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The Power of Gossip - Chapter 5

Title: The Power of Gossip
Rating: T
SummaryIn Tezuka’s defence, it had been a moment of panic at the end of a very stressful day. Now everyone thinks he and Ryoma are dating.
Author’s Notes:  Bit of a hum-drum chapter, this one, but ultimately important for future events. I suppose I should warn people that I do tend to take things a little slowly – that’s just my writing style, and I can’t seem to shake the habit. 

Chapter One - One White Lie
Chapter Two - This Is How Rumours Get Started
Chapter Three - Dropping Pennies
Chapter Four - Resisting the Forces of Chance

The Power of Gossip
Chapter 5 – Over-thinking Things
By Sinnatious
When Tezuka awoke the next morning, he was momentarily confused as to the reason why his left side was so warm. Fumbling with his right hand for his glasses on the bedside table, he glanced down to see a mess of black hair at his shoulder. Ah, now he remembered. It appeared at Echizen had wound up somewhat closer to the centre of the bed in the middle of the night.
Even though he knew he ought to move, it was sort of hard to summon the will. It was very comfortable, after all, and it wasn’t like his friends were there to see and take it the wrong way.  
Wait… his friends…
Sitting up with a start, Tezuka fumbled for a clock. It was already five minutes past eight o’clock! He’d been counting on the early night and jet lag to wake him in plenty of time, so hadn’t bothered setting the alarm. He’d slept for an unusually long time. “Echizen, wake up! We’re late.”
“Nnnnnhhhnnn.” The young pro mumbled something inarticulately and groaned at the loss of warmth as Tezuka threw back the bed covers and hurried to the closet. Even though they were technically on holidays and there was no rush, Tezuka never liked being late, and would prefer to keep his tardiness as minimal as possible.
When he emerged from the bathroom a record fifteen minutes later, dressed and groomed, Echizen had only managed to get as far as sitting up. Given the way the teen was staring into space with blank half-lidded eyes, he wasn’t entirely certain if his roommate was even actually awake yet. “Echizen.”
“Right. Morning. I got it.” Yawning, the teen dragged himself from the bed and half-stumbled to the bathroom, blindly pulling some clothes out of his own bags as he did so. 
Echizen somehow finished his morning routine in less than seven minutes, even though Tezuka had heard the shower run. Obviously the young pro was well-used to running late and had refined his morning routine to such a degree that he could do several things at once even while only half-conscious. 
Even so, they were at least twenty-five minutes late by the time they made it into the foyer, and Echizen still looked grumpy and dishevelled.
“Hoi hoi, Tezuka and Ochibi are late!” Eiji half-shouted as they arrived, eliciting several disgruntled glares from other early-morning risers at the hotel. “Up late, were you?” He waggled his eyebrows.
Tezuka only barely resisted the urge to cover his eyes. It was too early in the day for this. 
“Eiji!” Oishi scolded.
“Ah, don’t worry, Inui, Momoshiro and Kaido still haven’t come downstairs,” Taka consoled them.
“Apparently they’re fighting again,” Fuji offered helpfully, not needing to specify exactly who was doing the fighting. 
There was a ringing phone, and a still-half-asleep Echizen shuffled through his pockets, withdrew his cell phone, took one glance at the number and then promptly turned it off.
At the curious looks he received, he simply stated, “My manager,” and left it at that. 
The remainder of their group tumbled from the elevators a few minutes later, Inui leading the way while Momo and Kaido stubbornly ignored each other. “Good morning, everyone, I trust you all slept well?” The data-gatherer’s gaze lingered on them each in turn, and Tezuka just knew that Inui was probably making mental annotations about their posture and the colour of the bags under their eyes to infer the answer for himself. Everyone else seemed to know, too, so didn’t bother answering. 
“Well, now that everyone’s here, should we get started?” Fuji suggested. 
“Ah, yeah! The day’s wasting!” Momo suddenly announced, grabbing Echizen and starting to drag the still barely-awake teen towards the hotel entrance. “Come on, let’s go sight-seeing Echizen! I can’t speak very good English, so you can be my translator.”
“Fsssshuuu. Moron.”
"But we're in Dallas," Echizen complained.  "There's nothing much to see here."

"Not true!  Check out all these brochures I found in the hotel for all these attractions!"  The spiky-haired man proudly displayed a fistful of garish brochures, advertising the various sights and tourist traps.  Echizen didn't look convinced, but gave up resisting. 

Taka started to follow, hesitating when no one else moved.  "Is everyone coming?"
“Ah, Eiji and I were really intending on spending this week training in preparation for the tournament…” Oishi began.
"What about you, Tezuka?  Don't you want to go with Echizen?"

"There's no need," he replied impassively.  He was still finding it hard to fathom that his friends were honestly convinced of some sort of relationship between him and the other tennis pro, but reacting to it merely seemed to validate their convictions rather than correct them.  Kawamura gave him an odd look, but didn’t press the issue.
“Mou, Oishi! We’re in America! We ought to go sightseeing!” Eiji complained, grasping his doubles partner by the arm.
“Eiji, we agreed that we’d do that after the tournament finished! That was why we booked those extra couple of days! We can go sightseeing then! Training first!”
Inui perked up at that. "Would you mind if I were to observe your training?  My data of your performance is at least a month out of date."

Oishi, looking a little embarrassed, said, "Well, Eiji and I were just going to do some solo training at the venue today first, but we'd very much appreciate everyone's help later in the week."

"Ah, understandable.  Very well then, Fuji, Tezuka, would you mind if I were to join you?"

"Go right ahead, Inui," Fuji welcomed him.  "Though we're just having brunch." Tezuka didn’t remember agreeing to that, but it sounded like a good idea.

"That reminds me, Tezuka, I've noticed your stamina has improved by approximately ten percent over the last three tournaments, is this change related to dietary or..."

"Come now, Inui, Tezuka is on holiday for once.  Let's not pester him and Echizen with these sorts of matters."

"It's quite alright," Tezuka interrupted.  "This is a holiday insofar as I have no official commitments, but I do intend to keep up at least a light training regime."  Besides, if they were talking about tennis, they were less likely to try asking questions about his supposed love life.

"Mustn't get careless, right?  As expected of our esteemed former captain."

Apparently he was never going to escape that.  It was pleasantly nostalgic in some regards, but sometimes it made him feel as though he was still in school.  "Indeed."

"I saw a nice-looking diner on our way in yesterday that I believe would suit everyone's tastes.  Kawamura, Kaido, will you be joining us?" Inui asked.

"Fsshhhuuu," was the Viper's only response as he trailed after his lifelong rival. For all they fought, the two of them apparently didn’t tire of each other’s company.

"Ah, I think I'll go sightseeing with Momo and Echizen," the sushi chef apologised. "This is my first time overseas so... well, we did go to Germany, but that was for such a short time..."

"It's fine, Taka, have fun," Fuji assured him, waving him off cheerily.  "Better hurry or they'll leave you behind."

So the gathering splintered and everyone scattered their separate ways.  It would have been nice to have the entire team do something together, but there would be plenty of time for that later in the trip.  It wasn't like they could really all train together in the same manner as they used to - Takashi and Fuji hadn't really kept up with the sport, and Kaido, Inui and Momo all only played casually, though apparently Kaido still entered a lot of local tournaments.  Though given it was the one interest they all shared, there would inevitably be at least some tennis that week.  Tezuka privately thought it a great shame that Fuji hadn't pursued a professional career himself, and was also curious to see what level Kaido was at these days.  He also wondered if Taka would still get aggressive just holding a tennis racket, given that he hadn't played since middle school.
“Heh, Momo’s so excited to see Echizen again. You’re not jealous, are you, Tezuka?” Fuji asked. Blue eyes slid to the side to stare at him. 
Tezuka ignored the question, refusing to acknowledge it with a response. “Where did you say the diner was, Inui?”
The data gatherer led the way to a place a couple of blocks away that was somewhat quaint but served good food. Inui more or less drove the conversation, as he was prone to doing in his relentless need to know every tiny detail about everything – at times Tezuka wondered if it were some sort of involuntary compulsion – while Fuji continued to make vague remarks about Echizen at every available opportunity. Eventually, the tennis pro found himself enquiring after Inui’s study progress in a vain attempt to distract the data-gatherer from the between-the-lines non-conversation Fuji was trying to have with him. 
While Fuji was studying law and doing freelance photography, Inui had gone into physiotherapy and sports medicine – even going so far as to do his first few units while still at high school, thanks to their tennis coach pulling a few strings. As such, he only had two theory units left, so would be graduating in another couple of months.
“I find myself with far too much spare time at the moment, though,” he confided. “I was doing extra units last semester and over the summer, so I’m used to having a full schedule.”
“Couldn’t you do some more electives? For extra credit?” Fuji suggested.
“I did consider that, but I’ve already done most of the electives that interest me. And in all honesty, of late I have begun to question my decision to pursue this career. While the subject matter itself is fascinating, during my work experience placement I found the job itself to be unchallenging and rather boring. I am planning to use this spare time to consider some possible alternatives.”
“I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” Tezuka assured him, though Inui never needed assurances, being the sort of person who always knew the exact probabilities.
After enjoying a leisurely brunch, they wandered the streets for a while, checking out some of the stores there before heading back to the hotel. Tezuka wanted to do some reading and light training, and Fuji wanted to wander around and take some photographs of the area. Inui wound up offering to feed him some balls on the hotel’s tennis courts – Oishi and Eiji had gone to train at the venue’s courts, which were open that week for use by the tournament’s participants. After a while, Fuji returned from his wanderings and joined in.
It was about five o’clock in the afternoon when the sight seeing group returned, their arrival heralded by yet another shouting match between Kaido and Momo. The two had at least matured to the point where their spats rarely came to blows anymore, but their scuffles never failed to draw attention.
“Momoshiro, Kaido!” Tezuka barked out of habit, barely able to restrain the urge to give them laps. Fuji let out a low chuckle from where he stood next to him.
The admonishment was enough to bring the pair to their senses. “Ah, hey everyone!” Momo yelled cheerfully, argument already forgotten while the Viper just hunched his shoulders. “We’re back! Sorry for stealing him for the whole day, Tezuka,” Momo called, then turned to his friend with a grin on his face. “Heh, I won’t keep you away from your boyfriend any longer, Echizen.”
Ryoma just deadpanned. “Idiot.” He wandered over anyway. “Buchou, Fuji.”
“Hello there Echizen. Did you and Momo enjoy yourselves?” Fuji asked pleasantly.
“Che, it was alright. I would have rather been playing tennis, though.”
There was the trill of a ring tone just then, and the teen, grumbling, fished his phone out of his pocket and hung up without even looking at it.

"That was a rude, Echizen," he admonished, sending his comrade a reproachful glance.

He merely shrugged.  "It was probably just my manager again. She’s been calling all day."

"But you don't know for sure.  What if it was a family member?"  Probably not the best example, as Echizen had far from an ideal relationship with his family, but with a sigh, the younger pro starting keying buttons and checking through his call history anyway.

"Nope, definitely my manager," he confirmed, shoving the phone back into his pocket.  There wasn't much else Tezuka could say to that, given that the youth was probably right to ignore the woman.
“Oh, I think I see Oishi and Eiji coming this way. Just in time. Inui’s made bookings at a Mexican restaurant tonight,” Fuji observed.
Indeed, the Golden Pair were heading their way, looking as if they’d freshly showered. They gathered in a loose circle, and after several minutes of aimless discussion and trying to keep various people (mainly Echizen and Kaido) from wandering off on their own, they managed to get everyone agree to change into some nicer clothes and meet in the lobby before heading to the restaurant. It was times like that when Tezuka missed the ability to pull rank and just order everyone around – with such a diverse group, organising anything was a headache.
Echizen was already buttoning his shirt when Tezuka finally made his way back up to the room. “Buchou,” he said again by way of greeting, even though they’d only just seen each other downstairs a few minutes ago. The teen probably did it just to irritate him.
“Echizen. Will you be using the bathroom?”
His rival just shook his head, vaguely gesturing for him to go ahead.  
The shower should have been refreshing, but Tezuka spent most of it wondering why exactly Echizen was so stubborn about keeping his old title, and then examining why it was bothering him so much. No answers were forthcoming, but at least the hot water had managed to melt away some of the stress of the day. They really had to dispel that rumour quickly, so that it wouldn’t wind up disrupting the entire holiday. Surely the fact that his former protégé didn’t use even his last name, much less his first name, ought to clue his friends into the truth of the matter?
It seemed like only time would bring the truth to light. Unless he and Ryoma staged a fake break-up for their non-existent relationship, but he couldn’t see either of them making that at all convincing. 
So, in the effort or speeding things along – he didn’t particularly want to have to over think his every interaction with his roommate for the entirety of their holiday, after all - when they went out to dinner that night Tezuka made a deliberate point of sitting several seats down from Echizen. The other pro slanted an odd glance at him, but was distracted a second later by Momoshiro bending his ear over some matter.  Honestly, Tezuka preferred the edge of the table where he was less likely to be jostled by Kikumaru’s undisciplined elbows and have Inui analyse his meal, but he consoled himself that he need only make such minor sacrifices for a couple of days - just long enough to dismiss their former team mates' crazy notions - then there wouldn't be any need to worry about people misconstruing a regular conversation or seating arrangement.  How on earth did Echizen manage dealing with the constant comments, though?  Was he really that uncaring, or were they leaving him alone?

That notion was dispersed a moment later, when Momo grinned at his friend and jibed, "Hey, Echizen, shouldn't you be sitting next to Tezuka?  You know, now that you're-"

"Shouldn't you be sitting next to Kaido, then?" Echizen interrupted in a bored tone.
Momo immediately spluttered.  "What?  Sit next to that Viper?!  You've got to be kidding!"

"What was that?  You picking a fight, Momoshiro?" Kaido snapped, suddenly alert.

"Hmmm, sorry Inui," Ryoma muttered, taking a leisurely sip of his drink.  The data-gatherer was currently seated next to Kaido but in front of Momo, and no doubt could expect an evening of being caught in the crossfire.

That was his answer, then.  Echizen was something of a master of misdirection.  Tezuka wasn't entirely without that ability himself, but given that his primary opponents were Fuji and Oishi... well, Fuji was notoriously difficult to distract unless his brother was somehow involved, and Oishi was trying so very hard to avoid offending him that it would feel nasty using such underhanded tactics on him.  No, merely establishing some distance and maintaining a normal facade ought to be enough to shake the misunderstanding once at for all.  Sometimes these sorts of problems DID resolve themselves. At least, that was what Tezuka kept repeating to himself, anyway.

Still, it was starting to bug him - as embarrassing and awkward as the whole affair was, the thing that had started to bug and confuse him was the response.  Why did everyone believe it so quickly and easily?  Why wasn't anyone bothered?  They all acted as though they'd expected this for years, and that it was the most natural thing in the world.  He and Echizen had always had something of an odd relationship - it wasn't quite just that of a captain and team member, nor just of friends, nor just a rivalry - but it certainly hadn't ever had THOSE sorts of elements to it. Had it?
A waiter came to order, and he shook his head as though to clear it of those thoughts. Now wasn’t the time to dwell on the oddness of his relationship with the other pro. Besides, Fuji was looking at him like he could read his mind, and paranoid as it might be, Tezuka didn’t want to take chances.


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Sep. 15th, 2007 12:29 pm (UTC)
Don't take any chances, Tezuka, Fuji can read your mind.

What a lovely beginning - as cute as the ending of the previous chapter, which was only to be expected. Tezuka is so hurried and cold, though: The young pro mumbled something inarticulately and groaned at the loss of warmth as Tezuka threw back the bed covers and hurried to the closet. I hoooooooope he starts thinking about Echizen a bit more rather soon =D

Echizen = wins at misdirection. And also at picking good pairings *cough cough*

As usually, a great chapter, really great!
Sep. 15th, 2007 02:02 pm (UTC)
Oh. Oh. Can I just say that I love this chapter to pieces and be done with it? Had such a large overdose of pillar pair today I don't think I can think properly. *g*

Oh. I just love them, so so much. Tezuka thinking he'll be able to convince them otherwise, Ryoma disdirecting them, RYOMA STUBBORNLY CALLING HIM BUCHOU STILL AND TEZUKA THINKING HE'S TRYING TO IRRITATE HIM THAT WAY. OH. ♥

Wake up scene is so asjdhfjakdflgh cute. Ryomakjskgjadfk;lhjkadfgj!
Sep. 16th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)
Kaorichan was reported dead on the 15th of September 2007 at 14:03 due to Pillar Pair overdose. (GASP!)

Honestly, I am having trouble thinking of a better way to die. ;)
Sep. 16th, 2007 10:18 am (UTC)
I can die happily, especially when there was a Tezuka and a Ryoma cosplayer POSING TOGETHER IN BLATANTLY GAY POSITIONS JUST ON SATURDAY. Oh kjdshgakdfhjkdafjhardfgj. And now this. *_________*
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aww, such a wonderful and warming chapter again! i normally don't read WIP's, but i simply couln't this promising story with such an intriguing plot...*g*
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Always happy to wake up and find one of your chapter on LJ. I'm starting the better with a good TezuRyo love ! I'm all giddy now. ^^

And it's really refreshing to read a fic from Tezuka's point of view. It's really rare, but very welcomed. You really did update fast, or is it just me ? XD Through I'm finding everything a bit slow... I want some actions between Tezuka and Ryoma (a catalyst of some sort). And I'm finding quite difficult to catch Fuji's personality. Yes, I know, nobody in this whole universe could comprehend Fuji, but I wonder what's his role is in this whole thing. And you didn't mention Atobe at all in here. I guess that the Tezuka zone pull was stronger, huh ? XP

And the title of this chapter fits the entire thing. Tezuka thinks too much. He is getting careless with trying to not get careless. Does that even make sense ? ^.^ Oh and the way you started this chapter, with Ryoma sleeping on Tezuka's shoulder ? The fangirl inside of me was squealing with delight ! I wish Fuji would just sneak in and take a picture of that. Wouldn't put past him to do that. Hehe XP

I loved how you put Ryoma's ways in Tezuka's perspective. I was wondering how Ryoma would tolerate his friends' teasing. And you answered it and with Tezuka's thoughts as well. And the way Ryoma is such an adorable brat... calling Tezuka 'buchou' and Tezuka wondering the meaning behind it. *Sigh*

I'm going to stop now and begin my studies. I have to prepare my tax law classes. Yes, you did read right. I'm torturing my self with tax law and it's willingly on top of that. And I need to do some exercices on corporative law too. But the thing with tax law is that it's close to an accountant classes and I do like math. I was in the science field in the beginning, but decided to major in law. Now that I told you a bit about my self... kind of... will you tell me about you ? By the way, where do you live ? I live in Canada, but was born in China. It seems that you always update when it's in the middle of the night. ^^
Sep. 16th, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's hard to get inside Tezuka's head, but it's turning into a fun challenge. Fuji's still very much background - he'll come to the fore a bit later. Since it IS all in Tezuka's point of view, I can probably give away that the other Regulars that will feature prominently will most likely be Oishi, Fuji and Inui, since they seem to be among Tezuka's closest friends.

TAX LAW. Thank you for willingly throwing yourself on the fire so that people like myself don't have to think about it. Why tax law instead of just straight accounting if you like math?

Canada, huh? Neat. I live in Australia, so yes, your observation about my timing of updates is accurate. That's why my mind boggles when I get such quick-off-the-mark comments for some postings (Kaori-chan, I'm looking at YOU. WHEN DO YOU SLEEP?!) Occupation-wise, I've already done the (HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE) university thing, and now work as a sound designer. That's why writing is a nice hobby, because it's delightfully silent and won't damage my already stressed ears.

TezRyo for breakfast. Sounds like the perfect way to start the day.
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Kaori-chan's dead ? 0_0 Gaaaahhh ! You two don't have that much different of time... well, at least compared to me. We have about 12 to 13 hours of different. ^^ And I never seem able to see Kaori. :( Through I am jealous : I want a TezuRyo overdose too ! ^&^

Sound designer ? That's sounds so cool ! What do you do exaclty ? I'm more into law than being an accoutant, but I do enjoy doing math problems. I have other classes that are quite interesting like family law and coporate law. Since law school require a lot of reading... I'm totally in my field ! I love reading... through it's more litterature than anything. ^^ But I'm during University in French (The 'society' I'm in is French, so I was brought up 'french'. You know, the only French 'survivors' of the colonisation of America ! @_@) So gomen if there is mistakes ! English is my third language ^^

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Well, it's almost time to sleep. I'm going to finish some things tonight (because I'm going out with a friend tomorrow therefore won't have time to put my nose in my books). Do you have an e-mail adress ? Wait... stupid question. May I have your e-mail adress so we can chat ? Yahoo or msn (Are there other ways ?) ^^

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Hmm, as a sound designer I make sound effects, primarily. And record voice-overs and stuff like that. Yup, that's pretty much it. I'm actually not the great at it, but I guess they keep me around because I'm good at trouble-shooting and it looks good to have at least one girl on the project. :/

THIRD LANGUAGE? Colour me impressed, I never would have picked it. I've got a passable grasp of Japanese, but that's where my linguistic skills end (and even that's probably been warped by all the anime I watch). Well, you're set if you travel to most places then. :)

No outsiders outside of the former Seigaku regulars, sorry. Keeping the fic focused. I'm intending to finish the story within about 13-15 chapters, and there's no way to include such a massive cast in that time frame. (I also don't particularly want to try and think up what futures older versions of all those characters might have tread upon, admittedly). So yes, last you've seen of Atobe. (bows apologetically).

Sure thing, yahoo e-mail address (and as such Yahoo Messenger info) is Sinnatious @ yahoo.com.au. (without the spaces, ostensibly - a means of avoiding the spambots). Feel free to dump me on your contacts list and chat. Actually, that goes for any of the cool cats kicking around here. The little flitting around people's journals I've managed to do has been interesting.
Sep. 16th, 2007 07:49 pm (UTC)
Atobe's not going to make another 'entrance' ? Do you know what you have caused ? The Hyoutei are running laps like hell because Atobe is so mad ! ^^ But it would've been funny if some of the other school regulars are here as well. I don't think that Ryoma and Tezuka (and Oishi and Eiji now) are the only pros on the circuit. Maybe you can put Shishido and Otori as opponents in the doubles ? Just mention them would be good. :)

Your work sounds really interesting actually. What field are you in ? Music ? Movies ? And I'm sure you are exagerating... you ARE a very good co-worker (ask and I'll bet that all your co-worker will tell that you are necessary to the team).

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I already added you in my yahoo messenger. I hope we can see each other... ^^
Sep. 15th, 2007 08:44 pm (UTC)
You're making me grip my sit waiting for more!
Lovely, lovely chapter :D
Tezuka is utterly clueless *shakes head*

Will we get to see inside Ryoma's head and hear his thought on wnat's happening?

But so far, I'm enjoying you torturing poor Tezuka XD

Sep. 16th, 2007 01:13 am (UTC)
Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.

Nope, there are no plans to see inside Ryoma's head - it's all Tezuka, all the way.

And oh yes, there will be much more Tezuka torture to come. MUCH MORE. I'm almost feeling sorry for him.
Sep. 15th, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
Phew! I've finally caught up. When I saw chapter 5 posted today I decided I needed to read all the parts I've been saving in tabs of my browser. What a wonderful afternoon I've had doing so. Each and every part has been a treat to read, I never know what's going to happen next. And LOL to the who former team being so on board with Tezuka and Ryoma being a couple. Hee-hee! I'm having flash backs to the PoT "date" episode right now...

Here's a question: Why is Tezuka so gosh darn cute when he is being so dumb?

And Ryoma? You just know he wants the "rumor" to be true, he's just waiting patiently for his Buchou to figure it out. *sigh*

Thank you for writing and sharing this. I look forward to the next part!
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