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Short Australian Open Gift Fic

Title: At the Open

TezRyo.  Of ball boys and linesmen.

Rating: So, so G.

Words: 314

Author's Note:  This was a ficlet written on the spur of the moment for kaorismash as a thank you for the great time I had in Melbourne earlier this year.  She deserves double-thanks, because she then deciphered my handwriting well enough to type it up, send it back to me, and demand I post it for everybody.  Inspired by the Australian Open.


Tezuka stares intently at the line, the white paint blurring in the heat waves. The sun beats mercilessly on the back of his neck - beads of sweat slide down his collarbone, soaking into the collar of his shirt.
A flash of yellow. “Out!” he calls, raising his arm and speaking almost on reflex. There’s a brief conference between the player and the umpire - his call is being challenged. He doesn’t pay it any attention - he’s confident in his judgement, and he hasn’t been incorrect yet. Instead, his focus is caught by the squeak of tennis shoes across the clay and the flash of green out the corner of his eye.
With swift, graceful movements, the ball is fetched, and one practiced flick of the wrist later sent rolling back towards the service side. It’s the third match Tezuka has been linesman in this tournament, and the third time he’s found himself next to this boy.
The ball boy notices him looking from the corner of his eye, and gives him a smirk. “He’s wasting a challenge. It was close, but it was definitely out.”
If you’re so confident, perhaps you should be linesman,” Tezuka responds dispassionately.
The youth rolls his shoulders once and picks at his shirt. If Tezuka is uncomfortable in this heat, it’s a miracle none of the ball boys have collapsed yet. “Too boring. Can’t concentrate.”
As predicted, the challenge fails. Tezuka wrenches his attention away from the slight figure next to him and forces it - not without difficulty - back to the thick white line.
He barely remembers to make the next call. It’s set point, and the player challenges again. The call is held. It’s a double-fault.
Che. Mada mada dane.”
Tezuka doesn’t know why - it was just a few words, the odd glimpse - but during the third set, he can barely concentrate at all.


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Purple Crow
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*Is grinning insanely like an idiot here*
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PRETTY. even with just a few words, you manage to convey awesomeness. ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
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