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The Fifth Act, Chapter 5

Title: The Fifth Act

T for violence.

Summary: FFVII Time-travel. Gen. Cloud has an accident with a Time Materia.

Author's Note: More of a conversation type chapter, and thus not quite as action-packed as the others so far.

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The Fifth Act

Chapter 5


Three squads of Wutai warriors intercepted the SOLDIERs on their trek back to base. The two Firsts took care of them directly – Genesis because he was in a hurry, and Sephiroth because he was still tense from his fight. The skirmishes did at least appear to calm the General some, restoring a shaken confidence in his superiority.

It impressed the troops, besides. Genesis casually flicked back a stray hair, a smirk hovering over his lips as he heard his subordinates murmur in awe behind them.

The camp, at least, remained untouched. As he strode past the perimeter, he ordered another First, “Gather all the rostered personnel and send out patrols. The forest is teeming with Wutai infantry. Clear everything within a five kilometre perimeter.”


As the camp sprung into action, Genesis made a beeline for the privacy of the officers’ tent. Two other Firsts were in there, but when Sephiroth entered as well, took the cue and left without being asked.

"So, what did he want?" Genesis prodded as he availed himself of the tent’s better-than-average rations. There were advantages to rank, though in the field they were few and far between.

"To kill me, apparently," Sephiroth replied dryly. "I didn't think you disliked me that much, to bring me right to my would-be executioner."

"You're alive, aren't you?" Genesis dismissed, though avoided examining the thought too closely. It was one thing to enjoy watching his rival's feathers get ruffled, but he'd never intended to be potentially responsible for his death. "Why did he want to kill you?"

"He didn't say." Sephiroth accepted the proffered canteen as though it were a wine glass, and drank slowly from it, eyes closed as he relished the refreshment. After drinking his fill, he replaced the cap and set the canteen aside so he could focus his full attention on his fellow officer. "He didn’t say anything, in fact. What did he tell you?"

Genesis shrugged, going to no effort to hide his disappointment at the lack of answers. "Only that he had ‘personal’ business with you."

“I find that hard to believe. Until today, I’d never laid eyes on that man before.”

“You couldn’t have forgotten him?”

Sephiroth levelled him with a look of incredulity. “His sword separated.”

Genesis conceded the point. No matter the other irregularities, that one detail would cement him in any SOLDIER’s mind. “You didn’t discover anything?”

“I learnt a bit about his fighting style, though I never did succeed in identifying all of his materia. He only used Bolt and Barrier. Both high-level, probably mastered.” The sentence hung in the air, giving the impression that Sephiroth was about to say something else, but the moment passed and the General remained silent.

Genesis sighed. A waste, then. All he’d discovered about his saviour was that he hated Sephiroth for some reason, and that he was an even more accomplished warrior than first thought. “I wonder where he got the treatments,” he mused. ShinRa kept the secret to creating SOLDIERs close to their chest, after all.

“I did consider the possibility of a company cover-up. There are rumours the first few attempts at SOLDIER went badly.”

“Just rumours, of course,” Genesis added sourly.

“Of course.”

“In that case, we need only ask Hollander and Hojo.” As distasteful as the thought was. He held Hollander in the same regard that a child might a dentist, but Hojo was a special brand of unpleasant.

Sephiroth ran a finger along Masamune’s blunt edge, resting horizontally across his lap. “It bothers me, though. If he did have ties to ShinRa, why try to kill me, and not you?”

Genesis grinned like a cat that had not only caught the canary, but was thinking of going after the chocobo next. “Perhaps he was awed by my natural talent and good looks.”

The amusement was not shared. “There are too many unknowns. We shouldn’t have let him go. It’s a breach in protocol.”

“Forget protocol. What would you have proposed? He would not have accompanied us willingly, and I don’t have half a dozen Firsts to spare guarding him. We’re in the middle of a war, in case you’ve forgotten.”

“I can take care of it. I can go find him again, bring him back, so we can question him properly.” Sephiroth was beginning to look agitated.

“So I have to take time out of the campaign to bail you out again? I think not.”

“Then what do you suggest?” The retort was unusually sharp, but Genesis paid it no mind. He found himself far less resentful of the Silver General now that he too knew the pain of defeat. Oh, he was sure that Sephiroth was making excuses in his head – things like the battle being interrupted, or that he’d not taken things seriously enough from the outset – but the truth remained that for the first time, he had not been wholly certain of victory. No longer did he rest atop a mountain, unreachable to the unwashed masses below.

As the war sends the world hurtling towards destruction
The prisoner departs with his newfound love
And embarks on a new journey.
He is guided by hope that the gift will bring bliss
And the oath that he swore to his friends.

Loveless is not a response.”

“Only because you lack the appreciation for the many interpretations that can be drawn from its words.” Genesis swept from the table, heading to the map of Wutai pinned up on the folded board for strategy meetings. “We are here, and you cannot be called back to the mainland until the next shipment of supplies arrives.”

If it arrives. Now that we’re further inland, the Wutai can cut the supply line.”

“If it arrives,” Genesis agreed without missing a beat. “Regardless, you’re stuck here until then. But considering our navy is currently in full control of the strait, and that the shores on the other side are being heavily patrolled by ShinRa, Strife cannot leave the isle without our knowledge.”

“He doesn’t need to leave Wutai. There are plenty of places to hide within it,” Sephiroth pointed out.

“Precisely.” He ran a gloved hand from the north peninsula to the south. “It will be difficult to search for him until the war is settled. But you’re overlooking the most important fact.”

Sephiroth frowned. “And that would be?”

Genesis let the silence linger for a moment – it was so rare he had the opportunity to one-up the Silver General, and he wanted to savour it. “He has announced that he intends to slay the great General Sephiroth.”

The frown deepened.

“Consider – you need not lift a finger, and Strife will eventually come after you.”

A heavy silence hung in the air as Sephiroth absorbed this. Eventually, his posture relaxed, and he nodded in agreement, but offered no words.

“It’s settled then. In the meantime, you can pull your weight here, and take charge of the rear guard,” Genesis offered haughtily.

The intended insult missed its mark, as the edge of Sephiroth’s lips quirked. “It’s better than being at the office.”

Genesis raised an eyebrow. “Even if it gets you killed?”

Sephiroth mirrored his expression. “You really think some lone stranger can kill me?”

The words were as self-assured as always, but Genesis found himself for once lacking an appropriate response. Because he wasn’t so sure anymore, and by the light in his rival’s eyes, he wasn’t so confident, either.


Wutai worked differently to ShinRa – meeting under the cover of darkness, during the early hours of morning when even the birds and crickets had gone silent. The shuttered lanterns and the furtive, urgent whispers told him plenty – he was visiting the losing side. ShinRa splashed their campaign stories and strategies all over their papers and conducted public conferences on the war’s progress. Their enemy, on the other hand, no longer had the luxury of propaganda or bravado.

Cloud observed his surroundings with the wary countenance of a warrior who didn’t fear death so much as unpleasant surprises. If these Wutai were tricksters like Yuffie, he’d expect a trap, but the Crimson Elite were cut of a different cloth.

“Please wait here with the guards for a moment,” the warrior escorting them requested as soon as he finished his hushed conference. “I will inform my captain of your arrival.”

The blond stood off to the side, face stony. Yuffie ducked and tried to squirm past him again, but he yanked her back by the scruff of her shirt. “Meanie!” she pouted.

Cloud rolled his eyes and didn’t reply. She’d spent half the walk to the secluded temple alternating between trying to fight with him and trying to escape back into the black forest. She almost got away a few times too, but fortunately the false SOLDIER could see in the dark a lot better than an eight-year-old who was up way past her bedtime.

"Princess, this way," one of half a dozen attendants waved the little girl towards them, glancing at him resentfully.

“I don’t want to!” she retorted stubbornly, digging in her heels and clutching at the fabric of his pants.

“You’ve been trying to get away all night,” Cloud pointed out.

“But if I go with them I won’t get to fight any bad guys!”

“You’re not going to get to fight any bad guys with me, either.”

The force of half a dozen attendants and one stern guard was enough to pry the pint-sized not-yet-a-ninja from his leg. “Traitor!” she hollered. “You’ll regret this!”

Cloud sighed. She hadn’t honestly become attached to him that quickly, had she? She’d change her tune if she knew why he’d agreed to come.

The guards eyed him warily, standing at attention as Cloud folded his arms and leant against a tree trunk, waiting for his escort to return. Strange how easy it was to get used to the suspicious stares again.
The same Crimson Elite who’d brought him there returned after a few minutes. “Thank you for waiting. They will see you now. But if you could leave your sword here, please," he requested. “The sentries will make sure no harm comes to it.”

Cloud tensed at that, and sent a pointed look at the katana still resting on the warrior’s hip.

“My apologies. But you understand, given the circumstances…”

Gritting his teeth, he stabbed the blade into the earth. A show of faith, then. As much as he abhorred the idea of being unarmed in a world still containing Sephiroth, he couldn’t blame Wutai’s nobility for being wary of a trap.

Besides, he still had a mastered Fire materia in his pocket.

The Crimson Elite gave him another smile – the only person he’d come across here yet to do so – and led the way inside. As they crossed the threshold, Cloud found himself surprised by the luxurious surroundings – rich red rugs, golden cribbing around the doors, and walls adorned with magnificently detailed scrolls of dragons painted on very expensive silk. His estimation of the person meeting him shot up in importance. On Wutai’s scale, this was the sort of extravagance one would expect from Heideigger, or old man ShinRa himself.

They passed through several doors before coming to a spacious room. The warrior by his side vanished, melting into the shadows with the other guards once again, leaving Cloud standing awkwardly in the entrance.

“Please, take a seat.” The request came from a middle-aged man, resting on his knees on an embroidered cushion and yet keeping his posture as straight as an infantryman at attention.

“I’d rather stand,” he answered, still eyeing the half a dozen Crimson Elite guards lining the edges of the room. There were also two men wearing robes only slightly less ostentatious than the red and purple livery of the kneeling individual – Cloud quickly surmised he was the leader and the other two were advisors.

“Show no disrespect to Lord Godo!” One of the advisors snapped sharply.

Lord Godo? Yuffie’s father? As in the ruler of Wutai?

No wonder they’d asked him to leave his sword behind.

Godo didn’t react to his advisor’s outburst, and simply offered, “I suggest only so my men may sit too.”

Put like that, and with the knowledge he was dealing with Yuffie’s father, Cloud found himself willing to be more accommodating. However, he’d never be able to sit comfortably for long in the position Lord Godo held, so instead settled down with his legs crossed. He could be mobile quicker and didn’t risk his feet going numb. Some paranoid habits were worth holding on to.

The advisor who’d spoken bristled at what Cloud assumed to be a breach in protocol, but the rest of the room’s occupants sat without fuss. Cloud took the time to study the man across from him more thoughtfully.

The way the Yuffie from his time used to talk, Godo Kisaragi was a yellow-bellied pushover who favoured peaceful resolutions and inaction in the face of ShinRa's might. It was that caricature which gave Cloud hope of being able to convince Wutai to surrender prematurely – the belief that if Godo comprehended the certainty of their defeat before the fact, the war would not need to end as violently as in the past.

Except he saw no evidence of that man before him. Instead, he faced a hardened, prideful Wutai warrior. He was a fighter past his prime, perhaps, but still in excellent shape, and the calluses on his hands suggested he continued to train with weapons regularly.

Not good. The defeat at the hands of ShinRa must have changed the Emperor of Wutai. The Godo before him now still believed in Wutai's superiority, in death before dishonour, in ideals before peace.

Cloud was no politician. This could be a lot harder than he anticipated.

“Given the situation, I will skip the usual formalities,” Lord Godo began. His voice was deep and formal, a commanding sort of tone that reminded him of his cadet days. “As my advisor already revealed, I am Godo Kisaragi, Emperor of Wutai.”

The silence following that statement stretched, and Cloud realised they were waiting for an introduction in return. “…Strife.” He still didn’t feel comfortable with giving out his full name, not when it was shared with a child living in blissful ignorance in -not burning, still whole and peaceful - Nibelheim.

“Lord Strife,” he acknowledged, and the advisor opened his mouth as though to speak, before a look from one of the Crimson Elite made him think twice. Cloud was unbothered by the title. Yuffie had explained to them more than once in her endless chatter about how they’d all be Lords and Ladies in Wutai, simply because it was the common title for someone considered an honoured warrior. “To begin with, allow me to extend my sincerest gratitude for returning my daughter. She is young, and does not understand the need to abide by the security measures taken to protect her safety. Her minders will be more vigilant in the future.”

He had some sympathy for them – keeping Yuffie in one place was like holding onto a handful of eels. “Glad to hear it. The forest is no place for children these days.” Whatever they might have thought of ShinRa, SOLDIERs weren’t in the practice slaughtering civilians, but in the midst of a chaotic fight anything could happen.

“Such are the times,” Godo agreed. He folded his arms into his billowing sleeves and regarded him with a keen eye. “But it has led to a fortuitous meeting. We have been watching your movements carefully for the past two weeks, and your actions have been confusing. You fight our scouts, but do not kill them. You fight ShinRa, but do not kill them, either.”

Cloud remained silent.

“What is your purpose?”

The air filled with the swish of silk as his advisors shifted uneasily – whether from his lack of answer or lack of respect was anyone’s guess.

“I will be frank. Your skill in battle has impressed us. We would like to gain your aid. Lord Genesis’s abilities have gone beyond our predictions, and Lord Sephiroth’s arrival has only worsened our position.”

The response came swiftly this time. “No.”

One could not rule Wutai if they were so easily deterred. “Do not be hasty in answering. What is it that drives you? Honour? Money?” Lord Godo persisted.

"No. Not for anything. I can't win this war for you.” Not anymore. “My purpose here was for something larger than Wutai." He knew from their faces they regarded his words as an insult, but he’d frankly stopped caring. His only concern now was reducing the number of casualties.

"Then you are with ShinRa!" One of the guards declared, rising and levelling his pike at him.

"Stand down!" Lord Godo barked. "This man was seen fighting Lord Sephiroth! He is no friend of ShinRa.”

One of the advisors murmured something in a low voice – through the thick accent the only word Cloud caught was ‘fight’, but he could guess the rest of what was said anyway when Godo gave him a sharp look. The advisor wondered if the fight were staged.

He had no way to prove it wasn’t, either. They had every right to be suspicious of him.

“What is your purpose in Wutai then?” The other advisor asked. “If we were to assist you with it, perhaps we could strike a deal of mutual benefit.”

They couldn’t. They’d be slaughtered if they tried. Nobody else could defeat Sephiroth.

“It’s private,” he replied. “And it’s a battle I have to fight on my own.”

That, at least, appeared to be something all of the Wutai understood.

“Is there nothing that will make you reconsider?” Lord Godo asked thoughtfully.

Cloud shook his head.

“Very well, then. It is a loss, but we have other means of fighting SOLDIERs.” Pride and satisfaction laced Godo’s tone, and gave him pause.

Cloud frowned, caught in recollection. “An anti-SOLDIER weapon…?” A memory, unfamiliar to him, slithered past, of a great beast inside a pagoda, plastered with paper charms and carrying a tomahawk as large as a man. “You mean monsters.”

Both advisors turned deathly pale. Lord Godo showed his experience with his only reaction being a dip in the set of his mouth. “You know?”

“ShinRa does too. It’s not an easy thing to hide.” At least, he hoped it wasn’t. If he recalled correctly, Zack went in on Turk intel, so there had to be some truth to the statement. “It doesn’t matter either way. It won’t work.”

The tension in the room increased visibly. “And why do you say that?”

“SOLDIERs go on monster exterminating missions all the time. Sephiroth can take down a Nibel dragon easily.” Cloud doubted they were familiar with fauna outside of Wutai, but clearly the word ‘dragon’ resonated with them. The Crimson Elite were beginning to look just as worried as the advisors.

Lord Godo held his gaze for a long moment, as though weighing his character from sight alone. “You do not think we will succeed.”

An opening, and he seized it. "No. You can’t win this fight, not with both Sephiroth and Genesis here, maybe not even if I helped you. No monster you can throw at them, no platoon of any size, will ever be enough. All you'll do is decimate your forces."

One of the Crimson warriors started to speak, but Lord Godo held up a hand, silencing the restless guards in one motion. "Then what would you suggest?"

This was what he’d come here for. It was a long shot, but he had to try. They were listening, which was already more than he expected. "Strike a deal. If you surrender now, you can still make conditions, and your forces will remain intact for later rebellion."

That sent a ripple through the room - half of surprise, half of indignation. "Yet in the time between, a mako reactor will be built," Godo observed, voice slow and level.

"It won't happen that quickly," Cloud stated. "Reactors take a long time to be built.” They didn’t look convinced, so he added, “It's not the reason why ShinRa are here anyway."

The ripple became a wave. Godo leaned forward slightly. "Then you know their true intentions?"

Cloud crossed his arms. "ShinRa is being led around the nose by Hojo, searching for 'The Promised Land'."

"And he believes this land to be Wutai?"

"No. But he’s afraid you might find it first."

“Can we?” One of the advisors asked.

Cloud shook his head slowly. “It doesn’t exist, not in the way Hojo has led ShinRa to believe. This war is pointless.”

A gloomy atmosphere descended upon the room, which all the bright livery could do nothing to chase away. “How is it,” Lord Godo began, “you know all this, Lord Strife?”

A question he wasn’t willing to answer. “I can’t tell you anything more. I’ve probably said too much already.”

The Emperor nodded. “Very well.” Then… “It is a shame that you refuse to fight with us. No matter their motives, ShinRa has no right to claim these lands as their own.”

No, he couldn’t be saying… He thought he’d been getting somewhere!

“You’re going to keep fighting this war?”

“We have no other choice. We cannot allow ShinRa to sully Wutai’s shores. Now that we know even the reason for this conflict is a lie, we have no choice but to fight in order to protect our values.”

“But do you really want to gamble your future on ideals like honour and pride?” Cloud asked urgently. Godo couldn’t be dismissing his words so easily. Hadn’t he already admitted that Genesis and Sephiroth together were too much for his forces to handle?

“With respect, Lord Strife, our cultures are very different. We do not expect you to understand.” The advisors looked less convinced, but that meant nothing. He could see it in the man’s face. Godo Kisaragi would not be swayed.

It couldn’t be. Not only had he failed to stop the War, but he didn’t even have the power to do something so simple as reduce the damage? He knew he was no politician, but he’d thought that if he could make them see…

His eyes narrowed. No choice. There was only one option left to help Wutai. Kill Godo himself. One mastered Fire spell could take him out, and leave the temple in enough chaos for him to escape. Never mind that he was Yuffie’s father. He didn’t mind being cast as the villain if it meant he could salvage something from this whole mess.

Do it now, while their guards were down. One spell. Even if it didn’t kill him, Godo would be incapacitated. The advisors were more sympathetic. If they took over-

His fingers slid into his pocket, and grasped at air.


Carefully, he dug a little deeper. It really wasn’t there. In disbelief, Cloud checked his other pocket. Not there either. But he remembered swapping it out from his sword earlier that day, checking that it would be secure in his pocket…


“Is something the matter, Lord Strife?” one of the advisors asked.

He should have known. Eight years old didn’t automatically mean she wasn’t a thieving scamp.

His fingers uncurled. “…Nothing.”

The Emperor nodded. “Thank you for your time, then. We have other urgent matters we need to discuss, but if you should change your mind about assisting us, we would remain open to negotiation.”

A strangled sound of agreement somehow escaped his throat. Numbly, he rose, and was escorted by two guards back towards the antechamber.

Who would have thought a child’s sticky fingers and love of materia would wind up saving her father’s life, and dooming her country?

Focus, he reminded himself. It had always been a long shot. The Wutai were proud of their warrior traditions - surrendering went against their very grain, even if it bolstered their chance of success later. He'd done everything he could.

Besides, he had bigger problems than Wutai to worry about. Jenova. Hojo. Sephiroth, eventually. And as horrible as the War had been, the losses paled in comparison to the destruction Meteor wrought on Midgar.

If they were so intent on marching to do their death, so be it. Even if the knowledge tore at him, Cloud refused to be drawn into any more pointless battles. He couldn’t afford to stop here.

It was time to cut his losses, and move on from Wutai.

First, though, he needed to recover some missing materia.

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Nov. 15th, 2009 08:11 am (UTC)
Hooray, chapter five! *dances around*

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Things from Genesis' POV, because I love him so:

"You're alive, aren't you?" Genesis dismissed, though avoided examining the thought too closely.

I really like how Genesis' response to something discomfiting is to brush it off. Again, that diva personality is shining through. Lovely.

Sephiroth levelled him with a look of incredulity. “His sword separated.”

Sephiroth is such a guy here. It's so great that he's like any other SOLDIER in that he acknowledges the awesomeness of a kickass weapon like Cloud's First Tsurugi. XD

He held Hollander in the same regard that a child might a dentist, but Hojo was a special brand of unpleasant.

I just love that analogy and description of Hollander and Hojo. Perfect!

He found himself far less resentful of the Silver General now that he too knew the pain of defeat.

I like that Cloud's almost!defeat of Sephiroth helps strengthen the two generals' friendship. Knocking Sephiroth off his pedestal -- way to go, Cloud! What's the cliched phrase that fits this situation? Misery loves company? No...I can't remember. D:

Loveless is not a response.”

And Genesis' retort to that statement is so practiced! Clearly this isn't the first time someone's called him on his poetry-quoting. XP

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Next chapter should be up on Wednesday, unless I'm feeling awesome and productive and get it up sooner.
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I thought you had 20 chapters ready to go and were just distributing them slowly! :O Are they just outlines then?
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Ha ha, I never made that connection, but you're right, they're sort of alike! Both from rich families, too... It was hard to really like Genesis in the game, what with him on his jealous crusade of destruction and violent hunt for a cure. Also, so many copies...

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Ah, now I see why you didn't comment on Yuffie filching/not filching materia. It might have been a a giveaway.

Cloud can be so dense sometimes, it's like Wutai+Yuffie+Crimson Elite+command centre just din't connect - of course it was gonna be Godo he met.

And Lord Strife is just all kinds of awesome.
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Yuffie better watch her ass 'cause Cloud's coming for it~ lol Poor Cloud. Don't start beating yourself up for all this. It's not your fault that Yuffie has sticky fingers. T_T

Great chapter! Will we get Sephiroth's POV next chapter? I want to see what he really thinks about losing...
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Seph POV first thing next chapter, it's a promise.
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I would like to join the multitudes who consider 'Lord Strife' to be one of the most awesome names ever.

Fine chapter again. I was shocked when Cloud considered killing Godo though - just really cements Cloud's single-mindedness on his mission - and then comes an even bigger wham - Yuffie. This keeps getting better and better...

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