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Actual drabble for once


Gundam 00 drabble, specifically.  Setsuna and Tieria-centric, terribly gen.  Spoilers for first season.  186 words.


Setsuna looks so different, but he hasn't changed at all.  He still won't defend his actions.  He's still a soldier, still unreadable, still dedicated to his cause.  He sees the world with clear eyes.  There's no country or religion left for patriotism or faith to cloud his judgement - only Celestial Being.  Only Gundam.

He looks like an adult now, but Tieria realises that Setsuna has never really been a child.


Tieria looks the same, but he's changed the most.

He's still harsh and judgemental, but he's more human.  He values people and life.  He factors emotional variables into his logic.  He's become more adept at social interaction than Setsuna, and while that isn't a huge accomplishment, it's a startling contrast from the days when he was little more than a cranky robot fulfilling Veda's directives.

The change is mostly due to Lockon's influence.  Setsuna knows that.  A part of him wishes that Lockon could have lived to see it, but he's made peace with the dead.

It makes things easier when they don't have to fight each other anymore. They have enough enemies already.