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The Fifth Act, Chapter 18

Title: The Fifth Act

T for violence.

Summary: FFVII Time-travel. Gen. Cloud has an accident with a Time Materia.

Author's Note:  Not sure if I'll get a chance to post tomorrow... although it is technically Sunday now... so I guess it's just a few hours early.  :) 

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The Fifth Act Chapter 18



Cloud stepped off the train onto an empty platform, barely resisting the urge to wrinkle his nose at the smell. Even above-plate, Midgar didn’t carry a particularly pleasant odour, but the slums were an all-out assault on a SOLDIER’s senses. Unwashed bodies, stagnant water, industrial waste, and underneath it all laid a pervading stench of mako that made his stomach roil and left a metallic taste on his tongue.


Ignoring the foul odour – he would get used to it quickly enough – he headed into Sector 5, walking a well-worn path in his memory. Genesis’s visits to ‘check up’ on his progress had the intended effect of moving his conversation with Aeris up the priority list – Cloud had waited for the first day he knew Zack would be away on a mission, then slipped from headquarters to go below-Plate.


Not too many people paid much attention to him, having become used to the sight of the blond around the slums during the first week he’d arrived in Midgar. Most still gave him a wide berth, though – even if he’d gone to the trouble of changing into his own clothes for the excursion, the resemblance to a SOLDIER uniform had them erring on the side of caution. 


As he made his way to the church, he found himself hoping that Aeris wouldn’t be there, and he’d have an excuse to put it off a little longer. While he truly wanted to help Angeal – the SOLDIER didn’t deserve what happened to him – he also didn’t want to impose such a request on an innocent teenage girl. What if she couldn’t do it? He didn’t know exactly how her Cetra powers worked. They were burdening her with the weight of a person’s survival. In another lifetime, she’d already given her life to save them. Cloud couldn’t ask anything more.


Yet as he pushed open the heavy wooden doors of the church, knew he would. 


There she was – kneeling at the edge of the flowers, checking the soil, and plucking the occasional one through careful selection to add to her basket. At the sound of the doors opening, she looked up, and her face broke into a radiant smile. 


"What brings you here, Mr Nobody?" she called out, voice echoing sweetly off the walls.


Cloud shuffled in place awkwardly, staring at everything except the girl in front of him.


“Don’t stand all the way over there, silly. It’s hard to talk. Come here. I won’t bite.” She patted the space next to her, and Cloud felt his feet move forward of their own accord. He could never refuse her. Not even a simple request. 


“I’m glad you came back to visit,” she said as he sat next to her, arms wrapped around the knees folded against his chest. “Zack told me you made it into ShinRa, and you were ‘kicking ass’.” She made little notation signs with her fingers. “But he only sees what he wants to see, sometimes. How are you liking it?”


He shrugged, letting his fingers drift across the delicate flower petals. He instinctively checked the dampness of the soil – he’d taken over caring for the flowers after Aeris died, though they never did as well as they’d done under her hand. “It’s okay.”


"You look tired," she observed, solemn.  "Are you doing too much?"

He shook his head.  "Not enough."

She clucked her tongue.  "So busy worrying about everybody else, you won't worry about yourself."


Cloud didn’t really have a response for that. 


“Maybe I can help?” she suggested. “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?”


“Does the Planet let you read minds?” It sounded sarcastic, but the blond meant it as a genuine query. He never had the chance to ask before. Aeris could talk to strangers and pinpoint their woes in a matter of seconds. It bordered on magic.


She giggled. “That would be nice. Then I could solve all of your mysteries, Mr Nobody.”


Guiltily, he admitted, “Well, you’re right. There is something you can help with, maybe.” Hastily, he added, “You can refuse, if you don’t feel comfortable-”


“You’ll have to tell me what it is first, won’t you?” she prodded. 


Cloud sighed. “Yeah.” 


So he explained Geostigma, degradation, and the spring’s water that cured it as best he could, trying to use general terms she’d understand, mentioning that it was for Zack’s mentor who she’d probably heard about, knowing Zack, but that he didn’t want either of them to know about it. She listened attentively, nodding thoughtfully every now and again, and looking sympathetic at all the right places.


“And you think a Cetra can make this happen again?” she summarised.


He nodded. “I’m sorry I can’t explain it better,” he mumbled. “I didn’t want to ask you, but…”


“But you don’t know who else to ask?” She laid a gentle hand on his arm. 


“Don’t put yourself to any trouble. I just thought, maybe if you talked to the Planet…” He placed his hand over hers, disquieted by how fragile it felt.

"Careful," she whispered.  "My boyfriend might get jealous."

Blushing, Cloud snatched his hand away and blustered, "It's not- I'm not-"


She giggled.  "Silly.  Zack would play along."


“I… I’m not Zack.” The words sounded raw and broken, and he wished he could take them back, but she just patted his shoulder.


“You’re fine as you are, Mr Nobody,” she assured him. “I’ll do what I can to help. I don’t know if I can do much of anything… but we won’t know until we try, right?”


Unbidden, he felt the corners of his mouth turn up slightly. “Yeah.”


She clapped her hands. “You can smile! I thought I’d imagined it!”


Alarmed, his face reverted to a blank expression. She shook her head and pinched his cheeks, and Cloud suddenly felt five again. “Don’t stop, silly! You’ve got a lovely smile. You should use it lots and lots.”


“I… don’t have a lot to smile about right now,” he apologised. 


“Then you’ll just have to make some reasons to smile,” she told him, as though it were as simple as that.


He knew better than to argue with Aeris, and ducked his head. They sat there quietly for a couple of minutes before he murmured, “…I should get going. I promised Kunsel I’d train with him later today.” And he needed to make his daily stop by the Training Room to check for mad scientists.


“Okay. How should I let you know if I figure things out?”


Cloud blinked. He hadn’t thought of that. “I have a PHS…” But no pen to write down his number with. “Um… maybe send a message through Zack?” he suggested.


“Like a code?” Her eyes sparkled with mischief. 


“If you want,” he agreed awkwardly. 


“Okay!” she sang. “I’ll talk to you again soon, Mr Nobody.”


Cloud was confused. “Um, what’s the code?” he ventured.


She placed a finger against her lips. “You’ll know it when you hear it!”


That didn’t exactly fill him with confidence. Shaking his head, he got to his feet, pausing and regarding the flower girl for a moment. “It’s… Thank you,” he decided. “It really means a lot…”


“Silly,” she chided. “If I’d known about it, I would have done something even if you hadn’t asked. And you’re looking out for Zack, too, aren’t you? That’s reason enough.” 


What could he really say to that? Nothing. Aeris was right, as always. Even as a teenager, she was the wise one.


“Now, shoo,” she waved him away. “I know you SOLDIER-types are always busy. Go get some rest, and don’t worry for a while. Let someone else worry for you for a change.”


So he retreated, pausing at the door to look back. She gave him another little wave, and he managed another brief smile, then slipped outside.


He made it barely ten steps before Tseng appeared from the shadows.


To his embarrassment, it took him a minute to realise he should be alarmed by the Turk’s presence. He’d become used to Tseng in the future, and while the occasions for their meetings had never been pleasant, it had been a long, long time since he’d considered the man a threat.


The delay in reaction probably saved his hide, as it let him respond normally. “Tseng,” he greeted.


“Strife.” The Turk fell into step beside him, while the blond’s thoughts raced ahead at break-neck speed. How could he have forgotten about ShinRa watching the last surviving Ancient? Did he hear anything?  Probably not - they'd spoken quietly, and Aeris wouldn't have let him talk about such sensitive issues if she knew someone could be listening in.

"It’s a surprise to see you in this area,” Tseng commented.


“We met here,” he reminded him.


“True. But you were a vagrant, then. Why are you here now?” Tseng's tone was mild, but Cloud could read between the lines.  What he really wanted to know was: 'What business do you have with the Ancient?'

"I wanted to see the flowers again," he replied.  Then, just to cement his lack of connection in the Turk's mind, he asked, "Are you watching the Church? Is there something special about it?"  A trick learnt from watching Reno at the bar.  The best way to deflect attention was to direct your questions to the wrong place.  "There's not something dangerous stored here, is there?"

Tseng stared at him for a long moment, as though measuring him up.  Cloud met his gaze steadily.  Eventually, he replied, "That's classified information."

Looked like he was safe for now, if only just.  "Oh."  He cast a glance back at the building, bitter at the realisation that he probably wouldn't be able to see the flowers again for a while.  "So I shouldn't come here anymore?"

"We'd prefer not.  There are people of interest we're watching in the area, who might get spooked at the presence of a SOLDIER.  They're used to Zack - his relationship with Aeris is well-known in the slums."  It wasn't even a lie, but Tseng had worded it so smoothly Cloud had to wonder how many other secrets the man hid in plain sight.

"Okay, I understand," he murmured.  "I'll stay away from now on."  Aeris could reach him through Zack if she had any breakthroughs in finding a cure for degradation – hopefully she’d only try to contact him when she had something substantial.  Still, he held back a sigh at the knowledge that he wouldn't be able to sneak off to sleep at the church if he got desperate.  Another comfort denied. “Is there anything else I should know? I don’t want to cause problems.”


Tseng gave him an odd look, and then shook his head. “No… that’s all. Thank you for your cooperation.” He hesitated. “If… matters clear up, then we’ll let you know that it’s safe to come back.”


Cloud knew what he really meant was ‘If we decide we can trust you, then we’ll let you near the Ancient’, but simply nodded in acceptance. After all, he didn’t want them to think he had any particular attachment to Aeris. Better they think he had some nostalgic attachment to the church itself.


“I should continue with work,” Tseng said, “I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing.”


Cloud raised his hand once in farewell, and resolutely didn’t look back. That could have very easily been a disaster, and he could only hope he looked calmer than he felt. How much longer could he keep walking this tightrope without messing up? 


Running a hand through his spikes, he changed direction, making a beeline for Wall Market. He might as well get some errands out of the way to take his mind off things.






Sephiroth awoke with a jerk.


Another nightmare.  He threw back the covers and made for the bathroom, shuddering.  The phantom pain would pass, he knew.  Imagined trauma lingered only a few seconds after waking.


What kept bringing them on?  Such disturbing dreams.  A burning town.  Being strapped to an icy operating table, unable to avoid the descending scalpel.  Drowning in mako.  Angeal's pet Second, bleeding to death on a cliff in the rain.  Skewered by a doppelganger, again and again and again, and yet he continued to drag himself to his feet, heedless of the blood spattering the ground.


He splashed some water into his face and felt refreshed, the after-effects of the nightmare fading away. He took his time moving through his morning routine, but when he finished, the sun had only just begun to peek over the horizon. Sighing, he left his quarters and headed for the elevator. He briefly entertained the notion of stalking Cloud’s room several floors down – the Second would surely still be asleep – but dismissed the thought almost immediately. As enjoyable as it was to ruffle the blond’s feathers, annoying him first thing in the morning would only damage the tenuous truce they’d established. He’d seek him out later in the day.


It was early still – any movement in the building relegated mostly to the tired guard patrols finishing their shifts and the janitorial services cleaning up the previous day’s messes. Thus Sephiroth was surprised to come across a familiar face by the coffee machine. “Angeal?”


“Sephiroth!” He glanced up from his cup of steaming black coffee. “You’re up early.”


“So are you.”


He chuckled. “I’m always up early. Gives me a chance to finish my reports in peace.”


Not a bad strategy. Sephiroth’s own paperwork wouldn’t be so backlogged if meetings and questions and phone-calls didn’t interrupt him every five minutes. 


“Still, it’s unusual for you,” Angeal continued, offering him a cup of coffee. “Here, take it. You don’t look like you’ve been sleeping well.”


"I haven't," Sephiroth agreed, accepting the drink and nursing it in his hands.  "No matter.  I can function on less."


Angeal shook his head ruefully. “Are you sure you and Strife aren’t long lost siblings?”


“Why do you ask?”


“He feeds me the same line every time I see him stumbling around this time of day with bags under his eyes.”


Another interesting tidbit about the blond, and Sephiroth filed it away with all the others. He would figure the man out yet. They spent a moment sipping coffee in companionable silence, and the General fished about for some menial conversation about something other than Cloud Strife. He didn’t want to look obsessed, after all.


"I heard you went to see Hollander a couple of days ago," he mentioned.

Angeal grimaced.  "You did, huh?"

"Is anything wrong?"

"Just some tests.  Genesis keeps asking after my health - I thought I'd go get some done to shut him up."

Sephiroth observed his old friend carefully.  "Is that really all it is?"

”Please, one mother chocobo is enough.  He’s away in his lab processing the results, I’ll get an appointment when he comes back, and you'll see that everything is fine then."


He didn't sound so sure, though, but Sephiroth didn’t call him on it. Something didn’t feel right. People were keeping secrets again. Like Genesis and his strange injury, and equally strange recovery.


He never thought Angeal would hide something from him, though. What could be so terrible?


They finished their coffee in awkward silence, and parted ways soon after.






The Training Room remained empty. Cloud glowered at the floor. 


He knew Genesis’s words hadn’t been misleading, because Kunsel and Zack had affirmed them. And he knew that the chances of Hojo turning up on the SOLDIER floor in the relatively short time period he’d been in ShinRa weren’t high. But how long could he wait?


It left him uneasy. He was being – what was the word Tifa always used? – passive, again. Just sitting and waiting for the opportunity to come along. What if it never did? How long could he continue stalking this space? Shouldn’t he be more proactive?


Was he afraid? 


A little. He’d be a fool not to be. If something went wrong, he could mess up everything. It was too much responsibility for someone who had failed so many times in the past. Maybe he would have been better off just hiding in the remote wilderness of Wutai until everything had been settled.


Dilly-dally, shilly-shally.


Cloud sighed, and dug out his PHS. Nearly midday, and still no mission mail. He’d better go see Lazard to find out what the hold-up was. 


“Cloud!” a familiar voice called as he left the training room. “You’re back early.”


Kunsel. “I haven’t left yet.”


That flummoxed the other Second, so Cloud took the opportunity to toss a Fire materia at him. He caught it with a perplexed expression.


“Forgot to give that to you yesterday. Between that and the materia you already have, you’ve got most monsters covered. There aren’t many that are resistant to fire, ice and lightning.”


“It’s natural,” he murmured. “No way, Cloud, I can’t accept this. It must have cost a fortune!”


He waved a hand dismissively, continuing on down the hallway. “It’s low level. You’ll have to put in a lot of work to master it.” And he didn’t have much else to spend his gil on at ShinRa. They paid him well, but aside from hoarding money for his future as a fugitive, he didn’t need gil for anything else. 


He slipped into the elevator before Kunsel could stutter out either a thanks or another protest, tapping his foot lightly on the short journey to the Director’s office, ignoring the office runners eying him with a mixture of awe and nervousness. Thanks to Sephiroth taking a personal interest in him, he’d apparently developed something of a reputation around the office.


Fortunately, Lazard was at his desk when he arrived. “Director,” Cloud greeted.


“Strife,” Lazard replied, looking up from his paperwork. “Is there a problem?”


“I haven’t received a mission yet today.” He glanced pointedly at the clock.


“Yes. You’re on stand-by today,” Lazard agreed.


Confused, Cloud asked, “Stand-by?”


Sighing, the Director put his pen down. “Strife, did you know you’ve been filling at least one mission, sometimes two or three, every day since you started working here?”


Cloud stared at him blankly. He knew that. So what?


“You haven’t even taken off a weekend. Some of those low-priority solo missions were allocated to you on the understanding that you would tackle them at your leisure. Of course, you’ve done them all immediately, so the system has been routing you the next mission on your list automatically, which you also complete immediately. As such, you’re well over quota.”


“…And that’s a problem?” Cloud asked, still not seeing the issue.


“Human Resources has regulations in place to prevent overextension of SOLDIERs. Since the work you do is dangerous by nature, it’s expected that downtime is taken between missions for recreation, training, and recuperation if necessary. I know you’ve also been providing mentorship for some of your fellow SOLDIERs, so your workload is even higher than represented by the numbers.”


“I don’t consider that work.”


Lazard sighed, eyes squeezed shut as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Perhaps not, but there’s a very good reason why these regulations exist. If we allow our SOLDIERs to become overtired, then they’re prone to making mistakes out in the field, and in our line of work that can be fatal. There’s also psychological health to be considered too – if a SOLDIER happens to suffer a breakdown from stress, they could cause a considerable amount of damage.”


They could wipe out an entire town, in fact. It didn’t appear ShinRa’s rules had stopped that from happening. The thought brought a scowl to his face. “I thought you were short on manpower,” Cloud argued. He wanted out of the building, at least for a little while. Sephiroth would be on the prowl later, looking for another ‘chat’, he could sense it. After the nightmares he’d suffered last night, he wasn’t in the mood.


“You’re not receiving any missions until you’ve had at least a full day’s downtime,” Lazard stated firmly. “I’m pleased you’re so enthusiastic, but there are procedures to be followed. And we’re expecting you to limit missions to no more than four days in a row in the future.”


Unbelievable. ShinRa had these kinds of workplace health and safety regulations in place? He found it morbidly hilarious considering the rest of the company’s ethics.


“Fine,” he agreed tonelessly. “Thanks for your time.” 


He stormed out of the office, childishly wishing to slam the door, but his hand remained still at his side. One thing that pierced through the patchwork memories of his ShinRa days was the impossibility of arguing with ShinRa’s bureaucracy.


A whole day off. Tseng made it so that he couldn’t visit the Church, and Cloud didn’t really like the idea of being gawked at above-Plate. What did he used to do on his days off from ShinRa? He couldn’t remember. Those kinds of details were the ones he never reclaimed – the right triggers for them simply didn’t exist. 


He supposed he knew at least one place where he could kill time, and Sephiroth was unlikely to venture near. 


Back to baby-sitting the Training Room again.


Hojo had better turn up soon, or Cloud might be tempted to just level with the whole building with Comet and be done with it.

Next chapter



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Dec. 26th, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
Wow, I don't think a bored Cloud is anything to sneeze at. lol I'm looking forward to seeing what Aeris can do for Angeal...if she can do anything, and to see what the cryptic code will be. 8D
Dec. 27th, 2009 01:33 am (UTC)
Haha, poor Cloud. ~_~; Nobody should ever let him get that bored!

I looooooved Aeris and Cloud's interaction, here-- and Cloud's mental translation of the conversation with Tseng that followed.

(Also rather fond of Seph and Angeal. I just love the Generals ^_^♥)

Can't wait for nineteen!
Dec. 28th, 2009 02:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you~!

People with Comet materia should never, ever be allowed to get bored. :|
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NORLYWAT. I can't believe I actually checked on fifth act every ten minutes yesterday, gave up at 12:30, and fell asleep upon realizing that it was Saturday, and not Sunday. T~T

HAHAHA CLOUD'S SMILE oh Cloud why are you so shy about smiling you little-- I can almost see him going from a slight :] then seeing Aeris' reaction and going back to :|. And hmm, what might the secret code be? And Tseng popping up so suddenly and asking Cloud questions and such~ win win win.

jhsgdfhasjkdv at the idea of Sephiroth and Cloud being long-lost siblings hee. Incest is the best, as they say. :))

Oh Cloud, you should learn to relax once in a while~ Though I bet he doesn't really have any other hobby other than visiting Aeris and, uh, saving the world, and since he can't do both of them, well... maybe he should pick up a new hobby, then! 8D *imagines Cloud knitting a chocobo-patterned materia holder*

What, the next chapter's nineteen already? o___O I didn't realize that at all. Can't wait for the next chapter! :DD
Dec. 27th, 2009 04:31 am (UTC)
Cloud would go ride Fenrir, but his poor motorcycle's stuck in the future and probably trashed by the Zolom. D:
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Sundays and Wednesdays! ^_^ Don't be losing sleep over it!

Saving the world is an awesome hobby. Imagine what it looks like on your resume! Maybe not so great on the relaxation stakes, though.

Yeah, I can't believe we're up to 19 already either! I should probably get a move on with the ending...
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Dec. 27th, 2009 04:29 am (UTC)
I randomly checked today (still Saturday for me) and was pleasantly surprised to see an update! ^^ Thanks~

I really enjoyed the first paragraph, with the description of smells. It really highlights how different things are to a mako-enhanced individual's senses. I'm always envious of authors who can put in so much detail without making it seem superfluous to the story. ♥

I also love it how Aeris is still like a big sister to Cloud, even when he's older and more mature than her. I've always wondered how Hojo's experiments impacted Cloud's physical appearance -- in a lot of fics, he's 'permanently 16' or something like that, but from CC to AC, there's a huge difference in facial maturity. :/ *shrugs* Sorry, got off on a tangent.

ANYWAY. Tseng! Ho damn, the Turks are probably on alert after seeing Cloud having a heart to heart with Aeris, regardless of what they may have been discussing. Tseng and Cloud totally remind me of L and Light, with Cloud always trying to guess if Tseng's caught on yet. It's so exciting!

I love the coffee shop talk and Sephiroth having to think really hard for a non-Cloud conversation topic. XDDD; He's so obsessed, there's no denying it. And the shared dream! I wasn't expecting it at all! ♥ I wonder if it'll come up in conversation some time? Haha.

Kunsel gets a Fire materia! Is that what Cloud went to Wall Market for? Or does he now have that Allure of Honey outfit on standby, just in case

And lastly: He wanted out of the building, at least for a little while. Sephiroth would be on the prowl later, looking for another ‘chat’, he could sense it.

Sephiroth, on the prowl, looking for a 'chat'? XDD That had to have been written on purpose, haha.

Hope you had a very merry Christmas~!
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Random sidenote-- I love that FFVII's protagonist is Cloud: age 22, looks 17. FFVIII's protagonist: Squall. Age 17, looks... 22... Dammit Squeenix!
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Dec. 27th, 2009 04:48 am (UTC)
"Careful," she whispered. "My boyfriend might get jealous."

Blushing, Cloud snatched his hand away and blustered, "It's not- I'm not-"
Jan. 5th, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
Aww, poor Cloud has to avoid the church for a while. Dang it Tseng! Still, all things considered, it is understandable on Tseng's end. :V

Still, Cloud's inner translations thanks to his working with the Turks in his timeline are very interesting. Though I just like studying doublespeak in general, so. x3

Mar. 9th, 2012 06:01 am (UTC)
While I know I shouldn't be commenting on things that are roughly three years old, I couldn't help but notice This:

There aren’t many that are resistant to fire, ice and lightning."
In your hands, oh chosen one...
Kunsel = Ash
... I've been reading too many crossovers.
Mar. 9th, 2012 11:06 am (UTC)
LOL, it is never too late when it's that hilarious!

You know, FF7 and FF10 are supposedly set in the same world. Materia evolved to dress sphere evolved to Poke balls?! XD (FF10 even had the monster-capturing missions and the Coliseum!)
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Normal person:

"As enjoyable as it was to ruffle the blond’s feathers, annoying him first thing in the morning would only damage the tenuous truce they’d established. He'd better stop doing that or else that friendship might never take off at all." :I


"As enjoyable as it was to ruffle the blond’s feathers, annoying him first thing in the morning would only damage the tenuous truce they’d established. He’d seek him out later in the day." BD
Jan. 15th, 2013 05:29 am (UTC)
Oh, and I just noticed the scene with Lazard that you added later. orz
Jan. 15th, 2013 05:47 am (UTC)
oh, and the Yuffie sub-plot too! I-I'll just go home now orz
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