he realised.  He really did like and admire all those things in Tezuka.

Tezuka still didn't move, or even react.  It looked as though his efforts had failed. Time to stage a tactical retreat, and salvage what progress he could.

"Sorry.  I should have realised... I understand."  Why did he feel so bitter all of a sudden?  "Someone like yourself probably wouldn't-"

A pair of warm lips captured his mouth mid-word.

Ryoma's eyes briefly went wide, and then slid closed.

In those three days before the mission had begun, he'd done some research and a very rudimentary amount of practice... but it had been nothing like this.
Conscious thought abandoned him as he was swept away by sensation. A part of him was vaguely aware of a tongue probing gently at his lips. He opened his mouth slightly, granting access. He let out a barely audible mewl at the unexpected feelings borne from Tezuka plundering his mouth. His body was starting to grow warm.
When they broke apart, he was surprised to see the normally aloof captain’s face flushed. “Buchou…”
Tezuka stood, moving the paperwork to the side. It struck Ryoma as a terribly fastidious thing to do, but he was honestly still a little too dazed to really make fun of it. He held out his hand, and Ryoma took it out of reflex. Tezuka gently pulled him to his feet, and led him towards the futon. 
His heart started thudding heavily in his chest. Was he really…?
Tezuka must have seen the question on his face. “You’ve changed your mind?”
Ryoma shook his head fiercely. “No. It’s just… you…”
Tezuka appeared briefly uncomfortable. “I have… I’ve been resisting the notion.” There was an awkwardly long pause before he offered; “It did not strike me as wise to become involved with a subordinate.” 
That was so like the captain. “What changed your mind?”
Tezuka pulled him close, and lowered him on to the futon. “A number of things. Your determination. And I admit that I have been irritated lately, as well.” He bent down, glasses glinting in the lamplight, and pressed their mouths together again. Ryoma’s eyes slid closed.
“It bothered me when you started wearing your facemask all the time,” Tezuka murmured into the kiss. “It’s like you’re hiding.”
Butterflies were dancing in his stomach. Ryoma returned the kiss fervently, thoughts reduced to a mere haze. Tezuka’s fingertips started trailing across the silken fabric that was doing a poor job of covering his abdomen. Ryoma broke away with a gasp at the unexpected contact, arching his back. He didn’t understand how such a light touch could leave such a trail of fire on his skin. The fingers continued their path down to his thigh, before slipping under the edge of the sheer fabric. 
Ryoma hadn’t expected things to move this quickly, and found himself losing control of the situation. He’d expected some sort of result from such a drastic measure, but never anticipated that Tezuka would start taking initiative on his own. It was good, though – that was the point. But he was starting to get the sensation of being a boat on a rampaging river; he’d pushed away from the pier, but was now being irresistibly pulled along by the tide.
Ryoma squeaked when calloused hands brushed over a particularly sensitive spot in their exploration, and then covered his mouth, embarrassed by the sound. Was Tezuka smiling at him? Surely it was just a trick of the light. “Now you’re getting nervous?” the captain asked wryly.
He didn’t trust his voice right then, so he didn’t reply. Tezuka’s lips quirked, and he leaned in closer. His breath felt almost painfully hot against his neck. Ryoma couldn’t deny his growing arousal – in that indecent outfit it was there plain to see. The captain noticed, too, but didn’t remark; he merely lifted the negligee up. “Raise your hips,” he instructed. Ryoma breathlessly complied, and the captain slid the delicate fabric past them.
“Where did you get this?” Tezuka questioned as he pushed the silky negligee up until it was pooled under his armpits. The coarse fabric of the captain’s yukata felt like sandpaper against his exposed stomach after it. 
“For someone so quiet, you talk a lot during sex,” Ryoma remarked, pulling him down for another kiss. While Tezuka was occupied with that, his fingers tugged impatiently at the obi holding the captain’s yukata closed. It wasn’t fair that he was lying there almost naked and Tezuka hadn’t even uncovered his chest.
Tezuka obliged him, casting aside the fabric and leaving his body bare. Ryoma found himself staring – the broad shoulders and finely muscled physique were simply unearthly when dappled in warm lantern light. 
“You have a lot of scars,” Tezuka observed, fingers drifting across a thin jagged line on his abdomen, and then wandering to a series of small white marks on his side. From the glint in his eyes, it was obvious that he was calculating what sorts of weapons could be responsible for the shapes and how severe the injuries incurred were.
It was one of the perils of regularly training with a ninja so much stronger than himself and being thrown into missions he wasn’t ready for from a young age. Ryoma wasn’t particularly in the mood to discuss it, though, and splayed a hand across the captain’s chest. He could feel Tezuka’s heart beat under his palm. “Che, I’m not as strong as you yet. You’ve got hardly any at all.” His hand slid up the captain’s shoulder, tracing over what looked like an old stab wound, and then drifted to the elbow where a thin mark indicated a close brush with a kunai. The dreamy expanse was otherwise flawless.
Tezuka closed his eyes, lips brushing across his right eyebrow. The shallow cut from Ibu’s sword hadn’t left a mark, but the skin still tingled in memory of the wound. “You know that I might not want to send you out into the field, after this,” the captain murmured. His hands were starting to wander again.
“Impossible. You’re too responsible,” Ryoma gasped, breath starting to grow short at Tezuka’s ministrations. “You wouldn’t let any asset lay idle and grow weak just because of personal attachment.”
Tezuka’s lips found his way to his collarbone next. “Perhaps you’re right.”
Ryoma was growing impatient – Tezuka seemed perfectly content to just explore his body, even though it was plainly obvious that the heat was growing too intense for both of them. He wound his arms around the captain’s neck, wrapped his legs around his waist and pinned him with a golden glare. “Stop talking already and get on with it.”
Tezuka quietly complied.
Somewhere in the throes of pleasure Ryoma allowed himself a moment of smug satisfaction.
Mission accomplished.


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May. 17th, 2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I haven't read it yet but after your comment last week I've been looking forward to it so much! Lucky I'm still up!
May. 17th, 2008 02:46 pm (UTC)
Oh. My. God.

It was a fine silken translucent nightgown with frilly edges.

It’s for the target.


*falls over laughing*


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May. 17th, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC)

“You know that I might not want to send you out into the field, after this,” the captain murmured. ROFL Overprotective much, buchou?

In those three days before the mission had begun, he'd done some research and a very rudimentary amount of practice... practice? PRACTICE? Oooooohohohohoh, Ryoma, you naughty, naughty boy. *nudgenudge* What kind of practice was it? Ne? Ne?

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May. 18th, 2008 05:54 am (UTC)
Heeee. ;) It's much more fun implied, no? Honestly, to begin with those three days were going to be much more important, but couldn't make it work plot-wise.

You know Tezuka would immediately have conflict of interest. He'd want to go on all Ryoma's missions to protect him. Or just assign him to do paperwork all day where he can watch him. ;)
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May. 17th, 2008 05:43 pm (UTC)
OH GOSH. This was brilliant. Can I just say, finally? The very thought of Ryoma in a translucent nightgown, trying to seduce Tezuka, and what happens afterwards.

“You know that I might not want to send you out into the field, after this,” the captain murmured.

That makes me go "awww." :)

I greatly enjoyed this chapter, but there's a niggling feeling of angst coming up that I'm dreading, but I'll take any happiness thrown my way for now.

PS. I was wondering this from the beginning, but does Nanjiroh really think that the leader's a female? Or is he making fun of Ryoma at his expense?
May. 18th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
That would be telling! It's all pretty obvious, though.

...Clearly you are sensitive to the currents of angst. .____.
May. 17th, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC)

Mission Accomplished. INDEED.

Oh. My. God.



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May. 18th, 2008 06:01 am (UTC)
It was too much Ryoma for him to handle. ;)
May. 17th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
<3! Go Ryoma!!!
May. 17th, 2008 10:16 pm (UTC)
o.o you know..... if you manage to break our brains just by writing this.....I have a feeling that you would all together kill us if you actually wrote a lemon XXXXXXXXXPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May. 18th, 2008 05:59 am (UTC)
I'm not sure if I could even survive writing a lemon myself. I would, I don't know, die of blood loss before I finished or something. *laughs* THAT'S WHAT THESE PILLARS DO TO YOU.
May. 17th, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC)
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Haha, and of course Tezuka was resisting, but in the end he was no match for Ryoma's straight forward attack. Oh gosh, the nightgown was a nice touch. Nanjiroh has a twisted sense of humour. XD

Looking forward to the 'morning after' chapter. ♥
May. 18th, 2008 06:00 am (UTC)
What would Ryoma's nightgown attack be called as a ninja move I wonder?
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May. 18th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
...-wanted tezuka in that nightgown- =| =|

Does Nanjiroh have any idea who the target is? xD

May. 18th, 2008 05:51 am (UTC)

You've already got God to put Tezuka in a bunny suit! What more do you want?! Also, I don't think it would fit Tezuka, if it was already a tight fight on Ryoma.
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May. 18th, 2008 07:21 am (UTC)
Did you hear all those dogs howling? It's because of mt supersonic squealing...OMG, Ryoma in the nightgown and ROTFLOL at the image of Tezuka in the small nightgown...Poor Tezuka, now he has to deal with his conflicting emotions of protectiveness and responsibility...maybe you should just tire Ryoma out *grin wickedly* or distract Ryoma by wearing a sexy nightgown *hehehe* ...I won't mind staying behind for those reasons. *grin*
May. 18th, 2008 08:14 am (UTC)
Heh. ♥ I'm sort of amazed by the number of people who would have preferred to see Tezuka wear the nightgown?!
May. 18th, 2008 10:20 am (UTC)

Poor Tezuka. His self-control was so slaughtered. Blame the nightgown.

Mission accomplished, Ryoma. You have made us fangirls very, very happy (entertained?) indeed. XDXDXD

If only I can find more fics like these in ff.net. *mutters in a corner*
May. 18th, 2008 10:26 am (UTC)
I'll probably post this there eventually (since multi-chapters don't archive that well on LJ) but I get that feeling that won't count. XP

Indeed, LJ is the best source for tenipuri fic. *nods*
May. 18th, 2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
... 8D *squeals and flails* Finally! Haha, Ryoma in skimpy nightgown! Of course Tezuka can't resist it! Who could?

Snap, now I won't be able to go to church and think holy thoughts... ... ah well, who cares! XP
May. 26th, 2008 08:04 pm (UTC)
Oh my gaawd finally finally! YES! TEZURYO WAHAHHAH! THAT WAS SOOO HOOOT! WAAAAH!!!!! Buchou is quite chatty during sex! YOU WIN THE INTERNET TO THE INFINITY TIEMS! WAH! The whole chapter was... aaah... Im gonna reread this chapter again and again after I read the next updates! I knew it! Nanjiroh probably assumed that Ryuuzaki's granddaughter was the head Ninja.. well I sure am convinced he thought the head was female... heeeeh! Gawd I can sooo picture Ryoma in the sexy lingerie getting RAVISHED by the very much horny BUCHOU who has obviously been holding back since he saw Ryoma... we all know how he must be undressing Ryoma with his eyes when the 1st time they met! waaaah, its now 4 am here and I'm stil not sleeping!!! WAH! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~ Hikari Manganji ~~~
Aug. 10th, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
cutest chapter ever! Tezuka was resisting all along! geez!
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