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And now for some fluff!

Author: Sinnatious

Rating: PG-13

Words: 4,141

Summary:  A pair of drabbles about painkillers gone wrong, causing shenanigans of the TezRyo variety. Complete fluff, and drug-induced OOCness.

Author’s Note: This is just basically me making up for writing so much angsty stuff like this lately. Has probably being done better before, and if not, what is wrong with everyone?



The day after Seigaku’s match with Fudomine saw a quiet return to regular school routine. Tezuka had been making good use of his lunch hour in the library, getting ahead on assignments while he could. Between his duties as student council president and captain of the tennis club, such spare moments were invaluable in keeping on top of his workload. With a glance at the clock, he returned the borrowed books to their shelves. There were only a few minutes left until lunch ended.
The quiet never lasted long at Seigaku. The first sign of trouble arrived as he left the library. He’d not walked more than three steps from that sanctuary when he suddenly found himself with an armful of freshman.
“I’m sorry, are you alright?” Tezuka asked, reflex courtesy kicking in. Glancing down, he was surprised to see that it was a rather familiar face that he’d run into – or rather, had run into him. “Echizen?” He was still wearing an eye patch to cover the injury he’d received from his broken racquet the day before, though he’d replaced it with a clean one sans signatures. It must have blocked him from the first-year’s sight.
Echizen didn’t answer immediately. In fact, he seemed a little dazed. Tezuka was concerned – he hadn’t run into him that hard, had he? He was being a little slow to move away too.  Tezuka was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable.
As though reading his mind, Echizen suddenly took several lurching steps back. “Pervert!”
Tezuka was confused. “What?”
The freshman was looking at him, but it didn’t feel like he was actually seeing him. “Trying to feel me up, weren’t you? Are you some sort of paedophile?” Echizen’s voice sounded a little strange. Did he always slur his words together like that?
“What are you talking about?” Tezuka wasn’t sure whether to be offended at the accusation or concerned. He knew that he looked old for his age, but accusing him of such a thing was a bit much, even for a prank.
He never received an answer. Apparently forgetting his very odd allegation – which was completely out of place as Echizen had been the one to run into Tezuka in the first place – the freshman continued heading down the hall; although perhaps ‘floated’ would be the better term.
Tezuka stared after his team’s youngest member, bewildered but not certain what to make of it. How unusual. Turning his attention forward again, Tezuka only made it another three steps before Inui came running onto the scene.
“Tezuka!” The data-gatherer hurried over to him, looking rather distressed. “Good. Perhaps you can help.” His normally composed classmate was flustered, eyes scanning the halls as though looking for someone.
“Inui,” Tezuka greeted. “Is something the matter?”
“It’s Echizen.”
Those words automatically made dread curl in his stomach. When giving him the opportunity in the ranking matches, Tezuka had not realised the extent of which Echizen was a magnet for trouble. “What’s happened?” He was suddenly very suspicious about that odd encounter.
“It’s not exactly as though anything has happened…”
Adjusting his glasses, Inui admitted, “There’s been a slight… accident. At the start of lunch, he mentioned that his eye was throbbing, and thinking that I would help…”
“It was just something for the pain. A home remedy I devised myself. I’ve used it plenty of times without any problems.”
Inui,” Tezuka repeated, growing impatient.
The data-gatherer swallowed harshly. “I forgot to take into account that Echizen has a smaller body mass.”
Tezuka closed his eyes, feeling a headache coming on. Inui was randomly prescribing homemade painkillers. Tezuka didn’t even want to know what laws his team’s manager was breaking. “And?”
“He started acting a little strange. By the time I realised my error, we’d already lost track of him. We’re attempting to look for him now.”
The idea of a half-blind drugged-up Echizen wandering around the school campus was vaguely distressing – especially if he was going to randomly declare anyone he ran into a pervert. “I’ll help. I saw him just a minute ago – he should still be nearby.”
Inui appeared relieved. “Thanks. The others are looking too.”
Tezuka nodded to show he heard, and briskly walked in the direction Echizen had vanished, eyes scanning over clumps of students for the young regular. There wasn’t much time left in lunch, and it would be prudent to discover their missing rookie before then. He made a mental note to assign Inui fifty laps in afternoon practice.
Honestly, though, didn’t Echizen know better than to accept anything made by Inui? Although thinking about it, the freshman probably hadn’t yet been introduced to Inui’s legendary juices. It was a little amazing that none of the other seniors thought to warn him. Even Kikumaru thought Inui’s juices went beyond the acceptable parameters of practical joking.
For someone high on painkillers, Echizen apparently moved very quickly, as he was nowhere in sight. Tezuka headed towards the science block next – he had vague memories of occasionally sighting Echizen hitting a tennis ball against the wall there. Halfway there, a black uniform caught the corner of his eye. Turning, he realised that he’d finally located their missing freshman.
“Echizen!” he called. No response. What was he doing? He appeared to be wandering aimlessly amongst the bushes, intent on something that Tezuka couldn’t see.
“Echizen!” he repeated, making his way across the grass.
As he grew closer, the cause for Echizen’s odd movements became apparent – he was following a butterfly. His head bobbed and weaved slightly to match its movement as it flitted amongst the bushes and clumps of trees. It wandered across the grass, flying over the covered walkway that connected the buildings. Echizen tracked its path unerringly, and then proceeded to walk straight into a pole.
Tezuka hurried over. “Are you alright?” No doubt having one eye covered was messing with Echizen’s depth perception. It looked like he’d run into the pole rather hard, but he was just standing there, seemingly unbothered. Tezuka placed a hand on his shoulder before he could resume chasing after colourful insects.
He certainly wasn’t expecting Echizen to stiffen under his grasp and wrench his shoulder away. “Let go!”
“Echizen!” he exclaimed, grabbing at a flailing arm before the freshman could abscond on him. “What-?”
“Who are you?! Strangers aren’t allowed on campus! Pervert!” he exclaimed. 
It was the second time he’d been declared a pervert in ten minutes. Inui was going to run a hundred laps. “Echizen, I’m not-”
“You’re a creep! I’ll scream!” Tezuka knew that even if he really were in trouble, Echizen was not the type to scream for help, but under the influence of one of Inui’s concoctions anything was possible. Grabbing the other wrist, he forced the freshman to face him.
“Echizen! Look at me!” he ordered loudly and clearly.
At last a single glazed golden eye focused on him. The other was still hidden away under the white bandage. “Buchou?”
Tezuka waited patiently for Echizen to gather his wits. After a moment, the first-year exclaimed, “Buchou, there’s a pervert wandering around the school! He’s attacked me twice now!”
Tezuka could feel his eyebrow twitch, but outwardly displayed no other reaction. “There wasn’t-”
“I suppose you’ll be okay though. Since you look so old and all. They probably only go after freshmen,” Echizen rambled on. He glanced around, and then tried to walk away again. “Hey, where did-”
Tezuka jerked him back by his wrist before he could resume chasing butterflies. “We’re going to the infirmary.”
“The infirmary? Why would I want to go there? I feel fine.” Echizen drawled the last word out in a sort of singsong voice that didn’t really suit him, confirming that he was anything but fine. Tezuka pulled him along by his left arm, half-dragging the reluctant freshman to the infirmary. 
Echizen made a few more attempts to wander off whenever something shiny distracted him, but Tezuka’s grip on his wrist was sure. They arrived at the infirmary in one piece, and the senior was vaguely distressed to discover the nurse absent. 
He instructed Echizen to sit on the bed, pondering what to do. The bell signalling the end of lunch trilled loudly, echoing through the school halls. Tezuka had Maths next. Was there a way to get in contact with Inui?
Small hands grasped at his glasses; Tezuka batted them away automatically. Echizen was undeterred, even though he could barely reach. 
Tezuka pinched the bridge of his nose. He’d been planning on leaving the freshman there to sleep it off, or better yet in the care of the one of the other club members responsible for the whole mess, but it was woefully apparent that such a thing was impossible. Echizen was liable to become bored within minutes and set out to wander around the school in a drug-induced haze, running into walls and following butterflies. 
Reluctantly, Tezuka took a seat next to the bed. “Lie down and try to sleep,” he ordered when Echizen made another grab for his glasses. 
Echizen didn’t respond, though he did at least give up on the glasses. He didn’t lie down though – he just sat there with a sort of dazed expression. Fortunately he didn’t appear to be in any discomfort; Inui’s homemade painkillers apparently worked regardless of the side effects.
They sat there in peaceful silence for a few minutes – Tezuka because he really had no desire to try and communicate with the rookie when he was so out of it, and Echizen because… well, with how he was currently it was anyone’s guess. The senior started revising that day’s Maths lesson in his head as compensation for being forced to skip class.
Tezuka was lost in his mental revision when Echizen abruptly swung his legs over the side of the bed. The captain immediately stood and grasped him by the shoulders, convinced that the freshman was about to try and abscond on him again.
Echizen did nothing of the sort; he just stared at Tezuka for a long moment. It was mildly disconcerting matching a one-eyed stare. Then Echizen’s gaze started wandering around, eventually settling with an unnatural fixation on his chest.
Tezuka gently pushed on the freshman’s shoulders, trying to encourage him to lie down so that he might just sleep it off. Echizen at first acquiesced, leaning back at his touch, but his hand suddenly darted out like a cat’s claw, latching on to the front of Tezuka’s uniform. 
Briefly confused by the action, it took Tezuka several moments to react as Echizen started undoing the buttons on his jacket. “What are you-?” Tezuka was sure he was blushing. Had Echizen misconstrued his intentions? He just wanted the freshman to sleep! Tezuka was mortified, and somewhat unsure of what to do as Echizen methodically started to undress him. His heart thudded loudly in his chest, and he found himself paralysed by shock. 
His embarrassment melted away, however, when he glanced down and realised Echizen’s true target: the shiny buttons on his uniform.
With a sigh, Tezuka shrugged off the black outer jacket of his uniform and relinquished it to the eager hands. He still had his white shirt underneath, and the buttons on that were plastic and boring and hopefully would escape Echizen’s drug-induced fascination for anything small and pretty.
The senior wasn’t sure if he was amused or disappointed. He sat back down on the chair next to the bed, keeping a weary eye on the clock on the wall as Echizen held the buttons up high, tilting them so that they would catch the light. 
Inui was going to run a thousand laps for this. Tezuka didn’t care how many practices it took him to do it.
The Seigaku Regulars were gathered in a rather disorganized mess on the front doorstep of the Tezuka household. Momoshiro and Kikumaru were jostling each other with their elbows for the right to be the ones to ring the doorbell. While they were fighting, Fuji stepped up to the door and knocked instead.
“Just a minute!” A feminine voice called out. There was a patter of footsteps approaching the door. It opened a minute later to reveal a middle-aged woman wearing a warm smile. “Oh? Kunimitsu’s friends! You’re here early!”
Remarkably, given the propensity of several of their number to be late for any appointment. “We’ve all been worried about Tezuka, I guess,” Oishi offered sheepishly. “Is it a problem?”
She visibly hesitated, then smiled and opened the door wider in invitation. “No, no, come on in.”
They shuffled inside as a unit, glancing about themselves in wonder. “So this is where Tezuka-buchou lives,” Momoshiro remarked, craning his neck to peer down the hallway. Inui’s pen was scribbling notes furiously into his notebook. Ryoma smirked, tugging his cap off as he entered the house.
“You can call me Ayana,” Tezuka’s mother said as she led them through. “And let me just say that I’m so happy to see Kunimitsu’s team come to visit him.”
“It’s Summer Holidays… we wouldn’t see him otherwise,” Oishi replied, embarrassed. “And we’ve been missing him at practice…”
“It’s very nice of you all the same,” Ayana stated, leading them through the house. “Kunimitsu has been relaxing in the living room today, but he’s a bit…”
“Hello Tezuka,” Fuji called when they caught sight of the captain. He was sitting on the couch in front of the television in the living room, across from a man reading a newspaper that they assumed must be Tezuka’s father. 
“Kunimitsu, your friends are here,” he said, lowering the paper briefly. “I’m Kuniharu,” he offered.
Everyone muttered a nervous introduction, all privately reeling at the resemblance between the captain and his father. They looked eerily similar, but possessed completely different vibes. Ryoma wondered if perhaps all this time, the two had swapped bodies. Kuniharu felt more like a teenager than their esteemed leader did. 
“Tezuka,” Kawamura prompted, when the captain didn’t show any sign of registering their presence.
Tezuka didn’t so much look at them as stare through them. “Hello,” he greeted vaguely. 
It was mildly disconcerting. The regulars shuffled awkwardly in place, before dispersing to find various perches around the room. Oishi and Fuji took the seats on either side of Tezuka, while the rest of the regulars filled up the other chairs. Ryoma found himself the odd one out, and settled next to the captain’s feet with a scowl, back braced against the bottom of the sofa.
“So… Tezuka,” Fuji began pleasantly. “How did the trip to the doctor go?’
Tezuka didn’t respond. He stared at Fuji at length, and then started methodically grabbing at air.
“What’s he doing?” Momoshiro whispered.
“I believe he’s attempting to remove the dust particles from the air,” Inui observed, adjusting his glasses.
“Unyaaa, Tezuka is being weird,” Kikumaru mumbled.
Kuniharu waved a hand dismissively. "Don't mind him, he's high on drugs right now. Didn’t Ayana warn you?"
“Drugs?” Kawamura looked faintly alarmed.
“Painkillers. His shoulder was bothering him earlier.”
“Oh! That explains it, then,” Oishi said, relieved.
“Che, what did you think it was, senpai?” Ryoma asked from the floor.
“I don’t know… maybe…” It was amusing to see the vice-captain so flustered.
“Umm, so Tezuka… is there even a point trying to talk to him?” Kawamura asked.
“Sure, sure. He responds sometimes, but don’t expect his answers to make much sense,” Kuniharu advised, folding up his newspaper. “I’ll leave you kids to visit. Call someone if there’s any problems.” He left the room.
“Maybe he should be upstairs resting instead of down here talking to us,” Fuji remarked mildly.
“Fuji! Don’t talk about Tezuka as though he isn’t here!” Oishi chided.
“Well, he sort of isn’t, right?” Momoshiro laughed.
“Fsssshuuuu, shut up idiot. Don’t be disrespectful to the captain.”
“Who are you calling an idiot?!”
Ryoma was content to sit back quietly while his teammates argued – not wanting to contribute to their captain’s loss of dignity – but it appeared that he wasn’t going to be so lucky. He started when a hand suddenly landed on his head. 
He glanced up, and was shocked to see how close Tezuka’s face had become. The captain had bent over in his seat, fingers playing with strands of green-black hair. He was wearing a sort of dreamy smile on his face. It completely transformed his features; Ryoma found himself mesmerized, only vaguely aware of the other regulars having fits around the room.
“Tezuka-buchou smiled!”
“Interesting. This is valuable data.”
Kaidoh’s hissing sounded about as surprised as one could make a hiss.
“Oishi, what does your uncle have him on?” Kikumaru asked, grabbing his doubles partner’s arm as though afraid.
“That’s Kuniharu’s fault,” Ayana sniffed, entering the room with a tray of snacks. “He read the dosage wrong. We called the doctor, and he said it should work itself out of his system in a few hours.”
“Maybe we should come back later after all,” Kawamura suggested meekly.
“Nonsense. You came all this way, and Kunimitsu is obviously very happy to see you.”
“Very happy to see Echizen, more like it,” Fuji remarked, amused. Ayana smiled indulgently at them and left the room again.
“Fuji-senpai,” Ryoma groused. He didn’t move from his position on the floor, though. Tezuka tugged a little too hard on his hair every now and again, but for the most part the fingers threading through it felt nice, leaving trails of tingling sensation across his skull.
“Soft,” Tezuka murmured. It was only the second word he’d uttered since they’d arrived.
“You like Echizen’s hair, huh, Tezuka?” Oishi inquired with a smile.
“I think that’s fairly obvious,” Inui observed. 
“I’m trying to make conversation here Inui,” Oishi patiently replied.
“Not about my hair, senpai,” Ryoma muttered from the floor.
“What else can we talk about?” Momoshiro asked.
“Fssssshuuuu, obviously tennis, moron.”
“You stupid Viper! Why would he want to talk about tennis when his shoulder’s hurt?!”
“Nya, tell Tezuka about all those laps you made Momo run for fighting with Kaidoh, Oishi!”
“Why’s everyone picking on me today?” Momoshiro despaired.
“I’m sure you’re not interested in hearing about something like that, right Tezuka?” Oishi asked. “Oh, but the club is doing pretty well. We ran a lot of drills yesterday, and Ryuuzaki-sensei was in a good mood with the win over Hyotei. We’re hoping you’ll be able to come back soon, of course.”
The hand playing with his hair stilled. “Oishi,” Tezuka said suddenly. 
“Yes? What is it?” the vice-captain asked eagerly, bolstered by an actual response.
“Did you do the homework assignment?”
Long silence.
“Umm… it’s Summer holidays, Tezuka. We don’t have any assignments due.”
Tezuka just frowned at that. The hand resumed running through Ryoma’s hair.  Apparently that was all that the captain had to say on the subject. 
“Maintaining that position is rather detrimental to your posture, Tezuka,” Inui observed. 
“I’ll move,” Ryoma said immediately. He didn’t particularly want to risk his hair becoming the focal point of the conversation again anyway. As he stood up Tezuka made a small noise of discontent in his throat. “Sorry, Buchou.”
He hadn’t expected the hand to suddenly reach out and tug on his wrist. Ryoma overbalanced and fell back onto the couch in-between Tezuka and Oishi. “Are you okay Echizen?” Oishi asked in alarm, shifting to the side to make room.
“M’fine,” he responded with a wince, and tried to reclaim his arm. Tezuka still held it firmly in his grasp though, and was holding his hand close to his face. Feeling suddenly self-conscious, Ryoma closed it into a fist, but Tezuka then just pried his fingers free again. He closed his eyes and let the captain do as he pleased. Apparently his fingernails were rather fascinating. At least the weird dreamy smile had been replaced with a contemplative expression more befitting of their esteemed leader.
“Oh hey, cookies!” Kikumaru discovered, only just now noticing the snacks that Ayana had left behind.
“Do you want one Echizen?” Momoshiro asked; two already stuffed into his mouth.
“Maybe later, Momo-senpai,” he sighed, resigned to entertaining a drugged up Tezuka. The captain was humming lightly under his breath as he splayed Ryoma’s left hand against his right one, comparing sizes. 
“So small,” he commented. Ryoma wished that he were still wearing his cap so that he could hide his face.
“Heh, this reminds me of when my father was on painkillers after he cut his hand,” Kawamura recalled. “He spent an hour lecturing me on how to make rice balls.”
“That’s not so weird,” Kikumaru pointed out.
“It wouldn’t have been, but he kept insisting that using sugar would be better than rice.”
The rest of the regulars laughed at that, and started comparing hospital stories. Meanwhile Tezuka had dragged Ryoma half on to his lap, with an arm wrapped around his waist to stop the freshman from pulling away and reclaiming his hand. Ryoma eventually ceased struggling and sat there quietly, resolving not to react as Tezuka brought his hand up to cradle his cheek. It was difficult to fight down the blush heating his face, though.
After a good ten minutes of playing with his left hand, Tezuka settled into a comfortable position. Ryoma carefully reclaimed his arm, and snatched a cookie from the edge of the coffee table in front of him. He hoped he hadn’t acted that weird when he’d been on painkillers.
“I think Tezuka’s found a good teddy bear,” Fuji observed. Ryoma couldn’t see Tezuka’s expression, but from his recent lack of movement assumed that he was getting sleepy. It was about time the drowsiness kicked in. He was willing to make concessions for the captain in this state, but he had his own dignity to think of, too.
“I guess Echizen is the favourite,” Kawamura said with a smile.
“Of course! Ochibi is so cuddly, nya!” Kikumaru declared, draping himself over the back of the couch. The action seemed to rouse Tezuka who pulled Ryoma closer possessively, as though the acrobat might steal his teddy bear away.
“I am not cuddly!” Ryoma protested, though it fell sort of flat when Tezuka was squeezing the air out of his lungs. “Buchou, let go already.” He squirmed in place, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. 
“It’s comfortable,” Tezuka responded, adjusting his grip to compensate for Ryoma’s escape attempts. 
“Maybe for you,” he muttered, feeling embarrassed. He squeaked when a cold hand slithered up underneath his shirt. 
“Warm,” Tezuka murmured, resting his chin on his shoulder. His eyes were half-lidded and drowsy.
There was a click and blinding flash. Ryoma glared at his teammates, blinking away motes of light from his vision. “Fuji-senpai, that’s not helping.”
Fuji waved the camera in the air. “Saa, but we might never see Tezuka like this ever again.”
Occupied with trying to gently remove Tezuka’s wandering hands, Ryoma didn’t respond. “Buchou!” he gasped, when the captain’s fingers slid past the elastic of his pants instead, and frantically pushed that arm away. Tezuka, for his part, seemed uncaring and utterly enthralled with making his hands dance across the pale skin of his stomach. Ryoma barely stifled a giggle when he brushed a ticklish spot. This was embarrassing enough already – he didn’t need his teammates to see him giggling like a five-year-old. “Senpai, help already!”
“But it seems like you two are having such fun.” Fuji’s smile looked far too coy for his peace of mind. 
“Maybe we should leave them to it,” Oishi suggested, looking a little embarrassed as Tezuka continued playing with the hem of Ryoma’s shirt. 
“Yeah, at least we came to say hello,” Momoshiro agreed. “Though will he even remember it?”
“I would like to stay and gather more data-”
“Very well then.” The data-gatherer looked crestfallen as he stood with the others. His pen had been scribbling non-stop for the duration of their visit. 
“Wait, senpai!” Ryoma pleaded. “You’re just going to leave me here?”
“We wouldn’t want to take Tezuka’s teddy bear away, right?” Kikumaru said with a wink, and laughed as he bounded over to Oishi’s side by the door.
“We’ll let Tezuka’s parents know you’re still here!” Oishi called.
“Traitors!” Ryoma called, trying to stand and go after them, but Tezuka’s arms were like bars of iron. Sighing, he slumped back into the captain’s lap and folded his arms. Slender fingers brushed the hair gently out of his face. Ryoma leaned back against the captain’s chest and closed his eyes. Oh well. At least if they were gone, it wasn’t so humiliating. And hopefully Tezuka wouldn’t recall any of it when the painkillers wore off.
As the rest of the Seigaku regulars filed out of the house, abandoning him to his fate, Momoshiro could be heard remarking, “I’m never going to be able to look at Tezuka-buchou the same ever again.”


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Jun. 15th, 2008 08:32 am (UTC)
hahhhahaha, this had me laughing from beginning to ending :))
Jun. 15th, 2008 08:49 am (UTC)


Nothing like drug-induced delirium for some pillar goodness <3
Jun. 16th, 2008 10:31 am (UTC)
Indeed. It also gave me a convenient out of write some OOC behaviour I'd been dying to get out of my system for ages. ^___^ (Nothing will ever compare to the eggs, though).
Jun. 15th, 2008 09:50 am (UTC)
Mmmmmdrugs... I'd be happy to see Tezuka and Ryoma drugged up all the time if it'd bring us goodness like this!

I haven't had a chance to read your Nanjiroh fic yet; I've been away for the past week and a bit for work and running hard. It might be a few weeks before I get to it; I'm working away for 1 1/2 weeks in four at the moment, training new staff and trying to carry their workload in between after we lost one of our really experienced workers to illness. Um, I'm blathering. Stop me! Or at least make me blather about TezuRyo! Mmmm, drugs. Ryoma should always be Tezuka's teddy bear. Also, he should walk into poles more often because that was bloody hilarious! Lovely, lovely, as usual, Sinn! ♥♥
Jun. 16th, 2008 10:30 am (UTC)
Ah, Nerf works so hard! Fight-o! You shouldn't apologise - just revel in TezRyo drug fluff while you can. ;)

Permanent drugging of our pillars... (this has been written, right? RIGHT?)
Jun. 15th, 2008 09:54 am (UTC)
Jun. 16th, 2008 10:28 am (UTC)
Jun. 15th, 2008 10:04 am (UTC)
ROFL. HOMG they're on crack! Sinn's on crack! Everyone's on crack!

Awesome crack-tastic-ness~
Jun. 15th, 2008 05:11 pm (UTC)
Oh gosh. Drugged Tezuka and Ryoma are just the best; lol, I'm not sure which is worse... maybe Tezuka.
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i'm tempted to make a point about canon pertaining to the first but it's okaaaaaay because ajlksdafjlk;sdkj;l lkj;HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR~~~~~


also, your tezuka is ALWAYS possessive. <3 It's adorable~! <3
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Oh go on, you know want to point out canon conflict. ;) I think I know what you're talking about, but now I need to CHECK.

I happen to like possessive!Tezuka, it's true. :P I blame Valiant.
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(本気な顔) 酷い。酷い や、Sinnどの。(笑) 冗談、冗談。 可愛いです! XD 手塚とリョーマは可愛いすぎる。私は笑ってい止めるできない。いい物語や! もっとおねがいします? XD
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Jun. 15th, 2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeeee, filled my fluff quota for this week. ♥ I love how Tezuka's 'relieved' when he figures out Ryoma's only stripping him for the buttons. And the image of Ryoma chasing a butterfly and running into a post is hilarious. XD And and! Tezuka trying to feel Ryoma up in front of all the other regulars is awesome. Hee, please write more soon!
Jun. 16th, 2008 10:24 am (UTC)
I actually might take a bit of a break and chase some other dormant ideas. (Though I expect this will last only as long as it takes for something to throw some other curveball of inspiration in this direction). I've been posting stuff pretty regluarly for a while now! Glad you liked it, though. YAY FOR FLUFF!
Jun. 15th, 2008 10:13 pm (UTC)
ROTFLOL...well, Ryoma only took Tezuka's uniform and play with the button, but Tezuka is carressing Ryoma under the shirt...Oh my Tezuka, are you gonna go any lower now that rest are gone *girn wickedly*...*puddle of goo* at Tezuka possessiveness...Fuji sure got some very good blackmail materials...I could just image Tezuka's reaction when he remember or told what he has done to Ryoma *giggles*...I couldn't get over the giggles fit when Ryoma call Tezuka a PERVERT. *wiping tears*

Sinn, I'm amaze and awe how well you made a drug-up pillars so adorably...THEM... ^___^
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"Soft and shiny" ♥♥♥
Jun. 16th, 2008 09:57 am (UTC)
:O I think you just came up with good titles for those drabbles! *High-five*!
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Jun. 16th, 2008 11:15 am (UTC)
Curse of the painkillers. Effect: Kill Pain. Side effect: Massive embarrassment and delicious fluff. XD

My sadistic side had liked it when Echizen crashed into the pole. Tezuka really should have given him a massage after that.

As for Tezuka...hmm...if Echizen is a teddy, does that mean Tezuka has a secret fetish to molesting innocent stuffed toys? XD
Jun. 17th, 2008 11:07 am (UTC)
The Secret Habits of Tezuka Kunimitsu coming right up. ;) I'm sure it only works if the stuffed toys bear resembelance to Ryomas.

MASSAGE!FIC! Please tell me that someone has written this! :O
(no subject) - gwynhafra - Jun. 19th, 2008 12:30 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 16th, 2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
I needed fluff these days, thank you so much for delivering it! ♥

Both parts were absolutely adorable, but I think I prefer the second part, if only cause we get smiling!Tezuka and inappropriate touching in front of the regulars! XD
But the image of Ryoma running into apole and chasing butterflies will stay with me for a looong time! XD

Brilliant as usual! *glomps you*
Jun. 17th, 2008 11:09 am (UTC)
*glomps back* Fluff on demand, whenever you need it. Hang in there! (It seems that the TezRyo is only ever enhanced in front of the Regulars. XD Is that voyeurism, or just potential hilarity at work?!)
Jun. 24th, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
OK now I'm wishing that they'd stay drugged like that for as long as possible hahhaha! OMG... I love drugged!Kunimitsu! He's sooo adorable, its like I can't even imagine a dopey smile stuck on his face while molesting tickling Ryoma like that! Wah I can't stop teh stupid look on my face and I'm lucky my mum and sis are both engrossed with their own tasks that they didn't see me grinning like an idiot and trying to supress the squealage that wants to come out! Oh gawd, I need more of TezuRyoness FLUFF if this keeps up! You're making me want to crave for more! WAAAAH! OMGOMOGMG!
Drugged!Echizen was cute though.. aww.. calling poor Tezuka a pervert hahaha, well maybe he is and Ryoma gains the ability to see a person's true face when he gets high! HAHAHHAHA! Pure WIN!

~Hikari Manganji~
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