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Optimal Scenario, File 2.0

Title: Optimal Scenario

Warnings: Contains not-particularly graphic shonen ai, mild language, and violence.

Summary: FFVII, Vincent/Cloud. Shelke decides to play matchmaker. This mostly seems to involve tormenting Cloud.

Author's Note: Next chapter! Nothing to say about it, really. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

File 1.0

File 2.0Collapse )

Optimal Scenario, File 1.0

Title: Optimal Scenario

Warnings: Contains not-particularly graphic shonen ai, mild language, and violence.

Summary: FFVII, Vincent/Cloud. Shelke decides to play matchmaker. This mostly seems to involve tormenting Cloud.

Author's Note: Thanks to pennies_4_eyes ages and ages and ages ago, I was inspired to do some Vincent/Cloud fic, since this was probably my original ship in FFVII fandom way way back in the day. And you know, being Vincent/Cloud, the two angstiest, moodiest guys ever, I naturally decided to write a crack comedy fluff romance.

It sat idle as nothing more than an outline for a long time until writer's block elsewhere drove me back to it at last. So here we are! Updates probably once a week, let's say Tuesdays. It's not going to be a very long fic, looking like maybe 7 chapters all up. All a bit of a stupid fun really.

Hope you enjoy it!

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So since I'm apparently still a woman of leisure, when a bunch of relatives from overseas came to visit, they realised that rather than spend a stupid amount of money on hiring a car, they could just rope me along to drive mine!

2014-06-12 17.08.53

Though this was more time with family than I typically like, it turned out to be a not-too-terrible deal. I netted a free trip to the Whitsunday Islands!

It's pretty much paradise, also Australia ZooCollapse )
I have an important link to share that will be of interest to any FF7 fans who read Dear Kunsel - lithic_rune has written a really good sequel here that should satisfy a lot of people left unhappy with the original ending.

Bravely Default and MekakuCityCollapse )


So!  I started playing FFXIV recently.

Since you know, I make great decisions like deciding to try out MMOs for the first time when I'm unemployed. YEAH, THAT CAN'T POSSIBLY GO WRONG. But I'd been listening to a lot of friends talking about it, and had read a few game dev articles about the relaunch, and that made me curious enough to take the plunge.


Random gushing and lots of pointlessly detailed talk about it under the cutCollapse )

Japan, once more

Last travel post!

My path back to Australia took me via Japan, and given the time of year, why not stay a couple of extra days and see some cherry blossoms?

2014-04-12 10.50.39


Mostly just photos of flower and bonsais under the cutCollapse )

New York, New York!

There's only two of these travel posts left now!

Picking up where I left off last time, we caught the train from Montreal to New York, because we were cheapskates and it was like a quarter of the price of flying. It was actually a pretty comfy trip, about seven hours long, plus about forty minutes at the border for customs and immigration. There was only something like ten other passengers so it wasn't too bad, aside from about half an hour where the elderly chinese guy sang along to his headphones.


The scenery was quite nice for a lot of it though.

Lots of photos of awesome famous places under the cutCollapse )

Toronto! (And Montreal again)

After my exceedingly pleasant stopover in Vancouver, my next stop was in Toronto!

I had a old University buddy living in Toronto who wanted in on my world trip and had planned holidays while I was in the vicinity accordingly. This was pretty cool because I netted a travel buddy, but it did somewhat play havoc with my itinerary (or lack of one). But whatever, free place to crash for a couple of days in Toronto!

Toronto was... underwhelming though, after so many of the other places I'd been on my trip. Some people have asked me what my favourite and least favourite places were, and while I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite, Toronto was easily my least-favourite stopover of the journey. I'm sorry Torontonians! It was still an interesting place in its own right, but it was kind of dreary.  Maybe not helped by the weather or season. (Though this was true most places...)

Of course, in Toronto's defence it was around this time I started getting some serious travel fatigue. At this point I had been travelling for nearly five months, and living out of a suitcase transitioning between hotels and air beds was getting a little old.

Still, despite my increasing lack of curiosity, I did wander downtown a bit.  Found this place:


I didn't actually go in here because I know nothing about ice hockey, since as you can imagine it is not a popular Australian sport. But still very Canadian.

More pics under the cut!Collapse )


Xmas Giftfics 2013 Part 4

One last round of gift-fics! Two short-ish ones and one long-ish one.

For swifty_chan

A. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
B. Sterling, Knox (other optional, free reign for mayor)
C. How will a town survive without Isabelle for a day?

AN: An actually short one. Also probably the first (and maybe only time) I’ve written second person view. No other POV really worked.

Isabelle's Day OffCollapse )

For teekoness

A. FFVII - Beloved
B. Cloud, Genesis, Tifa
C. It was frustrating enough when Genesis and Tifa didn't get along, but them actually agreeing on things is so much worse.

Read more...Collapse )

For tsuanyue

A: FFVII - I'd prefer Fifth Act or Beloved but whatever muse hits you is fine with me. It's all awesome.
C. Cloud gets stuck in a time loop with ___. It wouldn't be so bad if ___ didn't have so much fun with it.

AN: I went with setting it in Fifth Act universe because that’s apparently the headspace I’m in at the moment thanks to the last trio of giftfics. Try not to think too hard about it. This is also way too long and probably needed to be longer.

The most embarrassing thing was, neither of them realised anything was wrong for the first three days.Collapse )


THAT’S IT FOR THIS TIME GUYS, thanks for reading, sorry to all those awesome prompts I didn't get to. I’m seriously spending like half of my fic-writing year on these things recently, I need to work out a better solution or stricter cutoffs or something.


I hadn't actually really planned to go to Vancouver at all. But I needed out of San Francisco, and had secured accommodation with a friend later in the week, and was left with an awkward gap of a few days. So at the last minute I wound up booking a flight to Vancouver.

It was very disconcerting, on first arriving to Vancouver, to collect my bag from the baggage carousel at the airport, walk towards the exit... and wind up on the street.

I looked back. Had I somehow circumvented customs? Immigration?  No, it just turned out that flying from San Francisco is basically a domestic flight, and the processing I'd gone through while passing security (without even noticing, because American airport security has so many steps I just assumed they were double-checking my identity) was all that was needed. It was such a stark contrast to my arrival in Quebec that I sort of stood there for a couple of minutes in confusion, worrying about visas, before shrugging and wandering off in search of a train station.

I really knew very little about Vancouver. People had told me it was nice, and not as cold as other parts of Canada, and it gets compared to Melbourne a bit, but that was all! Nothing about what one should see or do in Vancouver.

Turns out Vancouver is really awesome.

My time there was much too shortCollapse )